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Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

Many people call Pavel Priluchny one of the most talented and promising artists of the new generation. The star of the TV series “Major” does not hide its violent temperament. In life, he often had to become a hero of a passionate romance, but each time the fiery passion ended in a break. This continued until the young man met his fate.

Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

Only the quiet and docile Agate Mutseniece managed to tame the impulsive Paul. She alone knows how to extinguish his fiery flashes of jealousy and temper. Agatha’s confident calmness makes restless Paul truly happy. They fit together like two halves of a whole, like two elements of a common puzzle called life.

Character is fate

Pavel Priluchny was born in the small Kazakhstan city of Chimkent. His father was a professional boxer, and his mother taught at the ballet school. In the dashing 90s, Russians began to be oppressed by Kazakh nationalists. The family had to literally run away from the massacre. Parents bought a dilapidated shack in Berdsk, not far from Novosibirsk. Three years later, they built a mansion with 14 rooms with their own hands.

Unwittingly, Paul had to share his parents’ attachments. He choreographed, as his mother insisted, and boxed, because his father wanted it. From childhood, he did not dream of a theater, but one day the love for the stage flared up in it in order not to fade away ever. First, he entered the Novosibirsk Theater School, and then became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School. Soon he became a favorite student of Konstantin Raikin. Maitre involved him in almost all the rooms of his traditional concert class.

Goodbye, American

While studying at the Studio School, Paul accidentally met Hollywood actress Nikki Reed, who played the role of the vampire Rosalie Hale in the Twilight saga. She stayed with her American friend, who also studied at the acting department. Nikki saw Paul on the student scene and was fascinated by his beauty and talent.

The emancipated American woman herself took the first step towards the guy, and soon they began to spend time together. The girl was not pretentious, she meekly went on the subway, was content with inexpensive coffee shops and enjoyed walks in Moscow parks. And Paul fell in love with her without memory.

Nikki talked with her Moscow boyfriend for a year. Three times she came to him, staying in a tiny apartment of Paul at the metro station VDNH. The rest of the time they exchanged love text messages and chatted on Skype. In the end, Nikki offered Priluchnny to play a wedding in Las Vegas. He has already received an American visa and saved up money for a ticket. But on the eve of her departure the girl stopped responding to his calls and messages.

“I realized that I was being driven. In the modern world you can always find an opportunity to send an email or SMS with at least a couple of words: “Sorry and good-bye”. For the first time in my life, my loved one threw me so. Nikki showed up as suddenly as she had gone. Six months later, she called on Skype and with her American smile waved her hand: “Hell, darling! How are you? Our plan is in force? ”I cried:“ No, let’s be friends! ”- I saw sincere bewilderment:“ We shot the second part of “Twilight”, flew to where there was no connection! ”But you could have warned. Not blindfolded, they carried her there! In fact, she played with my feelings! ”- the actor was outraged in one of his interviews.

Happy kiss

With the actress Agatha Muceniece, Pavel met on the set of the series “Closed school”. Pavel immediately noticed a beautiful girl, but at that time Agatha’s heart was not free. She met with dancer Artem Alekseev, although their affair was already out of date. “I was very touched by Agatha’s inaccessibility. She was friendly with me, but I felt that I really didn’t cling to her. It feels as if you are beating your head against a wall! ”Recalled Priluchny.

Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

All decided the scene with a kiss. Having kissed his partner on the set, Pavel realized that it was this girl that he had been waiting for all his life. After a long day of shooting, he offered Agate to give her a lift home, and the girl agreed. From that moment on, their long and happy love story began. Significantly, Priluchny called the girl to marry already on the first date.

“So he said:” Let’s get married. ” I, of course, took everything as a joke. She asked: “Pasha, do you understand what you are saying? A wedding is a lifetime. ” And he: “So what? I’m ready”. As a result, we lived together for two weeks, and he once again made me an offer. I did not refuse. I thought: why not? ”, Says the actress.

Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

They decided to make the wedding modest, only for the closest friends and relatives. Pavel offered to take all the preparations, and Agatha agreed. She did not even know what a surprise she was waiting for. “Pasha quietly arranged a ceremony in the restaurant of the Ostankino television tower, with music, guests, flowers, rings. We walked “to the altar” along the glass path, letting white balloons fly into the sky. And then I almost burst into tears of joy. It was unforgettable, ”smiles Agatha.

“Unintended” children

In January 2017, the acting couple had a son, Timothy, and three years later, daughter Mia was born. “Yes, most of our peers with Agatha are trying to delay the moment of birth of children. In fact, we also planned to start them in our years to 35, but everything turned out earlier. That is, neither one nor the second child was, so to speak, “intentional.” But we do not regret at all. It’s great that by the age of 40, I will have a “fully adequate” child, with whom we can have fun hanging out, going somewhere and so on, ”the happy father shares his plans.

Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

Children became for Priluchny the main impetus for moving forward. After all, kids need to grow, educate, give a good education. The young couple had an incentive, which now determines the future life. And so agatha and Pavel are able to achieve the task set like no one else.


Brazilian passion in the life of Pavel Priluchny: a young actor traded a Hollywood star for a colleague

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