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Properties and features of rock crystal

Rock crystal is recognized as the most common type of quartz. Depending on the color, it can be called citrine, amethyst, morion or rauchtopaz. Polarity is the most amazing property of this microcell: in a strong heat it is able to give a feeling of coolness, and in cold weather – to warm it. If, however, to exercise the crystal elementary massage movements, then it can bring a feeling of complete relaxation and peace.

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Properties and features of rock crystal

это прозрачный кристалл, двуокись кремния, обладающая дымчатым, желтоватым, коричневатым, зеленоватым, черным и розовым окрасом. At its core, the rhinestone stone is a transparent crystal, silicon dioxide, with a smoky, yellowish, brownish, greenish, black and pink color.

The place of its formation are the cavities of hydrothermal veins located in the territory of practically all existing mountain systems.

In particular, crystals of rock crystal are mined in the Carpathians, in the Urals, in the Alps, etc. Those who want to look for crystals on their own should know that they can be from a few millimeters in size to a couple of meters in girth.

The high level of transparency has led to the fact that the quartz, which has undergone polishing, acquires an incredible brilliance.

The ancient jewelers made magnifying glasses from the mineral, and with their help melted the thin metal elements of their products.

Tibetan doctors appreciated the medicinal properties of silicon dioxide, because the rays of the sun passed through it have a disinfecting effect on open wounds.

Today, healing crystal balls are dusting more in museums, while quartz is used to make bowls, cups, souvenirs and jewelry, it is used to make individual jewelery and consumer goods. Getting artificial rock crystal pleases jewelers even more than diamond mining. And all because silicon dioxide begins to shine in the rays of the sun, and not fade as its elite counterpart.

Properties and features of rock crystal

Virtually all existing varieties of rock crystal have a disinfecting effect. No wonder the ancient gods, kings and heroes drink water and alcohol from cups made from this mineral. Any liquid placed in such a vessel was considered free from diseases, that is, from microbes and other microscopic organisms.

Scientists of our time have discovered the secret of such a miracle. It turns out that ultraviolet rays that have passed through a crystal acquire the ability to kill bacteria and promote the speedy healing of wounds of varying complexity.

Wizards, magicians and other fortunetellers in their own way use the natural properties of rock crystal.

It is believed that in a ball of such a mineral, you can see pictures of the past and the upcoming, see the solution to a pressing problem, or find a way out of the current difficult situation.

Properties and features of rock crystal
  • For this, a magic attribute is enough to be placed in a dark room so that sun rays or a stream of artificial light pass through it;
  • Then the fortuneteller needs to stare for a long time at the bizarre breaks in the light, concentrating his will and desire to get the right answer;
  • In the case when there is a need to solve the problem of another person, he is seated on a chair, the ball is hung on a silk thread, and they begin to sway in the face of the applicant. The latter begins to see vague pictures and images that are immediately interpreted by the magician or fortune-teller.

Somewhat different beliefs are associated with a smoky quartz crystal. It is believed that he is able to distort reality and arouse fantasy.

It should not be worn to Sagittarius and Capricorn, and representatives of the Earth signs of the zodiac, it is shown only in case of need to get rid of drug addiction or addiction to alcohol.

The result is that the mineral is suitable only for those people who were born under the signs of the Earth and Air.

Greenish crystals bring with them health and peace of mind, black helps to establish contact with the souls of the dead, and transparent ones attract happiness and love to their owners.

By the way, if you wear rings and earrings with rhinestone, framed in silver, you can avoid heat stroke in extreme heat, and do not freeze in cold.

Properties and features of rock crystal

If earlier this dish was made from tableware, personalized seals, vases, balls, pyramids and other decor items, today it is almost completely replaced by glass. In jewelry, the receipt of exclusive or mass jewelry with rock crystal is still preserved, but even there it is increasingly forged.

All this does not mean that the crystals remained unclaimed. , и стали применяться в промышленности (электроника, оптика и прочее). Simply, they “repurposed” , and began to be used in industry (electronics, optics, etc.). But even with these goals, the mineral is not mined, but literally grown in autoclaves.

If you have a desire to experience the properties of a rhinestone stone, and you know who it is suitable for, it would be nice to learn how to distinguish it from a glass fake.

A true mineral will never be completely transparent if viewed under a magnifying glass, turbidity, small inclusions and tiny bubbles become noticeable. In addition, crystal has a greater conductivity of heat than glass. In life, this is manifested easier than it sounds: if you hold the mineral in your hand, it will be cool for a long time.

Knowing the properties of crystal, you can apply it according to your needs.

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Properties and features of rock crystal


Properties and features of rock crystal

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