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Strict dresses: how to choose the right style and look elegant

In the wardrobe of any woman there is always a huge number of dresses. But are all models suitable for everyday life? Of course not! As we know, it seems completely impossible to wear a long beach dress to work, and the usual short summer dress is not particularly suitable in the same case. That is why we will talk today about strict dresses.

Of course, in the business world, suits are very popular, and many ladies even manage to use the same jacket in combination with a skirt or pants. Thus, these enterprising women get two separate images.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that practicality is good, but remember that you are a woman too. And the presence of several strict classic dresses in your closet will not be superfluous.

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You should not think that now we will offer you extremely dark shades for the dress. Also, it is not at all necessary to exclude absolutely all accessories from your image. Remember, a strict style can also be quite interesting, you just need to know how to complement it correctly.

Before you go to the store for a new business dress, carefully read all the rules of your company that relate to the dress code. This must be done in order for the thing you purchased to fit into the vision of the chief of the style of his subordinates. Otherwise, you run the risk of permanently hanging the purchased thing in the closet and putting it on on major holidays.

Now for the accessories. Of course, you should not put on a bulky jewelry in large quantities. You are not going to have fun, but to work! At the same time, you should not exclude jewelry from your business image either.

You can wear any one accessory, such as a pendant or bracelet. Please note that the wedding ring does not apply to jewelry in this case, so you can easily afford another jewelry besides it.

When choosing a style you need to pay attention to the models of medium length with a fitted silhouette. And if the figure allows you, you can even emphasize your silhouette with the help of a usual thin belt or corset belt. But here should be a classic: the belt should be without any decorative elements.

By the way, the best choice would be a sheath dress. Such a strict business dress must be knee-length or two fingers higher. Attention! You should not give preference to too short models, because in this case all the severity will disappear and your outfit will be completely inappropriate in the harsh world of business.

Midi length is also suitable. It will help such a dress and lengthen the silhouette. And if you also get beautiful shoes of a beige color, then beautiful long legs and visual reduction of volumes are guaranteed. And one more thing about shoes: be sure to bring changeable shoes to your office, since business office style does not involve wearing boots.

Everyone knows that not only those girls whose shape corresponds to accepted ideals can look stylish. And if you are the owner of appetizing forms you should not be upset, because there are no bad figures, there is an incorrectly chosen clothes. And today we will try to deal with this problem.

Strict dresses: how to choose the right style and look elegant

The first rule for plump girls: dress length should not be above the knee. Otherwise, the silhouette will look shortened, and we strive to look slim.

You should also avoid the adjacent silhouette, because in this way you will only emphasize all the flaws of your figure.

And one more tip for full girls: don’t be afraid to experiment. You can come up with a model with a smell, high waist or fitted styles with a skirt in the form of a trapeze.

Do not think that strict beautiful dresses can be used only for trips to work. It turns out that quite a large number of couturiers have already released a sufficient number of strict models that are suitable not only for everyday life, but also for visiting various festive events.

The difference between strict and regular cocktail styles is the absence of an indecently low neckline and extravagant cuts on the hips or back. And if you want to look elegant you should prefer a strict evening dress of medium length.

In this case, it is not necessary to wear a black dress. In this case, perfect malachite, purple or brown shades. The main thing is to match the color with the type of your appearance.

Especially popular this season will enjoy an evening dress with long sleeves. This style looks quite simple, but at the same time very elegant. You can dilute a similar outfit with one or two decorations and become the queen of the evening.

As for the style of dresses, knitted models can be considered the novelty of this season. But in this case, you need to be careful with the pattern. You should not choose wide and bulging braids, since such elements can add you a few extra inches in the waist and hips area. By the way, such dresses can combine not only knitted details, but also inserts made of leather or knitwear.

Strict dresses: how to choose the right style and look elegant

It is worth paying attention to the fact that such evening dress still can not fully comply with the canons of the office. Therefore, you can dilute your image with bright details on the bodice. As decoration can be sequins, beads, large beads or ordinary embroidery.

As for colors, in the season 2018-2019 fashion designers advise to give preference to colors such as red, blue, gray, black or white. These shades fit perfectly in a strict style, allowing you to feel at your best.

As you can see, rigorous style is in fashion this season. And if it is more logical for the office to choose a black strict dress, then you can experiment a little to create an image before going to a corporate party.

And one more thing: do not think that rigorous style is boring. In fact, if you choose the right outfit and accessories, then even the simplest cut will be able to emphasize your figure favorably, making you irresistible.

Strict dresses: how to choose the right style and look elegant

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