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"I always had a gulyny life …": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva more than once confessed: she had a life before the last marriage   , “Gulnaya”, and the heart is constantly occupied by one thing,   then another sweetheart.

The personal life of Larisa Guzeeva

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Fateful beauty, the favorite of the public, a brilliant actress and the main matchmaker of the country. It is enough to say these words, and it will become clear to anyone: this is a capricious and charismatic Larisa Guzeeva, whose biography and personal life are full of events. She has about 60 film roles, eight years of filming on television. In the “Let’s Get Married” program on First, Larisa Andreevna has already brought together quite a few romantic couples, some of whom have played a wedding, have created families. On the air, the actress sometimes likes to make a remark about the personal experience of building family relationships. But about his novels is not particularly spread. However, as Guzeeva herself says, her life was “drunk” until the last marriage, and her heart was constantly busy with one or the other lover.

The first love

The actress grew up in the village of Burtinskoe, Orenburg region, where from time immemorial they loved prenatal women. Guzeeva was thin in her youth and did not like her peers. When a high school student Larisa appeared the subject of sighs, she did not wait for the manifestations of his interest, and she rushed to the offensive. The future star wrote romantic letters to his beloved. He was angry and promised to beat her …

A few years later, having already starred in the “Cruel Romance” that had glorified her, Larisa met the “groom” when she was visiting with her mother. That flabby and slowly drunk down. Remembering Guzeeva’s bright feelings, he complained that he regretted his behavior. He always wanted to live in Leningrad, and now he understands that he missed his chance.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Considering the situation in the new perspective, the actress was delighted that she was not able to achieve reciprocal love, and made the decision to never again “slam into the closed doors”.

Bohemian boyfriends

The capital men adored and feared the beauty from the provinces. Damned loving mom, Larissa was a high opinion of himself. In the theatrical student crowd has not joined, because, as the preferred male adults, talented and glorified.

Twisted romance with avant-garde musician Sergei Kurekhin , who took her from Moscow (where she came to do an engineer) in Leningrad. It was he who predetermined the fate of his beloved, persuading her to apply to the theater. Accustomed to the beauty of Larisa, Kurekhin harshly and bluntly declared her provincial and village rudeness. Their romance ended with his marriage to the professor’s daughter.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa found solace on the courageous shoulder of Sergei Shakurov . Soon after the young people started romance, the actor was offered the role of Paratov in the “Cruel Romance” which began to be filmed. He set a condition: Larisa should play Ogudalova!

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Guzeev looked Ryazanov and accepted without objection. As a result, Shakurov never made a film: he was called to the long-awaited role in the theater. During the shooting, it turned out that so far no one has really touched the beauty’s heart, so she had to be literally taught her love experiences.

Test by fate

True love came a little later.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

In 1984, on the set of the film “Rivals”, Guzeeva met her future husband, Ilya. The fast-moving love affair with a charismatic man made her cold heart melt. After quite a bit of time, she married a beloved one. It later turned out that the beautiful husband was a drug addict. Eight years old Larisa struggled with his addiction, she hid her feelings for eight years, smiling in public. For eight years she believed that drug addiction could be cured, but all was in vain.

While worrying about her lover, she became addicted to alcohol, but fortunately, she thought better of it in time, decided to quit with a green snake, and put herself in order. Bright marriage with a loved one ended in divorce.

The man from whom give birth

Like any woman, Larisa wanted to experience real female happiness – with a strong and responsible man. And on the set of the film “The Chosen One” by director Mikhail Kalatozishvili, fate throws her such a chance.

New lover Guzeeva – Kakha Tolordava – played in the film priest. The temperamental Georgian conquered Larisa with a wonderful upbringing and delicacy. Tolordava shore favorite, spoiled and sang. Solved any problems, relieved of everyday difficulties. Guzeeva quickly realized that she had been looking for just such a life, and she confessed that she wanted children from Kakha.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

They signed without a lush ceremony, just a few days before the birth of their first child, son George. However, mutual love could not stand the difference between cultures in which the spouses were brought up, and after some time they parted. Their common child communicates warmly with his father, constantly goes to him in Tbilisi.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

Love through life: the third husband of Larisa Guzeeva

The third, last, and happiest marriage of Guzeeva happened in 1999.

At the age of 18, the future actress who had just arrived from the provinces got into a student company with a young and modest Igor Bukharov . Shy friend Larissa never took seriously. She laughed at him and already in adulthood, when, after the second marriage, she returned to Moscow, and spun the novel by a banker.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

It seemed to the actress that financial well-being is a guarantee of a happy future, but they had no future. She understood it when trouble happened to her son. In the plane of little George, he was accidentally scalded with boiling water, urgent help was needed. Larisa then realized that calling a banker is useless.

But Igor looked at once: he organized a return flight, met at the airport through the VIP-entrance with a doctor, and later took the child for rehabilitation to the burn center, took care, was near.

Now he confesses that he fell in love with Guzeev even then, at 17. She seemed always to be in his life, only invisible. With infinite gratitude, warmth, and then love with an adult, the wise Guzeeva answered Bukharov.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

At the age of forty Larisa gave birth to her third husband, daughter Olya. For many years they were very happy together. Larisa Andreevna admitted that this marriage, based on friendship and sensitivity to each other, is the most successful.

"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

At the end of 2016, Larisa Andreevna announced that she broke up with her husband. Fans attributed the actress a romance with a 50-year-old actor Euclid Curdzidis, but she herself declined to comment on her personal life.


"I always had a gulyny life ...": 5 men of Larisa Guzeeva

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