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Dress on one shoulder: the original non-trivial outfit

Once there is a desire to move away from the classical canons and pick up something unexpected for themselves, a dress on one shoulder can be a find. In such a dress, a woman is like a fragile valuable vessel that one wants to save from adversity and preserve as nature itself has created. This style of dress invariably attracts attention, because the asymmetry in clothing is always striking.

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Dress on one shoulder: the original non-trivial outfit

This outfit is simply created for a cocktail option for every day, and he is also extremely good as an exquisite evening.

Everything will depend on the texture of the fabric, and used decoration and decor.

To date, the diversity of these styles is simply amazing.

A single strap is often decorated with drapery, embroidery or bugles, pleating, bows, flowers, etc. Summer model dresses on one shoulder – perfect for hot weather, when there is an intention to dress in clothes, covering the minimum of the body. If you suddenly become cold, you can always warm up, throwing on a denim jacket.

Dress style “case” is ideal for a cocktail. In it, you can go to a meeting in a cafe, and if you plan to conduct business negotiations, then you can throw a jacket over your shoulders. Evening model of a dress on one shoulder is, as a rule, a long dress in a floor.

It can be made in the Greek style of light, flowing and airy fabric – silk, chiffon or satin. But with the same success and tightly encircle the figure and be decorated with multi-colored stones and drapes, showing all the advantages of its owner.

Dress on one shoulder: the original non-trivial outfit

If you have narrow shoulders and rather wide hips, you can choose this model with confidence, because all the attention will be focused on the upper part of the body, while the lower one – not quite perfect, will remain behind the scenes.

The beveled neckline will also distract from the wide shoulders.

In this case, the neckline should have a V-shaped neckline. Owners of beautiful long legs should not hide them under a long wide skirt. And if your legs are all right, but the waist is a little pumped up, stop at the model, flared from the chest.

If you are going to sew a dress on one shoulder with your own hands and are in doubt when choosing the color of the fabric, stop at the one-color. The fact is that the model of the dress itself is already its main trump card and it is not worth overloading it with unnecessary details, including prints.

And most importantly – pick up under it the appropriate bra with detachable straps. It is unacceptable to wear such an outfit with a sticking strap.

Maximum: replace it with transparent silicone or discard underwear completely. Pantyhose and closed shoes for such an outfit are not worn, because the open shoulder suggests the appearance of the light in warm weather.

Dress on one shoulder: the original non-trivial outfit

At a wedding celebration such a model would be more appropriate than ever. With royal elegance, a bride can appear in a wedding dress on one shoulder with a train. If this option does not suit you, you can pay attention to the lush models,

A-silhouette or stacked. But it is the original decor of the shoulder that will be the highlight of the dress.  . A mermaid wedding dress with oblique armholes would be the best choice for a girl with an hourglass figure. A long dress for the evening on the floor on one shoulder will decorate any bar, gathering at the graduation party, or giving the best friend to marry.

But also short dresses of a simple style in combination with sandals on a high heel, the hairstyle picked up upwards and an easy make-up can be chosen safely by young persons for whom their last call has already died down. Very original dresses on one shoulder, made with long sleeves. This outfit can be put on a presentation, opening or closing of an event and look bright and style.

Often dresses on one shoulder allow you to carry out modeling attire on your own. That is, one single strap can be slung over the other shoulder, wrapped around the neck, or made of two straps.

There are plenty of options for experiments, which means that fans of this style will become more and more. Dare and you!

Dress on one shoulder: the original non-trivial outfit

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