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Fashion shoes 2018: what famous couturiers offer this season

Comfortable and beautiful shoes are a real gift for any woman. After all, regardless of that? Do you follow fashion catwalks or are indifferent to the latest fashion trends, you still want to look your best. And fashionable shoes – this is not the last element of your image, which can make you irresistible.

Fashion shoes 2018: what famous couturiers offer this season

Here, for example, you go in an uncomfortable shoe home from work. And believe me, everyone around you can see that you are terribly tired and the limit of your dreams at the moment is the desire to crawl to the house and finally take off these shoes.

Is it the case when your shoes do not press you anywhere? and you feel in it as in slippers.

In this case, you walk proudly, with a flat back and a raised head. So even such a detail as shoes, can significantly affect your mood and attitude to the world. It is for this reason that today we will study what kind of shoes correspond to the fashion of this season.

We all got used to the fact that fashion and practicality are rarely combined in one model. But this season was an exception. Perhaps the designers finally listened to the wishes of consumers and created the same comfortable fashionable shoes.

The variety of fashionable shoes in 2018 is also striking. Here you will find the right shoes lover and high stilettos and thin wedges. And now let’s look at fashion trends in shoes this season.

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What shoes will be popular this year? Let’s take a closer look at fashion models and their main features:

Fashion shoes 2018: what famous couturiers offer this season
  • Wide and steady heel. If you do not like thin studs, then this year you can breathe a sigh of relief. Today, fashionable catwalks present a huge number of stunning women’s shoes with a thick and steady heel, which is a pleasure to wear in everyday life;
  • Thin hairpin. Of course, this type of footwear is not as comfortable as the previous version, but if it is rather dry outside and there is no ice on the sidewalks, then this option is quite acceptable. But remember that on cold days with ice from the socks on heels should be abandoned, because so you risk falling and hitting;
  • Platform. Fashionable women’s shoes on the wedge are also present at the fashion shows this year. It should be noted that such shoes are suitable only for owners of thin and graceful legs. If you are not so lucky, you should choose a stud or a thick heel. The most popular this year will be women’s stylish models with high wedges and even soles.

It should be said that extravagant girls in the winter of 2018 were able to find fashionable shoes to their liking. For example, winter models with curly heels became quite popular this season. On these heels can be cut different figures. But the designer of the brand Miu Miu decided to please his fans with excellent shoes, the heel of which is made of the most ordinary iron bolt.

Transparent heels are also quite popular. But be careful! If you have purchased such extravagant shoes, then walk carefully, because even the smallest scratches are very noticeable on the transparent material.

We all remember that a few years ago, shoes with a narrow and long toe were quite popular. And despite the fact that such shoes can visually increase the size of the legs, such a model, especially if it is on a long thin heel, can make your leg more elegant.

Interesting models of this style were presented this season in the collections of Balenciaga, Christopher Kane and Emilio Pucci.

Pay attention to the contrasting noses. In 2018-2019, floral and brown motifs are especially popular, and black socks of shoes are quite common. By the way, Coco Chanel talked about such models, arguing that a contrasting sock can make your leg a little thinner and smaller.

Models with an oversized boot shaft are also very popular this season. So if you prefer shoes with knee tops and low platform or heel, then this season’s fashion is designed just for you.

No, of course, models with high tops and studs are also found at fashion shows, but still the main focus of this season can be safely considered a low platform and a thick heel up to five centimeters high.

Fashion shoes 2018: what famous couturiers offer this season

Such type of boots as boots-stockings is especially popular. Their distinctive feature is the absence of a lock, and they need to be worn, pulling at their feet like tights. The most popular types of such shoes are sewn from gray, black and patent leather.

In 2019, fashionable women’s boots in 2019 can be easily ranked among several sporty models. This year, such well-known brands like Chanel and Marc by Marc Jacobs have released some pretty interesting models that can delight all the girls who love bright colors and comfort.

Another innovation was the elastic sole on such sports shoes, which not only makes the shoes comfortable, but also makes our spine straighten.

As you can see, winter fashion shoes this season are striking in their diversity. You can choose and strict shoes with high heels, suitable for going to a corporate evening. And you can pay attention to the bright sports style. In general, choose, buy and will look your best! Good luck!

Fashion shoes 2018: what famous couturiers offer this season

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