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Benefits of high waisted jeans

It was jeans that became not only an attribute of casual style, but have been found in office, romantic, business and solemn styles for quite a long time. It is clear that with time both tastes and consumers tend to change, but only in the case of jeans, old, and safely forgotten trends come to the fore.

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In the coming fashionable season of 2015, jeans with a high waist came out again, and, most likely, they will not leave soon. It turns out that fashionable women and fashionistas are simply obliged to know exactly how to choose such an actual thing, and with what it is right to wear.

Perhaps we should start with why you need to buy yourself a similar piece of clothing:

Benefits of high waisted jeans
  • He is equally stylish, modern and relevant, and looks at the girl-student, and the lady ;
  • The many faces of high-waisted women’s jeans allow you to choose a model that will organically fit not only into the casual style, but also will be an excellent addition to the office, festive or glamorous dress;
  • Stylish models of oversized denim trousers include a variety of seasonal décor. For example, summer options are decorated with laces, holes, cuts, scuffs and holes, while autumn ones are decorated with inserts and patches of leather, suede or other natural material;
  • It is also worth mentioning that women’s jeans with high waists of large and small sizes are perfectly combined with most everyday and formal clothes.

. Proceeding from all this, it becomes clear that such a wardrobe item can be quite classified as “long-playing” . And all because it is not just beautiful and versatile, but also convenient.

And in what respect:

  • а весь силуэт приобретает заметную сексуальность, пикантность и соблазнительность; Waist instantly becomes an “aspen”, and the whole silhouette becomes noticeably sexy, piquant and seductive;
  • High-waisted skinny jeans are a great choice for ladies with non-ideal proportions. They visually highlight the waist, give a feeling of lightness, grace and lightness;
  • Qualitatively tailored model ensures a comfortable fit and a wonderful fit on the hips.

For the sake of fairness, it’s worth mentioning that the high-waisted skinnies are not oriented to any type of figure, this makes it necessary to learn how to choose them correctly and combine them with other things.

Benefits of high waisted jeans

, о которых мечтали еще наши матери. If we talk about the color of high fashionable jeans, then this season you need to choose products of classic black and gray, metallic denim and unforgettable “varenki” , which our mothers dreamed of.

Designers have taken care of the decoration, which is represented by rhinestones, embroidery, bright and thematic prints, non-standard applications, embroidered ethnic patterns and other wisdom.

, но и красочной «хохломой» , ведь главное – это их эксклюзивность и уникальность. It is worth noting that jeans with a high waist in 2015 can be decorated not only with Scandinavian “runes” , but also with colorful “Khokhloma” , because the main thing is their exclusivity and uniqueness.

Naturally, by themselves, inflated skinny can not make the existing wardrobe fashionable and stylish. A modern woman is supposed to know what to wear with high waist jeans and how to beat them.

Let’s start with outerwear:

  • рубашками, короткими топиками и боксерскими майками; A casual look should be complemented with checkered “men’s” shirts, short tops and boxing shirts;
  • For social events, short vests and jackets with fur and leather trim are suitable;
  • The classic casual combination is considered to be a tandem of overpriced jeans and a cardigan, sweatshirt, sweater or sweater.
Benefits of high waisted jeans

It is customary to wear women’s denim skinny with model shoes on a massive and thick base.

These can be shoes, ankle boots, sandals and boots, the main thing is that they visually enlarge the foot and make the legs slim and graceful. On vacation, you can go in sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes or oxfords.

From topical jewelery, we can recommend a wide belt and suspenders (maybe even a shoulder strap). The latter option will definitely appeal to extravagant and extraordinary persons. But with sunglasses from the sun should be careful.

Although they are an indispensable summer accessory, they no longer always have to decorate the image of a fashionable lady.

. Oversized jeans of large and average sizes are definitely worth complementing with scarves, berets, caps, bowlers and eccentric hats, scarves and ribbons .

Bags deserve special attention. If you know how high-waisted jeans are called and look, then there simply shouldn’t be any problems with choosing a suitable clutch bag or shopper bag. The main thing that such an accessory was appropriate, and took into account the parameters of its owner. For example, it is better for high creatures to select volumetric modelki, and for elegant ladies – miniature ones.

Going for new inflated jeans, get ready for the fact that all outerwear (of course, with the exception of coats, jackets and coats) will need to be tucked into a belt. Otherwise, lost all the chic of a new thing, its special fit and the ability to thin the waist.

Be sure to read the suggested tips, listen to your own sense of style, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Benefits of high waisted jeans


Benefits of high waisted jeans

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