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Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

Famous European and domestic designers of shoes made sure that this winter women’s legs were decorated not only with high-quality, but also with comfortable, and most importantly – beautiful shoes. The main goal of the creators of the new shoe collections was the almost complete abandonment of the studs in favor of a stable, wear-resistant and practical sole. As a result, Chelsea shoes, oxfords, loafers, and so on reappeared on the shelves of boutiques and shops.

Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

In addition, the most fashionable winter footwear seemed to be purposely worn and coarse shoes, bulky bots and boots, decorated with studs and rivets.

At the same time, it is also impossible to say that designers forgot about the existence of delicate and elegant personalities, because you can see pointed-nosed and lacquered stockings, sophisticated suede ankle boots near the brogues, and so on.

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Arguing about exactly which fashionable boots of women will make the winter of 2015 get into, it is impossible not to dwell on elongated models. So, for example, boots, stockings are the perfect design of long and slender lower limbs.

These products fit perfectly on the leg, making the whole image of a woman more extravagant, elegant, sexy and graceful. If you want to become an icon of style, be sure to replenish your wardrobe with patent-leather boots or stockings made of genuine leather or suede.

Boot boot – this is another constant companion of a woman who responsibly prepared for the winter of 2018. Such footwear helps to survive the severe cold and icy conditions, perfectly heats most of the legs and looks gorgeous on slender legs. Note that the designers are not limited to concise and boring boots, but boldly decorate them with laces, rhinestones, embroidery, stones and other elements.

Models of boots, decorated with lacing – undoubtedly hit the current cold season. Such products have long replenished the wardrobe of the most famous fashionistas, because the lacing is not just functional, but also represents an original decor. Shoes, in the design of which there is a lacing, can be seen in the collections of such popular designers as Chanel, Versace and Alexander Mcqueen.

Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

For those ladies who are used to keeping up with high fashion, lacquered boots will be the only and undeniable trend of this winter, which is present in the collection of literally every distinguished designer.

The latter make many styles of such shoes, pamper their customers with an abundance of bright colors, rich colors and countless variations in appearance.

It is impossible to say unequivocally what the most fashionable models of lacquered boots that the ladies prepared for winter 2019 look like, because there is an opportunity to choose between shoes with thick high heels, on a platform, with a wide leg or zipper, with a square heel or on a completely flat sole. None of women will not leave unshakable women’s lacquered boots with contrasting inclusions and heels that differ in shade from the main sewing material.

The answer to the question of what exactly fashionable boots makes it necessary to wear the winter of 2018 and 2019 fits into such concepts as femininity and elegance. It is clear that in order to get a refined and elegant look, a woman has to stand on a magnificent stud, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Fashion designers and designers showed concern that the stiletto shoes were made in a variety of color and texture solutions. It only remains to remember that the stiletto boots will become even more elegant if they are complemented by a pointed toe and a high toe.

By the way, shoes with a narrow and high ankle are gradually crowding out already a little bored boots, stockings. This option makes it possible to correct some defects of the lower extremities, literally complement any image, model a clear and elegant contour of the legs, and also make them visually longer.

The most fashionable boots with high and narrow tops are made in retro or modern style, and, therefore, are equipped with a square and low heel, a small round toe and visible decorative elements.

Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

The most fashionable boots that the winter of 2015 has prepared for desperate, impudent and courageous women are Cossacks, richly decorated with fur both from the inside and the outside. Fans of practicality in everything, such shoes will please steady and thick heels.

Choosing this option, remember that the Cossacks with a wide leg have a wonderful look on thin and straight legs, whereas curvaceous ladies should avoid it.

Arguing about which boots are the most fashionable in the winter of 2019, special attention should be paid to their decoration, which is constantly becoming richer and more exotic. And all this is achieved by attracting the most non-standard and unusual materials, such as: feather, precious stones, glitter, silk ribbons, lace, metal fittings, plaques and so on.

. In addition, fashionable suede and leather boots, which offers women winter 2019 , are decorated with elastic bands, draperies and folds, located in the tops.

Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

But fashion designers are using advanced technologies to the utmost, so you can see fashionable textile boots from the Chanel ‘s Winter 2019¬†collection, women’s boots made of rubber, blown or quilted fabric, fur, etc. in the boutiques.

Regarding the color range, we can say the following: leather and suede products, fashioned in a practical and universal black color, are still in fashion. In addition, boots of pastel, blue, red and brown shades jump in shoe collections of famous designers.

Most brands try to present their goods as profitably as possible, therefore they actively attract not only catchy colors, but also predatory prints. Leopard, crocodile and snake motifs represent winter shoes from Gucci, Dries Van Noten and other fashion houses.

Choosing shoes for yourself, remember the only rule: fold aside the trends and expert advice, the acquired shoes should you LIKE! Have a nice shopping!


Fashion boots winter 2018-2019

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