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Fashion 2019: how does it differ from the fashion of previous years

To constantly feel in the trend, it is not necessary to annually get rid of the old wardrobe and buy a new one. It is impossible to keep up with the fashion, as well as to predict the fantasies of the leading designers. Wardrobe can be supplemented with new items, picking them up to the already existing things, which will give the opportunity to look stylish.

The main difference of the 2018 season is the trinity: texture – colors – cut. Let’s look at all the components in order.

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Fashion 2019: how does it differ from the fashion of previous years

In one ensemble in the most fashionable clothes of 2018, it is customary to combine fabrics with different textures.

For example: the softness of fur and the smoothness of silk, the density of the skin and the relief of large knitwear.

The fashion includes models in which fabrics are combined that are unmatched in quality. How could it be predicted that fashionable openwork dresses with mail inlays of fabric imitating metal would gain popularity?

Particularly interesting in the execution of products from knitwear. Thanks to the technique of execution, different knittings, transparent inserts, leather details are combined. » вещами стиля милитари. Interesting imitation knit ” soft ” things military style. Such sweaters can not be called bound! They are constructed from protective mesh, green ropes and traditional knitwear.

What is the most fashionable color of clothes in 2015?

» коричневый, вернее его разновидность – терракотовый. For the cold season – for autumn and winter – they are “ assigned ” brown, or rather, its variety is terracotta. Variations and shades can be different: warm and cold, light and dark.

Brown is introduced not only in outerwear, but also in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and toilets are being made from a fabric of this color for special occasions.

If in the dress of the season 2015 there are things of this color – it is originally fashionable.

For the warm season, designers set a different color rule. The brightness of the wardrobe is provided by a picture in the style of pop art, bright and large. Colorful prints, which a few years ago dictated pop-style, returned to T-shirts and sweaters.

Burst into summer fashion emerald green and orange. Designers were offered similar colors of autumn-winter things, but the consumer was not so bold.

Also remain in the trend of pastel colors: aquamarine, pink, blue. Based on them, a collection of Roberto Cavalli – bright, festive, spring-summer.

Once again at the peak of fashion multi-layer ensembles. In one image, two or more sweaters or skirts of different styles are combined.

The most fashionable clothes can combine in one product:

  • top;
  • a blouse;
  • jumper;
  • turtleneck

Hard to imagine? So, your shoulder can be bare, but at the same time the throat is closed with a voluminous collar, and the other side of the body and a hand covers part of the sweater. The model in the waist ends the way traditional blouses look. As a decor – small buttons. Such sweaters are knitted from the openwork, dresses are sewn from dense non-fading fabrics, everything is combined into a set.

Fashion 2019: how does it differ from the fashion of previous years

In such models, you can appear at a secular party or go on a country trip. Where a thing is worn depends not on the cut, but on the texture of the product.

Asymmetry is again in fashion. The asymmetry of the product is manifested not only in length – on the one hand longer than on the other. » застежку или разновысокую линию талии. A business jacket can have a “ broken ” clasp or a differently high waistline.

For an unusual look, asymmetrical things look skewed, but this is the highlight of the most fashionable style in clothes 2018. This visual impression is created because there are things that seem more than a few sizes in a trend. And if they still have fashionable asymmetry, the view is not very familiar yet.

What is needed to create a style and image in 2018?

  • Sporty style is still in fashion. Skirts similar to tennis skirts are combined with short sport jackets resembling the 1990s skirts. Bulk bags were replaced by solid backpacks;
  • In the models, made by ” male ” style, with monochromatic colors, which are also larger by several sizes, women look fragile and delicate. Surprisingly, such things add sexuality to the female image. And – last but not least – knitted sweaters perfectly keep warm, which is so lacking in late autumn and winter;
  • Lace and lace fabric in the form of inserts found a place in the weekend outfits and sports-style things. Openwork cloths are used for decoration and tailoring of various things.

The most fashionable clothes for fall 2018 are somewhat different from things that are at the peak of popularity last season:

  • Coat. Shortened products from the wardrobe you can safely withdraw. The time has come for long flying models that fit tightly and sewn from expensive fabrics;
  • Leather skirt. Only about formerly popular midi and mini, tight hips, it’s time to forget. In the trend skirt. It goes well with lace blouses, knitted spacious sweaters and very fashionable cowboy shirts this season;
  • Despite the fact that skinny jeans have not lost their popularity, they sew only wide pants and soft fabrics. The width is maintained from the hip.

In the cold season, an excellent choice of fabrics for sewing outerwear – cashmere and tweed. Styles – street and ethnic. In the first classics connects: light top – dark bottom. In the second, the image is created thanks to an ethnic print and inserts from natural materials: fur and leather.

By the way, products made from fur are not so much sewn, as they are knitted. Knitted coats and hats, jackets and jackets are in fashion.

By the spring you need to get something leather in the wardrobe. Shiny coats are back in fashion – long capes in ethnic style, resembling armor. If there is no possibility to purchase a large thing, then you need to take care of the accessories: a backpack, a bracelet or hairpins.

By the end of spring you need to remember about multi-layered. The top is fashionable brown and lightweight outfit under it is pastel color. The thick leather jacket doesn’t seem to match with a light flying dress, but together they create the perfect image of 2015.

Monochrome prints and inscriptions can complement the fashionable image. They are applied to sweaters, T-shirts, outerwear.

Volumetric embroideries and large applications are again popular, especially in youth models. Such models look very creative. To look fashionable this year, it is enough to decorate a monophonic knitted sweater with creative appliqué. The advantage of the thing is that it is the only one.

You can decorate the model of the last season with fringe and feathers. They are in harmony with summer clothes and elements of winter wardrobe.

Fashion 2019: how does it differ from the fashion of previous years

In the summer collections, designers captured the viewer’s imagination with a return to retro style. Dresses are elegant, fitting, lengthening.

In the collections there are models of fashionable colors, and – almost on a par with them – stripes, cells, and flowers.

Models are stitched so that at the same time are suitable for outdoor use and everyday life.

New season – fabulous motifs in the design of fabric products.

To be fashionable this season, you need to dress bright, stylish and comfortable. The best clothes that are forgotten, crossing the threshold of the house. It is not necessary to pull it up, they are afraid that something will pull up somewhere, it will be inconvenient to sit or turn around. Models 2018 meet all these requirements.


Fashion 2019: how does it differ from the fashion of previous years

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