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Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

Denim shirt refers to the type of clothing that just needs to be properly combined, creating a stylish look. They should be carefully complemented by other items of clothing, for which it is useful to use the advice of fashion designers and stylists. Potential options with which to wear a denim shirt, there are a great many, and the most successful will be given in this publication.

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Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

Perhaps you would call it unbelievable that the shirt of such material can be made an element of a business or office image.

In reality, it all depends on what things it will be combined.

For example, if you put a jacket or sweater on top of it, and dress the bottom of the body in straight classic trousers or a strict dark blue skirt, the image will be very strict and working.

Another relevant focus will be massive watches and a business portfolio.

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

If a jeans shirt with jeans is already decorated with rhinestones, stones and sparkles, then you should not worry about the degree of glamor of your appearance – it is rather high.

In a situation where there is no such factory decor, straight or tight skirts / pants will add chic and gloss to the image, and, of course, sparkling accessories in the form of a necklace, gilded or silver-plated shoes, and a glamorous and dazzling handbag.

By the way, it is permissible for a particularly glamorous lady to combine a Denim shirt with minimally short or, on the contrary, too full skirts.

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

Women’s jeans shirts are a godsend for military style fans, especially if they are made in a gray, black, protective, greenish, flesh or brown palette. The presence of blue denim is acceptable, but only in the company with iron rivets and studs, to tighten the image, so to speak.

In the case of military, it is allowed to combine things of the same color, or to attract camouflage print From shoes welcome the presence of sneakers and deliberately coarse shoes. Military inflated boots require a short skirt. The rest of the obligatory accessories are represented by round mirror glasses, wide belts, watches and other attributes corresponding to the style.

Rock chic fans should focus on accessories.

They are simply obliged to flaunt a denim shirt with a skirt of minimal length, purposely torn jeans, or pants made of real leather. From shoes fit all versions with open toes, decorated with studs and rivets made of iron.

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

Denim shirts are real women’s finds, which are simply destined to be the most popular urban clothing of the current 2019 year.

They look great in a company with snow-white or multi-colored T-shirts / T-shirts, flared skirts from denim or brown suede / velvet, shorts, leggings and other things from everyday wardrobe.

Extremely mysterious and feminine is the combination of classic-cut bodily trousers with a denim shirt of a sandy or grayish color.

In addition, try to try on skirts of maximum length, sundresses, and even light, flowing dresses.

Regarding accessories, we can say the following: sandals, sun glasses and hats will be appropriate as never before.

In 2019, as never before fashionable look easy and directly. This is what can be achieved if you combine denim shirts with open knitted cardigans, minimal skirts, chiffon long dresses, purposely torn jeans and, of course, do not forget to wear shorts of various styles.

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

The effect of complete freedom and naturalness will be guaranteed by the sleeves rolled up by the elbows and in front of the maxi-skirts tied in a knot in front.

A rather memorable and comfortable bow will be obtained if an elongated denim shirt is used together with black leggings and a wide belt of real leather, fixed at the waist. Never forget about the possibility of wearing trousers and jackets with a straight cut.

This is not all that you can combine a denim shirt with.

Judge for yourself:

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?
  • You can wear a light-colored shirt and dark jeans at the same time, although this was previously considered to be the most complete mauveton;
  • A duet of a little cream dress and a denim shirt looks stylish and fashionable. Only now shoes should be massive, but not on a thin stiletto;
  • Complete the image, which is dominated by a denim top, pleated, bright, fancy, or, conversely, a strict or leather skirt of any length. In this case, the shirt can be filled (if the figure allows), or tie at the waist;
  • Did you know how romantic and gorgeous a denim shirt looks, which is covered with a loose pullover of loose weave? This is really a win-win and convenient combination, which definitely should try for yourself.

And, of course, the classics of the genre: a wide denim shirt with dark tight leggings. Be sure to unbutton the top button of the shirt, and on your feet wear lace-up ankle boots or bright pumps on the hairpin.

And remember: there is not a single written rule regarding what and how to wear a denim shirt.

Yes, there are stylist advice or general fashion trends in the world, but it is up to you to decide whether to use them or follow your own sense of style and measure.

Secrets of style: what to wear denim shirt?

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