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Bras for teens: the secrets of the right choice or how to please a little fashionista

Children grow up, and at one point, and your ex-plump babe will demand her first bra. How to respond to mom? How do daughters ask for their first bra? And how to choose it correctly, because the breast of a teenager is so tender.

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With the onset of puberty and under the action of hormones, the girl’s breasts begin to grow and form. On average, the growth of the mammary glands begins at 12-13, but maybe earlier. And some girls observe breast growth only in 16-18 years. Everything is purely individual, and depends on genetics, hormonal and lifestyle.

Having noticed the changes in the girl’s body, it will be better to take the initiative independently. Invite your daughter to go
shopping, as if by chance go to a lingerie store. Try on several models and offer your daughter to choose a favorite bra. If the girl herself takes the initiative, asks or demands to buy her a bra, be glad that the girl is already such an adult.How to respond to my mother that her baby is time to get women’s underwear? Rejoice, because your girl grows up, becomes a woman. At this time, the trust relationship between mother and daughter is very important. Remember, the girl may be embarrassed to tell you that it is time for her to wear a bra.

Make a purchase together. »  Even if your “ baby ” considers herself a completely independent person, she may still need advice.

. Even if the daughter doesn’t need a bra objectively, but “ everyone is already wearing ” – give in to her desire. Let her never put on a thing she does not need, but you will keep good, trusting relationships.

How to tell mom that you need a bra? Yes, just come up and say. Ask for advice, which one to choose, and invite the mother to choose the first bra in her life. To arrange a holiday on this occasion, because you are slowly becoming a woman. And it is beautiful!

Choosing your first women’s underwear, listen to the advice of mom. Do not be upset if mom says you don’t need this bra with cups. If you have zero or first breast size, it really is not required.

Bras for teens: the secrets of the right choice or how to please a little fashionista

Opinion of doctors about this is unequivocal: if the girl’s breast size does not reach the second (for pear-shaped breast) – the third (for round breast), it is not necessary to purchase a bra. For more curvaceous support is needed.

Often the girl does not objectively need a bra, however, everyone in the class wears it. Get it girl. The smallest size laundry is designed for a chest volume of at least 65 cm and size 0. For a teenager with more modest volumes, there are a lot of topic models that will temporarily replace this piece of toilet.

Often the girl “ reed ” gets upset that she cannot buy herself a laundry of the right size. Encourage her, make a compliment to her slimness and fragility. And jointly choose a topic. Tell your daughter that it will be time for beautiful bras.

Give preference to the tops of breathable elastic fabric, seamless and, if possible, without tabs. Naturally, tabbed topics look impressive, they form a chest. However, this topic can not be worn every day, the tab can impede the development of its own breasts and contribute to overheating, especially in summer. You can purchase a topic with removable tabs so that the girl can use the laundry properly, and without harm to health.

Daily use of push-ups for teenagers is strictly prohibited! » сделать полноценную «троечку». Yes, such underwear makes the breast spectacular, it can make a full-fledged “C grade” from “zero .” This effect is achieved by artificially lifting the breast, forcibly changing its shape and squeezing the blood and lymphatic vessels; » эффект, особенно в жаркое время года. as well as the presence of additional tissue and pads that create a ” greenhouse ” effect, especially in the hot season.

The consequences of such an artificial bust formation can be deplorable, especially if there is really nothing to lift or the breast is in the phase of active growth and formation.

According to oncologists, women are obliged to push bras for the general growth of oncological diseases of the breasts. Therefore, a teenager can wear it exclusively on solemn occasions. Inform your daughter that she risks her life by wearing such a bra every day. Better get a bra with cups, it is not so harmful for girls with small breasts, and perfectly supports curvy shapes.

Bras for teens: the secrets of the right choice or how to please a little fashionista

At the stage of formation in girls are not only the mammary glands. It is very important that the bra itself does not squeeze the chest, as well as its straps do not squeeze the trapezius muscles.

Very often, girls complain of headaches, a feeling of tension in the back, a sore neck and discomfort in the shoulders. The reasons for these phenomena is the wrong bra. Too thin straps (especially with curvaceous forms) put pressure on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, disrupt the blood supply to the brain.

They also contribute to the syndrome of hyper tone in the “ trapezoid ” area, which is manifested in a feeling of discomfort and even pain in the shoulders and arms. Girls with magnificent forms complain about the formation of grooves in the vicinity of the straps. Therefore, buy bras with wide and comfortable straps.

Even more important is the correct size (circumference and size of the cup) of linen. Too large size does not support the breast. And underwear of a small circle presses, causes discomfort and the owner. The pressure in the chest area impairs respiratory function, breathing becomes shallow, and the blood is not properly enriched with oxygen. Choose a bra of the right size.

Here are some tips on how to choose a bra for a teenager:

Bras for teens: the secrets of the right choice or how to please a little fashionista
  • The product must fully comply with the anatomical features of the girl. Gum should feel comfortable, the cavity for the chest does not deform the mammary glands;
  • A bra with cups is recommended for girls with a breast size from the second;
  • For small breasts, give preference to special tops;
  • Cut bras with cups for teens should be as comfortable as possible. Undesirable hard bones, stitches inside the product. This model should not cause any discomfort;
  • Models that lift the chest too much or squeeze it until the end of its formation are strictly forbidden!
  • Prefer models without lace, excessive decor and obviously sexual orientation. The girl still has time to profitably demonstrate their charms. A bra for a teenager should be as comfortable as possible;
  • However, an ascetic product should not be. Let the girl choose her model with a pattern, or color, and even with a light finish;
  • Before buying should wear a bra and stay in it for a few minutes. The correct model does not cause discomfort. Even if she pulled her hand, it became hard to breathe, or the girl feels the tension in her shoulders, refuse to buy such a bra;
  • Buy several bras and different models at once. First, the girl is finally determined which model suits her best, and secondly – there will be no problems with washing

Bras for teens: the secrets of the right choice or how to please a little fashionista

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