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Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

The coat is one of the most important items in the wardrobe of every woman. If you choose the right style, you can hide the small flaws in your figure. And here comes the question: how to choose the right coat to emphasize all the advantages of the silhouette.

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Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

If you are interested in fashion trends, you will see that this element of the wardrobe has become quite popular lately, displacing jackets and down jackets. Such demand may be due to two factors.

Firstly, such outerwear fits perfectly on the figure, emphasizing all the necessary curves. And secondly, due to the fact that in the shops today you can see a huge amount of various fabrics, the choice of colors and textures is also very large.

Before proceeding to the choice of style, let’s determine the color. This season is quite popular are dark blue, black, rich burgundy colors.

When choosing, it is worth remembering that gray, unsightly shades remained in the distant past, and the trend of the last five to six years can be considered a bright, rich tint that is able to set you apart from the crowd and show your personality in all its glory.

By the way, among the models there are quite often combined options. But, if you saw a combination of two or three shades on the fabric, then do not rush to buy such a product. To begin with, you should determine for yourself whether this coloring would be appropriate in everyday life, because you don’t buy a coat in order to appear in it once a year.

This year it has become fashionable to create a deliberately shapeless image that is not able to emphasize any features of your figure. From some point of view, this idea is quite good, because with this cut you can successfully hide any flaws. But, if you think about it, then emphasize the advantages in this case also will not work.

A feature of this cut are rather sloping shoulders, the view of which can overlap with a rather wide collar. This gives the impression that the sleeves come out of the shoulders, which is due to the almost complete absence of the transition line.

Another characteristic innovation of this season is the lack of fitted models. Both autumn and winter styles of coats for women rather resemble a male cut, diluted with bright elements.

Now that we have considered the most fashionable styles of winter clothing, let’s face it. And this truth consists in the fact that only a very extravagant person who wants to shock others with his appearance can wear such models.

Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

After all, if you look at the presented models, it will become noticeable that they in no way emphasize femininity and beauty.

On the contrary! All the flaws and virtues that make us women are reduced to the usual formlessness, decorated for a change with bright colors. That is why it is necessary to choose the style of the coat, starting from its shape.

And even if you decide to purchase the most ordinary classic outerwear, but at the same time you have your own unique style and you feel like a queen, then do not hesitate a second. Just buy the thing you like, despite all the fashion trends.

One of the most popular materials for the manufacture of outerwear is the drape. This matter is distinguished by its multivariance, since with its use you can make the coat both heavy and light.

In addition, at your disposal is a huge selection of colors. That is why most of the models are made of drapes, as it allows you to create a variety of models based on a single sketch.

But there is this wonderful material and disadvantages. If you do not dry out the wet fabric in time, there is a danger of deformation, which can ruin any style.

As for the choice of the model itself, then it is worth paying attention to the presence of additional accessories in the form of original fasteners and pockets. Do not forget that with wide hips, you should completely exclude the presence of additional elements at the bottom.

Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

If you are the owner of magnificent forms, then the choice of outerwear should be approached very responsibly. Pay attention to size.

Do not think that when you buy things two sizes smaller, your own kilos will disappear somewhere. Therefore, let’s not go to extremes and choose what will emphasize all our virtues.

When choosing, you need to rely on the following factors:

  • The size. Check whether this model really suits you is very simple. You just need to try on a coat and sit in it a few times and bend over. If the suspicious cod is not heard, then the thing is not small. It is also not necessary to go to the other extreme – to mask all the extra weight in a coat;
  • Picture. Are you choosing a coat for autumn? Then be sure to pay attention to the presence of a print. If he is unobtrusive, and does not make your figure too massive, then you can buy such a model. But if, due to the mega-modal transverse print, your hips look three sizes larger than they are, then you should think about whether you need such a fashion.

And in all other criteria, the choice of outerwear for obese women is no different. The main thing is to carefully look in the mirror and take only what you like. Otherwise, you will feel out of place, constantly worrying that some kind of fold did not lie as it should.

Fashionable women with small stature also need to be very careful in choosing clothes. First of all, you should abandon the long models that will visually shorten the shape.

Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

Therefore, preference should be given to the styles adjacent to the thighs. So you can emphasize the waist, while extending the legs.

It is possible to improve the situation for low girls with the help of heels. But do not go to extremes and cripple your own body, forcing yourself to walk on a twenty-centimeter stiletto.

As the scientists found out, the optimum high heel, unable to cripple your spine, does not exceed seven centimeters.

As you can see, today, choosing a model from winter or autumn coats, you should rely on your own taste, and not on fashion styles in the fall of 2014. You do choose clothes for yourself and not on the podium. So you should think about how to emphasize the beauty and femininity, while not forgetting about the comfort!

Coat styles in 2018 and 2019: fashion or classic

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