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Titanium Wedding Rings

Almost in every country of our globe there is a romantic tradition to wear paired rings, indicating the conclusion of a marriage union. Catholics, Jews, Christians – they all wear the nameless finger of their chosen one a symbol of the fact that her heart is occupied by them forever.

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Titanium Wedding Rings

Previously, our parents did not recognize, and did not know anything else than rings of real gold.

Modern newlyweds are more lucky in this regard, because they have the opportunity to indulge themselves with silver, tungsten or platinum products.

A completely new trend in the field of wedding fashion can be considered as titanium wedding rings, which only Americans, Canadians or people from England wanted to give to each other earlier.

For a long time, a Russian person got used to such exotic, and did not understand what relation the 22nd element of the Mendeleev table has to the day of their marriage.

It turned out that this metal, which is most often used in the medical, weapons and aerospace industries, is very good in terms of jewelry production.

вольфрама, хоть и редко встречаются на отечественных прилавках, притягивают взоры молодоженов все чаще и чаще. And today, rings made of titanium and its “brother” of tungsten, although rarely found on domestic shelves, attract the eyes of newlyweds more and more often. Why is this happening? And is it worth to decorate the finger of his beloved with just such a symbol of loyalty and devotion?

можно не сомневаться в их долговечности. Buying paired rings made of titanium , you can not doubt their durability. Believe me, these accessories will survive not only you, but also your great-grandchildren, and will not lose their original look. This property is explained by the inertia and amazing strength of the main material.

By the way, it is thanks to such user parameters that titanium is actively used for the manufacture of weapons and prostheses.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Even gold tends to slightly change its original color, especially if the product from it was stored or worn over a long period. In addition, jewelry made from such a substance often leaves unpleasant dark marks on the skin.

Titanium, as a sample of the most inert metal, does not enter into any chemical reactions, which means that rings made of titanium, be they male or female, will remain beautiful and primeval even after many centuries. Probably, because of this, the Moscow monument to Yuri Gagarin is made of titanium.

An interesting fact is that products made of such a metal can become both elegant decorations for ladies’ handles and a powerful engine for an A380 aircraft, for example.

And all thanks to the exceptional and truly unique strength of titanium.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Having chosen the rings made of black titanium, you, in the direct sense of the word, will ease the lot of your fingers.

And all because the atomic mass of such a substance is only 47.867. For comparison, the same indicator for gold is already 196.966.

– вот основная причина того, почему свадебная мода так быстро признала «вечные» кольца. Unusualness is the main reason why wedding fashion so quickly recognized the “eternal” rings.

Despite the relatively low cost, such products are still rarely found on the shelves of domestic jewelry stores, and the couple who decided to stand out from the mass of the other spouses will have to spend a lot of time looking for the coveted jewelry.

In addition, the exclusivity of black titanium is that it can not be tested or repaired in ordinary jewelers.

For example, if you need to change the initial size of the jewelry, then it will be almost impossible to do so. а. Individual attention is given to the “male” design, which literally all paired male and female wedding rings from eternal metal possess. He seldom appeals to sophisticated girlish natures, pushing them away from the opportunity to buy a unique piece of jewelry.

In this case, it is worth noting that this drawback is the flaws in jewelry salons that do not want to form a wide range of titanium products, whereas both wide and narrow rings decorated with carvings and stones, opaque and glossy titanium hoops have long been popular in the world .

So, why, when buying a wedding ring, you should not even doubt that you should choose gold or titanium, and stop at the last option:

Titanium Wedding Rings
  • Nobility, elegance, uniqueness, ultimate strength and resistance to wear – these are the main parameters of the 22nd substance of the periodic table;
  • Resistance to deformations, lifetime warranty on the finished product and its weightlessness;
  • High degree of inertness. This will be noticeable by the preservation of the primary color and the absence of marks on the finger, even after prolonged wear of the ring;
  • The impeccable style and excellent quality of titanium jewelry made them the choice of successful and extraordinary personalities.

In fact, the titan wedding symbolism has become a real sensation for modern newlyweds. With its help, it has become even easier to identify their attitude to the chosen person, their mood for a long life together, devoid of confusion, problems and troubles. In addition, titanium is several times cheaper than gold, which does not affect its appearance, user and other parameters.

Sometimes, it is this fact that becomes decisive, especially if the newlyweds are short of money.

Titanium Wedding Rings

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