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We introduce bright colors in the gloomy offseason: we get a pink coat

The times when the pink coat was considered a mauve and attributed as a key attribute to girls who did not play enough for Barbie dolls in childhood have long sunk into oblivion. Today on the shelves of fashion stores now and then appears outerwear in pastel colors. Mint, blue, peach – all these shades can add color to the gloomy off-season.

We introduce bright colors in the gloomy offseason: we get a pink coat

When the first cold weather comes, women habitually wear gray jackets and black down jackets, merging with the flow of other people in the city center, subway, cafe. Why not show the crowd your individuality?

Moreover, the range of shades of pink clothes is now extremely extensive. You can buy a coat of fuchsia, tango, flamingo, dusty peach, smoky-lilac or shocking neon color. But the question of what to wear a pink coat, and today remains relevant and open.

This thing, despite its extraordinary color, is very versatile. With it you can create an elegant office or business image, wearing a leather pencil skirt, or emphasize the image of a naughty girl, dressed in deliberately torn jeans and sneakers. You can vary the images as you please your soul, while you will be every day unique, stylish, elegant and refined.

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Every stylish woman knows that the highlight of every image is in accessories. Some are so addicted, following this trend, that they begin to collect bags, shoes and jewelry. Pink coat is self-sufficient and catchy in itself, so the main thing here is not to overdo it, putting on everything that comes handy.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the bag. It can be black, white, brown, or match the tone of the product itself. » серого или молочного цвета. For a pink coat with a hood in the style of a raincoat, “ envelopes ” of gray or milky color are perfect. A brown bag with imitation snakeskin or crocodile leather is suitable for an elegant look.

The main thing is that the shade of outerwear should be warm and discreet. ». For the image of a riot with a coat, torn jeans and sneakers, a simple black bag of a large “ caliber ” will fit perfectly.

A few tips on picking a bag under a pink coat:

  • Focus not on the combination of colors, but on the combination of sub-colors. If your outerwear has a frankly warm tone, it is better not to disturb the harmony by introducing cold accessories. But black and brown bags will fall here like never before !;
  • Women in pink coats with miniature handbags look particularly advantageous. But the envelope or clutch must be hung on the handle: wearing it in your hand will look very contrasting and jerky;
  • It is not necessary to choose the style of the bag to match the color and shape of the shoe. Fashion bloggers successfully combine strict bags with white Converse sneakers – most importantly, with accessories you can gently beat the whole image to make it look whole and single.

If your coat is with a hood, you can even carry a backpack with it. The main thing is that it is low-key and neutral. Salad, orange and poisonous green things here are clearly out of place.

We introduce bright colors in the gloomy offseason: we get a pink coat

Pink knit coat looks great with a beret. » к вашему новому приобретению! In general, it takes, although it is a pretty outdated stylish attribute, but how romantic it is to literally “ ask ” for your new purchase! It will look great blue, pearl, ashen, coffee and beige shades of hats.

». However, you should not be limited to just a beret, and even more so, buy it directly to this “ bow ”. You can wear a thin knitted hat, a flirty hat, and even a cap. It all depends on your imagination and ability to beat a particular image.

As for scarves and scarves, if you like any, you can use any motifs and prints, combining them with your new pink coat.

If you like a leopard – feel free to use such a handkerchief! More like cucumber patterns? Fine! Especially if the scarf will be delicate turquoise or ash-gray with golden and yellow accents.

If you are an admirer of flashy and bright accessories, we recommend that you turn your attention to beads, bracelets and earrings of yellow or turquoise color. They will be the most profitable to combine with your outerwear, and on an overcast day you certainly will not go unnoticed.

A little girl in a pink coat can be offered a bright bezel on her head, brightly colored ring tones, a yellow scarf and fashionable rubber boots.

We introduce bright colors in the gloomy offseason: we get a pink coat


See for yourself – any shoes will be appropriate here. The main thing is that you yourself would be comfortable and comfortable in it. If you want to create a sexy image, try to put on black boots and tie your waist with a strict black belt – a seductive image is guaranteed!

Do not be afraid of unusual colors and textures.  Leave your familiar black “ pea coat ” in your closet and improvise with bright colors! Wear a pink coat with blouses, cardigans and strict shirts, depending on the occasion and weather conditions.

Wear wide jeans boyfriend with deliberately wiped holes, strict pants with arrows in the length of 7/8, catchy flares with playful patterns and ornaments. Find your image and surprise others. Be irresistible at any time of the year and in any image!

We introduce bright colors in the gloomy offseason: we get a pink coat

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