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How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

Many girls think that wearing fuchsia clothes is too bold a decision. This is due to the fact that he can attract all the attention to himself, and the owner of the decoration “gets lost” against his background. In fact, with the right selection of accessories, shoes, makeup, this unpleasant moment can be avoided.

Therefore, without fear, wear a fuchsia dress, going to an event, and darken the rest.

This tone, which is a mixture of red and blue, stirred the imagination of designers and fashionistas, but has become popular recently. There are many shades of color – cherry, purple, magenta, fandango, pink. Due to this, each outfit of this tone looks attractive in its own way, and any girl will be able to create her uniquely magnificent image with its help.

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How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

First of all, they are light-skinned girls with expressive eyes and dark strands. Dark-skinned women will be faced with muffled clothes, and light-eyed blondes should wear brighter dresses, but with the right choice of bright makeup. Better if the decoration will be made of matte fabric. Blond girls should be careful about this color, not letting it overshadow itself.

If you are brown-haired and your skin has an olive tint, choose outfits of soft colors. Color can be close to pink, perhaps with a coral overflow. The main condition is that they should not be too catchy, and the matter from which evening dresses made in the color of fuchsia are made should not be brilliant.

But do not despair the owners of other types of appearance – with the right approach, you can wear an outfit and them.

Remember that a dress of this color is appropriate for an evening event, but in the afternoon and in the morning the decoration will look too pretentious. So feel free to wear it to meet with friends, to go to a club, party, but stop your choice on any other outfit, going to a business meeting or just to the office.

Special attention is given to the fuchsia dress in the floor, which emphasizes self-confidence and determination in its owner. A shawl or a cape of the same color will look great with decoration, but such decoration does not require flashy decorations. The optimal variant of accessories to it is a handbag and shoes of black or silver color.

» с другими тонами. An interesting and even mysterious color is picky in the “ neighborhood ” with other tones. ». This must be remembered first of all, so that the look does not turn from a catchy and intricate into the image of a “ Christmas tree ”.

Speaking about what it is desirable to wear a dress with an attractive fuchsia color, it is worth emphasizing that it goes well with the following tones:

How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress
  • Gray. Absolutely all shades of gray are harmoniously combined with this color, capable of making the appearance more elegant and noble, slightly muffling the catchiness of fuchsia;
  • Silver. It will make your look unique, fabulous. This option is perfect for self-confident women;
  • The black. » с ним не нужно, чтобы не утяжелить и не сделать образ мрачным. “ Fold the stick ” with him is not necessary, so as not to burden and not make the image gloomy. But in small quantities black can be present in your outfit;
  • Pink. It will make you look more sensual, emphasizing the fuchsia outfit and making it even more tender;
  • Green. Thanks to him, the depth and uniqueness of the tone will be fully disclosed;
  • White. This is a great combination, but stylists suggest resorting to a little trick using it. »; The outfit looks much more effective if white predominates in the “ duet ”;
  • Blue. » в нем должна быть отдана фуксии. The ensemble will be unusual and even bold, and the “ main role ” in it should be given to fuchsia.
How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

From what style of makeup you choose, will largely depend on the attractiveness of your image. As a rule, a fuchsia-colored dress is worn at evening events, so you can afford a rather catchy make-up.

Makeup artists recommend using a combination of pink eye shadows with cosmetics of cold tones (violet, eggplant, plum, wine, cherry) to such a side. For such a case is perfect lipstick similar tones. It can be bright and saturated, if you are dark-skinned with dark hair.

Makeup can be made in a different style. It is more courageous, because it involves the use of blue shadows or arrows for the eyes. Blush at the same time should have a flesh-colored, and lips should dim to bring a matte pink lipstick.

One of the first questions arising from a girl who decided to wear a fuchsia dress is related to what shoes to choose for her.

How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

First of all, remember the colors that are in harmony with fuchsia. If you decide to create an image of an elegant, sophisticated lady, pay attention to silver. Pick up to match the shoe and clutch.

Having decided to appear before the surrounding mischievous carefree girl, wear white shoes. If you like a more strict look, black shoes and the same clutch will be appropriate.

You can pick up a blue or green set, but in this case, be prepared that your extravagance the whole evening will attract admiring glances of others. Note that the tone of shoes and accessories should not be screaming.

As for the style, a win-win option – pumps or sandals with high heels.

Selecting shoes, it is worth refusing options with sequins, sparkles, rhinestones. Such a decor can completely spoil the image, make it too bright on the verge of bad taste. Caution should be exercised to varnish shoes, especially if your outfit is made of shiny fabric. This option is not banned, but make sure that the composition does not look too catchy.

As for the jewelery to the dress, you can choose jewelry with accessories of silver color and decorating elements to match the dress or in the range from pink to purple. Under any dress of the color of fuchsia, regardless of whether it is either shortened to the floor, a massive bracelet will do.

If there are few details on the outfit itself, this jewelry will look good in the same style. In the same case, a bolero made of similar fabric and in color from a list of those that go well with fuchsia will not interfere.

The most courageous girls can afford to wear with a dress accessories of a similar tone. This option is not excluded, but stylists still advise not to abuse the saturated color and dilute it with other tones.

How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

Today, the belt does not go out of fashion. If he didn’t come with your dress, you can pick it up yourself. This is appropriate only in the case when the accessory is not superfluous in the overall composition. Particularly well with him look slim dresses.

The belt should also be in harmony not only with the outfit itself, but also with the accessories. With a shortened version of the dress, you can wear a wide belt, but with a long one, a neat, narrow belt that looks like a waist will look good.

The choice of jewelry may depend on the fabric from which the dress is made. For example, dense materials look good with massive jewelry. In combination with a light fabric, openwork, air jewelry, products of author’s work are in harmony. Such jewelry will allow to emphasize the elegance and femininity of the image.

Leading stylists advise not to overload with details fuchsia, even if it is made in the style of minimalism. If you agree with the guru of fashion and are afraid to look too catchy, pick up a minimum of jewelry, modest accessories of soothing tones in a small amount. Just one tone of clothing will be enough to attract attention. Especially catchy look long dresses fuchsia.

What decoration to choose – mini or maxi, made from heavy or light, matte or shiny fabrics, decorated with various elements or made in the style of minimalism – it’s up to you. » платье, все внимание на вечеринке будет подарено вам! If you can “ beat ” the dress correctly, all the attention at the party will be presented to you!

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How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress


How to wear a fuchsia dress: create an attractive look with a dress

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