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Body: gymnast underwear or a separate piece of toilet?

Sophisticated fashionistas know for sure – a sexy, fitting body is a real must-have in the wardrobe of a stylish woman. But those girls who first noticed this accessory in a shop window or a magazine model are often confused and think – “ what is the attribute for gymnasts here? “. And absolutely nothing! Body is not just a fashion trend. This is a real magic wand for most modern ladies.

Body: gymnast underwear or a separate piece of toilet?

How to wear a body? It can be worn under a short mini-skirt, and under a lace multi-layer midi, and under playful denim shorts, and under sexy leggings, and under strict pants. Options – the mass.

The main thing is to choose a harmonious outfit in accordance with the color scheme and texture of the accessory itself.

The content of the article

» частично оправданы. Doubts of conservative young ladies regarding the “ attribute of gymnasts ” are partially justified. In fact, the appearance of the body has no such rich history. For the first time it began to be used precisely by gymnasts, acrobats and dancers in the twentieth century.

The peak of his popularity and demand came in the mid-80s, when every housewife considered it her moral duty to go in aerobics. This accessory for a long time was considered an element of underwear or sportswear. And only at the dawn of the 90s women began to wear it in ordinary images.

Many women rightly care about the issue of combining underwear with body. ». Of course, the volume leggings or “ boxers ” will not suit him. Even if you absolutely do not accept a bikini, you will have to get such shorts to wear them under this accessory.

How to wear a body with regular pants? Very simple, especially if nylon tights are also provided for in the final look. And how to wear a body with tights? Put on your favorite panties, and then – pantyhose. Make sure that the latter were without imitation of shorts, especially if you wear a skirt.

In addition, the landing should not be high. If the body tracery and translucent, of course, you can forget about its combination with pantyhose – only stockings will be appropriate here. ». Yes, and underwear in this case should be as “ conspiratorial ” as possible.

What to wear with a black body – the question is quite spatial. ». The fact is that with the help of this part of the wardrobe, you can create a variety of images – from a strict elegant lady to a flirty punk hooligan.

The accessory will perfectly fit into any fashionable ” bow ” and will become its refined accent. He will make the figure visually slim and thin, emphasize its merits and hide the flaws. Formally, it can also be worn as an auxiliary element for hiding “piquant” places in an overly transparent blouse or a frank dress.

Body: gymnast underwear or a separate piece of toilet?

Wear anything under it: from jeans to strict pencil skirts. But it is desirable that they are not too low on landing. Gorgeous outfit: sexy heeled sandals, high-rise denim shorts, bodysuit, short fitted jacket and massive accessories that mimic the precious metal.

Ballet flats will look great if you adore skinny jeans and can not imagine your life without their presence in the wardrobe.

It is very desirable that the lower part of the body should be clothed in a voluminous, and not a fitting thing, especially if the body has no sleeves. This will create a contrast that is favorable to the figure and will play to the benefit of its aesthetic perception.

If the body has long sleeves, you should wear this wardrobe attribute with the same things that you usually wear a turtleneck. We will gladly give you the idea of ​​combining such a dress with a fluffy short skirt in the spirit of a ballerina, a skirt with a basque or pleating.

What else you need to know about the rules of wearing?

Body: gymnast underwear or a separate piece of toilet?
  • What to wear shirt in the form of body? » аналог. This version of the product is different in that it does not fit the figure so much, and it looks much more formal than its “ smooth ” counterpart. The body shirt looks formal enough to put it on for a business meeting or a formal visit. » слишком коротким. Putting on a shirt, you can not worry about someone noticing your underwear, or find your “ top ” too short. No matter how active your movements are, no one will understand what is worn on your body under your main clothes;
  • What can I wear a lace bodysuit? Try experimenting and combining it with high boots and short shorts. It is in this scenic image that world pop stars often appear. Lace bodysuit is also optimally combined with lush satin skirts, multi-layer sundresses, knit sweaters and colorful jackets. Please note that here you need to keep a thin line between the wardrobe item and underwear. It is not recommended to use the item of clothing as an independent top. Think about how to wear such a body, putting under his clothes, i.e. bra;
  • How to wear a bodysuit body color? This accessory option is literally indispensable for those who want to wear a fitting dress and not to worry about anything. This is also appropriate if the dress itself is transparent or translucent, if it is laced, or consists of a placer of stones, like the famous Jovani products.

The attitude to this together still remains controversial. Some young ladies adore him so much that they forget about ordinary blouses and shirts. Their opponents body is only represented as an auxiliary element in the image, which, in fact, is underwear.

If you try to create unique images with the use of this product, we are sure that you are guaranteed to enjoy wearing it both in the daily version and for special occasions. Be beautiful and stylish!

Body: gymnast underwear or a separate piece of toilet?

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