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Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

Why do you need replacement shoes? This question worries many parents who have children studying at school or kindergarten. What should it be and how to choose it correctly? And in general, the shift is only a children’s prerogative?

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Just want to note that according to the established sanitary and hygienic standards, children cannot be in educational institutions in outdoor shoes.

There are several reasons for this:

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child
  • An extra pair of shoes is required if it is rainy outside. With boots and sneakers, dirt is peeling off over time, resulting in dust. School students are forced to breathe this dust throughout the lesson;
  • Excessive sweating of the feet in a warm room will cause the development of fungal infections and an unpleasant smell;
  • Sitting all day in street shoes is unhealthy. Therefore, it is very important that the feet of the child rest in an easy and comfortable shift;
  • Lack of comfort. The student and most uncomfortable to be 5-6 hours in a row in heavy and uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, removable shoes for school is a must;
  • Dust, which is formed as a result of the shedding of dirt, provokes the development of respiratory diseases;
  • Long stay in boots and shoes leads to a curvature of the foot and the development of flatfoot.

Ordinary household dust repeatedly became a subject for research by immunologists. As it turned out, every third person in the country is allergic.

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

According to disappointing forecasts, the percentage of people at risk is constantly increasing. For example, bronchial asthma affects 13% of the population, while in Europe this figure does not exceed 5%.

The studies were carried out using spectral analysis and biochemical survey methods.

And it turned out that dust samples contain dust mites, mold fungi, gangrene pathogens.

Immunologists estimate that in 24 hours a person inhales about two spoons of dust.

And the smaller the dust, the more it will penetrate the respiratory system. Dust grains can damage the walls of the alveoli in which gas exchange occurs. As a result of such changes, the immune barrier may be broken in a person. And this will lead to allergies or infections.

Therefore, to get sick from household dust is really possible. в особенности детей, стоит прислушиваться к рекомендациям специалистов. And in order to protect human health , especially children, it is worth listening to the recommendations of specialists.

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

First of all, the shift should be of high quality and comfortable. Buying quality moccasins or shoes for a child, you will forget the way to a shoe master. At the same time be sure to consider the preferences of children. If your child does not like removable shoes, most likely, it will roll in a school locker without the need.

. Choosing a pair of smenki for boys, give preference to classic shoes, because sneakers and sneakers can be rejected by teachers who say “sports shoes can be worn only in physical education . For girls, light shoes or comfortable sandals are perfect.

Also do not forget that you need a bag for school shoes.

Most of the children who carry the shift use ordinary plastic bags as bags, but they are short-lived and quickly fail. For this reason, it is much more convenient and practical to use backpacks for comfortable breathable replacement shoes.

It is worth noting that the special bag is made from fairly durable and easy-washable materials, so they are simply cleaned. A variety of shades of bags and beautiful patterns will satisfy the needs of any child.

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

It is desirable that the bag was with straps, then the student can easily wear a shift on the back. , «Не успел» , «На улице не грязно» и прочее. In fact, it is very important, because if the child is uncomfortable to carry an extra bag, he will come up with a bunch of excuses and the reasons for which he left her at home: “Forgot , ” “Didn’t have time” , “It’s not dirty on the street” and so on .

As a rule, a bag for replacement shoes is quite inexpensive. It can be purchased at almost any office supply store. If little children still listen to their parents, then high school students are often too lazy to change their shoes, especially in the spring and autumn periods, when street shoes are still quite light and comfortable.

It is advisable to start the educational process from a junior school. It is necessary to convince the child that wearing a backpack with a shift is just necessary. The process will go better if you buy a schoolboy fashion shoes or sandals, which he himself wants to wear.

But don’t buy shoes or sneakers for your child.

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

They can not be worn at school throughout the day. In such a shift, the skin will not breathe and the leg must sweat.

The same rule applies to removable leather or orthopedic shoes for kindergarten with velcro. It is not necessary to take for the baby even light sneakers with velcro.

Also, the administrations of many schools are asking parents not to buy a shift with a black sole. When children run through the corridors, it leaves black marks on the linoleum and tile.

But note that the sole of the shoes should not be very flexible and too ribbed. The main thing is that the foot in the shoes does not slip.

If you work in an office or any other closed area, you also need to get a pair of shifts for work. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s winter outside or summer. The fact is that in the room and on the street almost always different temperatures. In winter, the temperature difference is created due to the heaters, and in the summer – due to air conditioners. So it turns out that in the winter in the room feet sweat, and in the summer you just can get cold.

Of course, you are an adult and you can endure all this, but where, excuse me, do you have a bad smell?

Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

And now just imagine that in winter, without exception, everyone is in a small office in winter boots and boots. Will the smell of sweaty feet spoil the working atmosphere? If this prospect is not very convenient for you, get a backpack and a pair of comfortable shoes. Believe me, such a shift will provide your feet with the desired microclimate.

Also in the summer, replaceable, pre-purchased, shoes must be. As a rule, in any office there are people who are constantly hot, so they exploit air conditioners in full.

And just to not catch a cold, grab a pair of shoes with you. They will definitely be useful to you.

To stay healthy, both children and adults should not neglect the rather simple rules. If you want to explain to your child that it is necessary to change shoes in school and kindergarten, then do not ignore this rule yourself.

Compliance with these rules will save you from many troubles associated with diseases and allergic reactions.

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Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child


Choosing removable shoes for yourself and the child

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