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Cropped pants “Capri” – a new trend of the season

Cropped trousers have become the trend of the past spring. Stylists say that they will remain at the top of fashion trends in the fall. These pants can be straight, classic with arrows, slightly flared and fully fitting.

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Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

Colors and textures of products also can not surprise with its diversity. For example, woolen trousers are suitable for a cold winter, and it is quite possible to wear flax trousers in hot summer. It would seem a completely universal and multifunctional product.

But wearing women’s cropped trousers is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. After all, they can not only visually lengthen the silhouette and make a slim figure, but also emphasize obvious shortcomings or imbalances. Wide cropped trousers are considered to be especially capricious in the sock, but we will definitely look at how to beat them correctly.

Every woman should understand that blindly follow the fashion – at least silly. And first of all it concerns those beautiful ladies who do not have model proportions of the figure. No matter how stylish, original and trendy your new acquired thing is, it will not decorate you for anything if it does not fit your figure. Moreover, even the most chic designer trousers can look ridiculous if they are ugly, or visually emphasize bodily flaws.

What is the correct name for the cropped trousers? ». Usually they are called the interesting word ” Capri “. Capri pants of any color and any style should be combined with other clothes and shoes very competently. Otherwise, they will look ridiculous even on a slender beauty. Let’s take a look at the basic rules for wearing such a thing, in order to estimate future images in advance, going shopping.

Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

The main thing you need to learn is that short pants go very badly with flat shoes. If you are an adherent of moccasins, oxfords or sport-glamor sneakers, you can buy only classic items – cropped trousers in men’s style, with cuffs and characteristic arrows along the vertical.

Other models of Capri require heels or wedges, and the higher – the better for the image. Especially it concerns the fitting bright pants. They can only be combined with pumps or sexy sandals on high wedges;

If your goal is to visually lengthen your short legs, it is important to combine the capri with a volumetric top. » свитера типа « бойфренд », укороченные жакеты с плечиками, туники а-ля « летучая мышь », рубашки из тонкой шифоновой или шелковой ткани. Perfectly fit into a ” bow ” sweaters such as ” boyfriend “, cropped jackets with hangers, tunics a la ” bat “, shirts made of thin chiffon or silk fabric.

Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

Accessories, ideally, should also be massive, and this is not only about bags. » должны быть колье и серьги. Necklace and earrings should be rounded and “ plump ”. Ring with large solid stones and flat metal bracelets will perfectly fit into the image. Take into account – the more spacious you beat the top, the slimmer, longer and more elegant your legs in pants will look.

вряд ли придется кстати полным женщинам. But here there is a nuance – such a “ trick” is unlikely to be the way full women. It will give the image of donuts even more apparent fullness, which is a priori not very profitable. » в брюки и жакет. But in this case, you can go the other way – choose for yourself fitting body, which is easy to ” refuel ” in pants and jacket. Beat the top with a air scarf, and do not forget to choose a beautiful strap for the Capri themselves;

Designers unanimously advise wearing capri with shoes, framed by a buckle on the ankle. » ногу, поэтому позволить ее себе могут только высокие девушки с правильными пропорциями. But you should understand that such shoes always visually “ cut ” a leg, therefore only tall girls with the right proportions can afford it. If your legs are far from world standards, we recommend you a fundamentally different solution – classic boats that open the rise and do not emphasize the ankle. Pants of any cut and style will look great with them.

But it is decided to give up sandals in the Greek style with an abundance of buckles on the calf and shin. » длину ног еще больше. Such shoes are already extremely specific in order to combine them with short pants and “ cut ” the length of the legs even more. It is categorically not suitable for capri ankle boots – they visually shorten even the longest legs;

Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

Learn to adequately assess the shortcomings and merits of your figure, before you pick up such a capricious thing as cropped trousers. For example, they are not suitable for women whose calf muscles are too massive. Capri only emphasize this defect, and it is possible that it will enhance its perception by others. You should also carefully choose the length of the product.

Pants in no case should end on the widest part of the calf. It can also make the legs ugly and full, even if they are not in nature. If you clearly realize that you are not high enough, or your legs are really short, pick up the classics with a high waist fit. And be sure to gird the pants with a thin elegant strap of the same color.

On shoes with heels, it is also desirable not to forget. If your round, sexy thighs are your pride, look for capri pants with a low, hip fit. But only if your legs are long enough. Repelling in the choice is also worth the age. For example, young girls can wear breeches just below the knee, and mature ladies, on the contrary, should pay attention to more elongated models;

The color scheme is also very important when choosing the right Capri. The well-known statement that black is slim is not always true. For example, if an item of clothing contrasts strongly with skin color, this significantly cuts down the length of the body and legs. Therefore, if you are Snow White, pay attention to the nude pants.

Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

Tanned young ladies can afford any color of the pants, but if the legs are short, you should not choose colorful products or plain pants of screaming neon colors. Classic cropped pants go to almost everyone, especially if they have at least a classic color. For example, it is very beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure trousers in a cell or a vertical thin strip.

The best solution would be the purchase of pants-cigarettes – straight and somewhat wide. And the flared capris will be the most successful choice for tall ladies with model proportions. It is important for low girls to learn not only to choose a suitable model, but also to maneuver images with other clothes so that the silhouette will look more refined and long.

You should also pay attention to such a nuance as pockets. Consider that only very slim ladies with practically boyish hips can afford such things. Capri pockets are guaranteed to make the breeches zone heavier – one of the most problematic for an average woman. » необъятной в глазах окружающих. Therefore, you should not experiment if you do not want to make your “ loin body part ” immense in the eyes of others.

We figured out what to wear cropped trousers with, and now let’s get to the main point – will they go to your type of figure?

Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

If you already intend to go to the boutique for a new purchase, or frantically contemplate how to shorten the pants, the very ones that have been hanging in the closet for a long time and are not considered fashionable enough, make sure that capris will go to you in principle.

Women’s cropped pants can be worn by all. » в общем образе. As you already understood from the first part of the article, it is more important to correctly “ beat ” them in the general image. But nevertheless, there is a category of ladies, which capris are strongly contraindicated.

Who categorically does not go shortened pants? Capri are not recommended for women:

  • With massive legs and hips too wide;
  • With a clear overweight in the waist and buttocks;
  • With short legs;
  • With disproportionately long torso;
  • With very short stature.

» для себя вещи, и будьте самой стильной! Choose and wear only the “ right ” things for yourself, and be the most stylish!

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Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season


Cropped pants “Capri” - a new trend of the season

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