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Best haircuts for a wide face

If you are the owner of a wide face and would like to correct this moment a little, then a properly chosen haircut can help. Likewise, and vice versa, some haircuts and hairstyles can make the face visually wider.

To know what is going and what is not, you first need to understand what you should strive for and what should be avoided. You need to visually stretch your face a little, strive to the vertical, while avoiding horizontal lines.

Best haircuts for a wide face

Do not think that if you have a broad face, the choice of haircuts and hairstyles is very limited. Also, as well as it is not necessary to complex about this! You just need to pick a good haircut and, of course, love yourself.

Almost any hairstyle can be adapted to the type of person. Even if you take a square, for example, this is a very universal haircut, depending on its length, symmetry or asymmetry, it is possible to choose exactly “your square” for a different type of face.

Bangs and wide face

Many people mistakenly believe that bangs are categorically inappropriate for a broad face. Indeed, some bangs will make the face more round or square (depending on its type), so thick, smooth bangs are not the best option. Because, it creates the very clear horizontal line on your face, due to which the face appears wider.

Best haircuts for a wide face

But fit asymmetrical bangs, elongated bangs with oblique parting. Long bangs are very relevant in 2018, you can choose your correct length.


As I said above, the caret can be perfectly adapted to the type of person, not a broad exception.  What are the important points here:  avoid a strictly outlined square, a good solution will be an elongated one, it looks very beautiful in itself, and here you will adjust the face.

Best haircuts for a wide face

In general, asymmetry is well suited to a broad face, so asymmetric four-sided variants are possible. Asymmetry can manifest itself in haircuts, parting and bangs.

It is good that the strands of the face are below the chin, the main thing is that your square should not be on the upper jaw levels, this will create a horizontal line.


Another good option, because its elongated front strands pull the face well visually. Here you can also play with asymmetry, it will only benefit.

Best haircuts for a wide face

The length of the bean can be chosen to your taste, it can be a short version, and longer. With a round face, if the front strands are not above the chin, you can achieve the effect of visually lengthening the face.

Best haircuts for a wide face

Graduated bob with asymmetry is a great option for a wide face. And the elongated bob is also great!


And why not, do not be afraid of short haircuts. Of course, we must look in the aggregate, whether you will go short haircut or not. A wide face is often not a reason to refuse it.

Best haircuts for a wide face

Here asymmetry also comes to the rescue, one side may be longer than the other, or you may want to add oblique torn bangs.

Best haircuts for a wide face

By the way, with a short haircut, to correct the face, you can play with the decorations. Longer earrings will create the desired vertical and stretch your face.

Best haircuts for a wide face

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