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How to wear pink quartz?

A rare woman remains indifferent to precious stones. Moreover, the love of jewelry she wakes up in early childhood, when family jewels are secretly removed from her mother’s jewelry box, and just in deep secret, they are tried on and combined with clothes. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires …

They are not found in every family, but pink quartz products are frequent guests of middle-class users, because this stone belongs to the category of semi-precious, although this does not affect its external data, therapeutic, and even magical properties.

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Rose quartz comes in three varieties:

How to wear pink quartz?
  • star;
  • translucent;
  • pink milk and with white inclusions.

» звезда о шести лучах, как это бывает с сапфирами или алмазами. The first is considered to be the most unusual and expensive, because after a corresponding cut in it, a star about six rays “ lights up ”, as is the case with sapphires or diamonds.

Large pink stone is quite rare, and then only in Brazilian deposits. Most often it is found in large crystals or in the form of a scattering of small stones suitable for mass jewelery or exclusive handicrafts.

It is worth noting that this mineral is used not only in the jewelry industry. Whole murals are assembled from it and they form a Florentine mosaic, they are framed into precious metals, they are attracted to make small thematic figurines, key rings, and so on.

Lithotherapy calls this almost precious stone a source of longevity and good health, possessing a sufficiently strong energy, and capable of curing not only the body, but also the human spirit. According to the supporters of lithotherapy, pink quartz helps to cure male impotence, “ female ” diseases and kidney pathologies, relieve swelling and clean the blood, improve well-being in diabetes and inflammation of the pancreas.

Quartz has the ability to beneficially affect the condition and work of the heart muscle, helps to recover soon after a heart attack and a strong nervous shock.

How to wear pink quartz?

To eliminate the nightly anxieties and fears, it is enough to put a pebble under the pillow, which at the same time will relieve from hyper-excitability, nervousness and depression.

Rose quartz is recommended to wear for diseases of the skeletal system, such as: pain in the joints, rheumatism or the rehabilitation period after fractures. As a talisman or massager, the stone is different with skin rashes, bruises or warts.

If your activity is directly connected with computers, then the figurine will protect this semi-precious mineral from harmful radiation and prevent fatigue from accumulating.

It is worth noting that rose quartz jewelry is ordered for people with tumors and other benign or malignant tumors. Under his influence, they will gradually increase.

Like all semi- and fully precious stones, quartz has its magical powers, which include the following:

How to wear pink quartz?
  • It is a symbol of tender and sincere feelings of both friendly and romantic;
  • Rose quartz is a stone that helps women find true and lasting love;
  • He is able to soothe the soul after the break of previous relationships, and give a desire to once again climb the path of love;
  • Melancholic people get from quartz the ability to enjoy life, to forgive offenses and to be optimists;
  • Paired figurines from this stone contribute to the preservation of love and trust in the family;
  • Minerals help men cope with impotence and become long-livers;
  • Creative people increase their talent if they regularly wear rose quartz beads or amulets made of this stone;
  • lonely he helps to make new acquaintances and real friends.
How to wear pink quartz?

– отличный вариант для женщин, относящихся к цветотипу « Лето ». Rings or earrings with rose quartz are a great option for women belonging to the “ Summer ” color type.

In particular, products with such a stone look great on platinum blondes, whereas brunettes are better off choosing a pendant or bracelet made from pink quartz with a reddish tint.

», лучше остановить свой выбор на камне, у которого от природы имеется ярко-розовый окрас с лиловым отливом. Ladies belonging to the color type ” winter “, it is better to opt for a stone, which by nature has a bright pink color with a purple tint.

Astrologers are convinced that a representative of almost any zodiac constellation can wear a pink quartz ring, but only Aquarius will receive the maximum benefit from it.

Women belonging to this sign will gain complete peace of mind, while men will succeed in the professional field.

If we talk about exactly how to wear rose quartz, then we can say the following: jewelry with it must be removed at night, and not worn continuously. It is recommended to wear the product until you get the desired effect from them, and then hide away from prying eyes.

Remember, even if a stone is 100% suitable for you, it does not mean that it cannot cause harm.

In the case of quartz, it can manifest itself in the form of a complete transition to the world of illusions, or absolute and unjustified optimism.


How to wear pink quartz?

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