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A little girl from Israel conquers the Net with luxurious hairstyles

Miyu Aflalo is compared to the Disney cartoon princesses.

Mia Aflalo from Tel Aviv is famous on Instagram for her hair. For a couple of weeks, more than 47 thousand users subscribed to it. Also, her pictures are watched by representatives of the British version of the magazine Vogue!

Girl stylist Sagi Dahari recently published her photo on her Instagram, after which she attracted the attention of thousands of followers. The fact is that Mia has gorgeous hair, from which the hairdresser creates incredible hairstyles.

Subscribers compare Aflalo with Disney children’s cartoon characters, because her hair is something unusual. “What a beauty! Don’t tear your eyes off! ”,“ It’s a copy of Rapunzel, only a brunette! ”,“ Copy of Jasmine from Aladdin! ”,“ Beautiful! ”,“ Incredible! Very beautiful hair! ”,“ Future model ”,“ Girl from a fairy tale ”, followers follow in the comments.

By the way, Mia’s stylist does not use Photoshop and other graphic editors. Moreover, Sagi proves to users that the girl has natural hair, making short videos with her participation. Dahari is confident that the lush head of baby hair is designed to advertise shampoos and hair care products. Also Aflalo does not wear a wig and did not increase curls.


A little girl from Israel conquers the Net with luxurious hairstyles

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