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Loafers on the platform: stylish and comfortable modern shoes

A lot of clothes and shoes migrated from the men’s wardrobe to the women’s one. So the lovers had the same story. Initially, they were worn by English sailors, and only then by students, including the female half. Today, this model is represented by a variety of variations: on a wide square heel, stiletto, platform and other variations. The material of the top, as well as its color, can also be different.

This season, lovers on the platform are at the peak of popularity, which attracted the attention of viewers at the shows of many famous designers.

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Loafers on the platform: stylish and comfortable modern shoes

Classic women’s low shoes, like men’s shoes, have a solid sole with a small square heel. A distinctive feature is the protruding strap in the area of ​​the foot. It is possible to select them among other shoes by a brush or leather fringe, and this model is often equipped with a jumper with a slit.

The world famous designer from Italy Guccio Gucci improved this model in his own way, adding a metal buckle to it, which became the hallmark of this brand.

As for the loafers on the platform of 2019, for their creation the traditional model was raised to a thicker and wider platform. The upper part has not lost the severity and restraint inherent in traditional English loafers, but the platform has been painted in all imaginable and inconceivable colors.

In addition, the form itself was amenable to change: now on the catwalks of fashionable houses you can see a shoe pair on a grooved tractor sole, styled as a cork, etc.

Leather shoes in black will fit almost any clothing. Stylists do not recommend combining only brown low shoes with black pants. Loafers of a light shade will make a beautiful set with clothes of pastel shades. Every woman of fashion must have them in her own wardrobe, especially if she wants to appear fragile and defenseless. After all, only strict, powerful lines to highlight the elegance of the female ankle.

Wear them with maxi, midi and mini skirts, ankle-length pants and shorts, and all your favorite jeans. The latter should be turned up to demonstrate to those around you the beauty of such shoes.

Loafers on the platform: stylish and comfortable modern shoes

As the top of the set, you can use a knitted sweater, dress or knitted dress jacket. This outfit is suitable even for work in the office with its strict dress code. The most popular lacquered loafers on the middle platform are black, blue, brown and emerald green.

Lacquered low shoes 2019 can be a great addition to an evening dress not to the detriment of their own comfort and convenience. Low shoes bright colors can be used to create a casual look, for exploring the city and relaxing. More eccentric models such as leopard loafers and those painted in zebra will not leave anyone indifferent and will invariably attract attention, but you can only stay within an elegant and stylish look if they are skillfully combined with accessories.

Give preference to beige and brown tones in clothes, if you plan to shod a leopard pair, and white and black, if you plan to appear in public in footwear with a zebra. In either case, the set will complement the accessory of the same color as the shoes – an umbrella, clutch, belt, etc. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it: only one element of the set can be combined with the color of the shoes.

If you are wearing jeans, then as a top, you can choose a shirt of a free cut or top. In cool weather, throw a jacket or cardigan on top. With jeans, suede loafers look great: they allow you to create an image in a casual style.

Loafers on the platform: stylish and comfortable modern shoes

It is difficult to imagine, but to create an evening look with the help of such a pair of shoes is as easy as with shoes and sandals with high heels. The chic and glitter will add to the set a pair of expensive materials – velvet or satin. Evening dress itself can be of any length and color palette.

If you are going to a friendly party or to a club, without hesitation and special doubts, choose a long asymmetrical tunic or a chiffon dress. A small black dress can be worn with a pair of leopard colors and the attention of all those present to you is ensured.

This season is popular shoes, decorated with heavy chains, which can take the place of a decorative lintel under the strap. This model is quite suitable for work, and a bulk bag, watch, scarf or thin scarf will complete the image.

If in your wardrobe there is no such original couple yet, run to the store, and you will be able to personally evaluate their non-trivial modern design and convenience. Good luck!


Loafers on the platform: stylish and comfortable modern shoes

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