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What to wear with a black jacket, what to look stylish and modern?

More recently, the jacket was considered an element of the male wardrobe. But women do not lag behind and wear this item of clothing with pleasure. It will complement as a strict classical image, and will become a “trick” of a stylish romantic ensemble. It can be worn by girls of various builds, the main thing is to choose the right other wardrobe items, shoes and accessories.

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Before you think about what you can wear under a black jacket, you need to determine which model suits you best.

What to wear with a black jacket, what to look stylish and modern?

On girls with high waists, elongated jackets will look perfect. To owners of a magnificent breast the fitting options with a large cut will approach. To make the image look lighter, the thing should be a simple cut, not overloaded with details. Fashionable women will be interested to know with what you can wear a black leather jacket.

Thin girls with small breasts should prefer models with a bright pattern or ornament, decor. This will add volume to those parts of the body where it is missing. моды – черно-белый короткий пиджак. Fashion “peep” – black and white short jacket.

Stylists still advise graceful fragile women to look at wide models. A loose fit will make the silhouette even more feminine. The length of the sleeve can be any, but is considered correct if it ends at the wrist.

Today, the models are presented in a huge variety: there are both traditional styles and multiple deviations from the norm, for example, a jacket in a black and white large and thin strip. It looks good with a dark bottom and a light top. Each girl has the opportunity to choose the model that will favorably emphasize her dignity and make the image stylish and perfect.

What to wear with a black jacket, what to look stylish and modern?

A classic women’s jacket blends perfectly with a white blouse and a strict skirt. But it is worth considering the more stylish and modern combinations. Under the black jacket, you can wear a batch file or shirt, exposing the collar. Original looks shirt or top with a deep neckline. If you are not ready to experiment like this, try a calmer combination – wear a white turtleneck or blouse with a classic neckline.

Fashion gurus recommend combining a black jacket with things a tone or two lighter. Win-win option – white and gray tops, shirts, blouses. с желтой и зеленой палитрой. You can “play” with a yellow and green palette.

If you want to shine and stand out from the gray mass, put on a top with sequins, a transparent shirt, a bright T-shirt. It is allowed to wear a jacket on underwear, if it is fitted, tight and without a deep neckline.

The jacket is combined with T-shirts. Well, if they are solid and not too beach. A leather jacket looks stylish with tops and t-shirts.

What to wear with a black jacket, what to look stylish and modern?

What can you wear a black women’s jacket? It combines well with pants, a striped skirt, jeans and even a dress. сочетается с любым фасоном. The pencil model is combined with any style. Skirts can be worn with a short jacket. Maxi look good with elongated or, conversely, shortened styles.

Black jackets and pants are classics that never go out of style. These can be jeans, chinos, strict models with and without arrows, skinny. Cropped ripped jeans with color jackets look stylish and fashionable. с короткими шортами из денима. Amazingly they look like a duet with short denim shorts.

или моделям средней длины, облегающим фигуру. Choosing a dress, give preference to the shape of “case” or models of medium length, fitting the figure. You will be irresistible if you wear a black dress in combination with a white jacket.

This season is considered a fashionable combination of a black jacket with light blue jeans, tapered to the bottom or straight cut. You can wear beige trousers or slim denim pants with a jacket.

You cannot combine such things:

  • wide top and wide bottom
  • short jackets with trousers that have low waist.

If you want to dress in a business style, but do not look too strict, you can decorate the image with a bright blouse and jewelry: a volume pendant or large beads, bracelets, and earrings will do.

Ideal – classic pumps. But you can safely wear other shoes: sandals, boots, ankle boots. If the jacket is a strict cut, choose a heel. Denim and colored models look great with wedge or flat shoes.

How can you decorate a black jacket? Any accessories will do: chiffon shawl, big sunglasses, jewelry. Beautiful and fashionable images to you!

What to wear with a black jacket, what to look stylish and modern?

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