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How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

Do you want to update your image without making much effort to it? Then such an accessory as a scarf will suit you perfectly. It will be the highlight of your image and emphasize individuality. It can be chosen for every taste: bold, romantic, elegant, of different sizes, colors and textures. This is a great alternative to headgear.

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How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

Why are headscarves so attractive to women? Probably because a lot of shades, prints, decors allow to diversify any outfit. In addition, this accessory perfectly protects hair from the scorching sun, strong wind, dust, retains heat.

Palatine – a universal thing that can help a woman in an unexpected situation. After work you were invited to walk in the park? , Boring office outfit ” come to life” if you tie a scarf on his head. This will add to your image of coquettishness, charm.

It’s cold outside, and you don’t want to spoil your hair under a headdress? You will be rescued by a light scarf, simply tie it over your head, wrapped around your neck.

The tippet is carried in cold and heat, it is multifunctional. It can be used as decoration, stylish decor of your image, shelter from the wind, the sun. This accessory is the embodiment of femininity, lightness, tenderness.

There are many ways to tie a scarf over your head beautifully. To make it more convenient, it is better to choose a model of chiffon, cotton, satin, silk or fine cashmere.

Palatine need to straighten, alternately fold its edges towards the center. This must be done in such a way that a strip of approximately 5 cm in width is obtained. Place it on the head along the hairline above the forehead, holding the edges. Connect them on the back of the head, tie a tight knot.

The ends of the scarf can be thrown on the shoulder or recline on the back. Their length depends on the size of the stole.

How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

Bend the tippet diagonally, place the bend on the forehead, near the eyebrow line. Knotted handkerchief behind the hair. Carefully straighten the folds, align the material.

This method of tying is suitable for any ensemble. The color should be matched to the image so that the image looks harmonious.

If you do not know how to quickly and beautifully tie a scarf on your head, try the universal method. He is simple, elegant. Fold so that one edge is slightly lower than the other. Put it on your head so that the place of the bend is at the level of the eyebrows.

Tie the ends with a beautiful bow on the back of your head. This will give the image of elegance, refinement.

How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

There is one more simple way how to tie a scarf beautifully and effectively. You just need to throw it over your head and wrap it around your neck.

You will look original if one edge is folded backwards, and the second is left in front.

Monochrome stoles look more relaxed and romantic. If you want to attract attention to yourself, give preference to bright models and catchy prints.

This option, rather, the youth, is tied by analogy with a bandana. The tippet should be folded with a triangle and the center of the diagonal should be placed just above the hairline. Cross under the chin, pull back and tie into a knot.

Particularly impressive this option looks with large sunglasses. If you have long hair, you can weave the edges of the scarf in a thick braid.

How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

If you do not know how to properly and originally tie a scarf on your head, try the oriental method. It is ideal for those women who grow hair or did not have time to do styling. To turban had a realistic look, pick up the stole in the Muslim style.

Large scarf fold in the form of a long cloth. Put his head, the same length of the edge, lift up to the forehead, cross with each other. If the turban is shifted slightly to the side, it will look more original and unusual.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck? Make it quite simple, the main thing – to choose your style. Silk and satin scarves look spectacular when hanging down. Fold it into a strip about 5 cm thick, wrap the neck once, dropping the edges in front. So you will not only look beautiful, but also be saved from the cold, the wind.

There is another way. Wrap the tippet around the neck twice. Fill one edge in a loop on one side and the other on the other. » любой наряд. Knowing how unusual it is to tie a scarf around your neck, you will “ beat ” any outfit.

How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

More and more girls tied up stole over the coat.

Thanks to this combination, the same outerwear will look very different. How beautifully to tie a scarf on a coat so that the ensemble would look harmoniously?

Perfect outerwear with a stand-up collar or a classic neckline. Throw or wrap a scarf around the neck, and tuck the ends into the belt.

You can throw a tippet over his shoulder, and tie the ends to a knot at the hip. Twist in the middle and put it on your neck. When you master this science and understand how to originally tie a scarf around your neck with a coat, your image will always be unique.

How to tie a scarf on his head? Ways to tie a scarf

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