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Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry

Women who have an oval face are lucky – this type is considered ideal. Look at least at the photo of Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox, Cindy Crawford, Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Maria Cary, Madonna, Zhanna Friske – these stars are the standard of beauty in the whole world!

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Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry

Only a few decades ago, directors recruited people of just such a type for filming in advertising, since it was believed that it was the most attractive for the viewer.

The oval shape of the face is found in representatives of all races and peoples, and differs only in the cut of the eyes, lips, proportions and size of the nose. In outline, it resembles an inverted egg, the pointed edge of which is directed downwards.

For owners of this type of face, proportional features are characteristic: a rather narrow forehead with a rounded hairline, a softly drawn chin, a pronounced cheekbone shape. Representatives of this type, as a rule, have rather large almond-shaped eyes, located at an optimal distance from each other, with a clear lip contour.

The oval face shape is considered the most harmonious and proportional, and in the photo it looks flawless from any angle. Almost all types of haircuts, hairstyles, hats, eyeglass shapes, earrings and make-up varieties are suitable for it. But even the owners of this type should heed some of the advice of professional stylists and makeup artists to look perfect.

When choosing a hairstyle in the first place should be considered age. For example, for women over 40, it is better not to wear long flowing curls below the shoulders, since such a romantic image can draw attention to natural defects – wrinkles near the eyes, mouth and neck. Women of an elegant age are more likely to have gathered or neatly folded curls on the back of their heads, either classic short or half-short haircuts.

Be sure to pay attention to such criteria as the structure and density of the strands:

Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry
  • owners of fine hair should prefer haircuts to the middle of the chin with milled tips. The volume of such a head of hair can be added by lightening individual strands. It is strongly not recommended to wear long straight curls and do a small perm. To create an image, use mousses, foams and hair sprays, but do not overdo it with the quantity – an abundance of styling products will create the impression of dirty, unclean strands;
  • », полураскрытые, мягкие локоны либо же короткие или средней длины стрижки с филировкой. Ladies with thick, thick hair can afford a “ lion’s mane ” hairstyle, half-opened, soft curls or short or medium length haircuts with thinning.

Too long face can be corrected with bangs, which will visually reduce its vertical size. Practically any bang for an oval-shaped face is suitable: it can be a straight model up to the eyebrows and slightly lower, a bold jagged, long oblique, classic in the shape of an arc (it is especially good for business girls) or multi-layered. Ladies with an oblong face are advised to wear graded or long straight bangs.

In order to successfully choose a haircut, owners of an oval-shaped face should take into account the length of hair:

  • for short hair, garcons, bobcars, and pixies are ideal;
  • medium length – sesson, classic bob and square;
  • long – ladder or cascade. But to straighten long curls, falling down to the shoulders, should not be ironed – this hairstyle will visually lengthen and stretch the face.

Needless to say, girls with classic features should not have problems with make-up, since it is very difficult to spoil the natural beauty.

However, some recommendations are still there:

Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry
  • the shape of the eyebrows for an oval face should be slightly rounded and raised in surprise, so that you can emphasize the correct features;
  • apply blush or bronzer along the cheekbones. Make it simple: directing the brush upward obliquely to the hairline, distribute the required amount of rouge;
  • so that the face does not seem elongated, apply a small amount of rouge in the area of ​​the temples and on the chin;
  • so that the make-up does not look coarse, focus on either the lips or the eyes and eyebrows. Bright lipstick and dark eye makeup are incompatible;
  • For daytime makeup, use thin contour pencils or eye brushes, thick lines will look unnatural and ugly;
  • To avoid oily shine, after applying a nourishing or foundation cream, lightly powder;
  • tonal cream should not be too light – it visually enlarges the face, and it is better to choose transparent powder.
Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry

In the summer, no sunglasses can not do. To preserve harmonious proportions and make the image unforgettable, it is important to choose the right frame.

» и « кошачьи » очки. So, ladies with regular features fit rectangular, round, classic ” aviators ” and ” cat ” glasses. When choosing them, one should be guided by the following principle: the width of the rim should be equal to the widest part of the cheekbones, and its upper line should coincide with the eyebrow line.

Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry

The classic type will suit the decorations of most species. . It can be earrings of various geometric shapes, earrings, rings, ” droplets “, ” points “, studs, ” clusters ” with large inserts of precious or semi-precious stones, earrings with classic pendants.

But it is best to emphasize the proportions of the face drop-shaped and earrings with medium-sized round pendants.

. On the ladies with a short haircut, “ carnations ” with pearls look charmingly.

But women with an elongated face are not recommended to wear too long and flat pendants, they are more suitable for jewelry of square, rounded or convex shape, or bulky ring-shaped earrings.

It is very important that the earrings do not put off the earlobe. No matter how expensive and beautiful the decorations are, they look ugly and unaesthetic on sagged lobes.

But the choice of necklaces depends on the length of the neck. So, the fair sex with a long, thin and elegant neck should choose short chains and necklaces. If you can not boast a swan neck, stop the choice on a long and fairly massive decoration.

Good luck to you in search of your own perfect image!


Oval face shape: pick up hair, glasses, makeup, jewelry

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