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Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

Modern fashion is very cyclical. Very often things that were worn a few years ago become the trends of the season again. For example, most recently, ladies who follow the world fashion, bought in the shop pants with a low waistline, which barely covered underwear. These pants though represent a fashion trend for several seasons, but are very impractical.

It is worth a beauty in such jeans to sit down or lean unsuccessfully, as others will be able to evaluate her underwear in all its glory. Yes, and it is worth gaining a couple extra pounds, then low trousers will emphasize the surplus with unaesthetic folds.

Because of all these unpleasant nuances, ladies happily accepted the fact that women’s high-waisted trousers are back in fashion. It is about how to wear pants with a high waistline, will be discussed further.

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Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

If you want to be a stylish and beautiful woman, but it is not easy to buy fashion trends, but also look good in your clothes, you should be able to choose. Although many believe that high-waisted black trousers should be in every self-respecting fashionista, this is not entirely true.

Stylists do not recommend women with the type of “apple” and “pear” to wear a similar style of trousers. Beauties will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in such a dress. And in general it is worth remembering that putting on pants with a high waist, you reduce the whole emphasis to the lower part of the body, so it must be flawless.

But the fair sex, who have too rounded hips, can afford such a model as pants with a high waist and wide leg. The style visually stretches the silhouette, giving it slimness and lightness.

Beauties who have not too pronounced waist, you can experiment with models, the legs of which are extended to the bottom.

If you are unable to find such a style in the store, you will be helped by a pattern from a fashion magazine and skilled hands of a seamstress.

In addition to the fact that trousers have acquired an inflated waistline, they differ in styles.

The most popular models are:

Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants
  • Classic trousers with a high waist. This is an indispensable option for office style. Classic pants can be supplemented with a white shirt or a jacket with a short cut. Also, stylists recommend to complement the image with a belt, it will help to emphasize the waist and put the necessary accents;
  • Narrow and narrowed high waisted trousers. The style of these pants is very pulls the silhouette, making it visually slimmer. In the shops you can find many options for these pants: there are both for everyday wear and office options. Therefore, choose tight pants to your taste;
  • Wide pants. Stylists attribute this model to the retro version. True, today’s models are distinguished by intricate colors and unusual patterns. Previously, such pants were in a single, very chaste performance.

брюки и пока не можете определиться с моделью – берите классические черные. If you are buying “high” trousers for the first time and cannot yet determine the model, take the classic black ones. This is a proven option that will be combined with shirts of various shades and harmoniously fit into both office and casual wardrobe.

The first rule that all women of fashion need to remember – trousers with a high waist, no matter if they are straight, narrowed or classic, are most harmoniously combined with simple, without too much “tinsel” , riding.

Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

. It is not necessary to complement the image with ornaments, especially in large quantities, and also to wear shoes without a heel – “a la sneakers” .

Therefore, choose to over-shirt pants and jeans blouse-cut, sweaters in a light romantic style, plain shirts.

If your pants are narrow, then prefer tunics, elongated blouses and blouses free cut. Straight lines in these sets will look very appropriate and stylish.

If you love jeans, then choosing overestimated models, combine them with lush tops and short jackets. Pants with a belt-corset, can be complemented by blouses from knitwear, turtlenecks and loose blouses.

Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

Do not forget about the right shoes.

Choosing this style of pants, complement them with a high heel or an elegant platform.

A sophisticated stud is suitable for an evening event, and a thick, steady heel is for working office days.

If you are planning a walk around the city, then the ideal shoes for you are the platform.

Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

штанов. Very interesting and non-trivial female images can be created by having at least one pair of “high” pants in the wardrobe. For example, girls who prefer a retro-style, can complement the over-high pants, expanding downwards, with a classic-cut shirt and a strap made of patent leather. This image will look very organic for visiting the office.

For a party, use jeans with a light monochromatic blouse that has a bright color.

For Sunday walks around the city, you can wear pants, complementing them with a loose shirt, casually tied on the stomach. For shoes, choose ankle boots on a high, but stable platform.

штанами могут быть разнообразными. As you can see, the options for clothes with “high” pants can be varied. The main thing is to choose your style trousers and harmoniously complement them with a blouse or topic. If you can’t find “your” high-waisted trousers, then look for a pattern and create the thing yourself.

Better yet, contact the studio, there will definitely be able to sew trousers of your dreams.

Style Secrets: Learn to Wear High Waist Pants

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