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Type of figure "inverted triangle": what and what to wear?

The type of figure is an inverted triangle characteristic of athletic girls. If your shoulders are much wider than your hips, you have a poorly defined waist, and your hips are narrow, then your physique is of the type mentioned above. . It is also called the type ” V ” or ” carrot “.

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Type of figure "inverted triangle": what and what to wear?

Girls with such a physique are required to balance the upper and lower parts, to make the figure more proportional. How to visually reduce the shoulders, and make the hips better?

First, to abandon clothing that is decorated in the shoulders with any elements, for example, drapery, pockets, all kinds of ruffles, etc. In this part, everything should be as discreet and concise as possible.

Secondly, it is worth drawing attention to narrow hips and slender legs. Any details or pattern in the hips area are welcome. You can even allow yourself to wear skirts and plaid trousers, as well as horizontal stripes, which are forbidden to women of a different physique.

». Skirts for the figure of the inverted triangle type fit the most different, ranging from the classic pencil skirt, and ending with the model “sun “. Pleated, with ruffles, ruffles, large prints and flowers – they can all take their main place in your wardrobe.

If you want to focus on the waist, visually reducing it, choose models with basques, which are extremely relevant this season. Prefer straight models in the cage, if you have not a pronounced waist and a large bust.

Type of figure "inverted triangle": what and what to wear?

The figure of an inverted triangle is also called a “ trouser ”, because women with such a physique are extremely trousers, various, for example, pipes, jeans, leggings, Bermudas, and especially flared pants.

Leave the boring classic pants in black or dark blue for women with a different type of figure: you are also allowed to wear trousers of various colors and mostly light – white, beige, light blue, mint color, etc. Pay attention to models with a maximum of detailing – patch pockets, embroidery, drawing, texture, etc.

What to wear with such a figure as an inverted triangle? If last season you replenished your wardrobe with low-slung models, you can choose clothes with a high one. And those and others will look great on you – in this respect, there are no restrictions for you. On the straight figure, the cargo pants and the models with the decoration around the hips fit perfectly.

Making up a wardrobe for your figure as an inverted triangle, it is necessary to choose blouses of the most idle cut, without unnecessary details. Models with an overlap will distract attention from a wide chest and a magnificent bust. Models with a smell and wide asymmetric neckline are very good. Feel free to go to the fitting room with a blouse, the neck of which has the shape of a letter V. The length of the shirt should be mid-thigh.

Tops can be chosen altogether strapless or one slung over the shoulder. Look at the appearance of women known all over the world: many stars with the type of an inverted triangle are worn by men’s shirts, underlined by a belt lowered over the hips. In the area of the thighs is not forbidden and sort of climbering, which is typical, for example, for trousers chinos.

Jackets and jackets style should repeat your body type. Choose models with angled lines: you should lengthen your upper body, so they should go to mid-thigh. Curvy sleeves and massive lapels are not for you. Any elements that make an angle in the shape of a letter V are welcome.

Type of figure "inverted triangle": what and what to wear?

Dress for the type of figure inverted triangle should meet the above recommendations. You will look good in a model with a high waist, the bottom of which flared and comes to the knee.

But a simple cut, characteristic for a dress-case will suit you. You can wear it without a belt, or you can use the hip line to highlight it.

The last tip applies to outerwear, in particular the coat. Choose concise ponchos, single-breasted and double-breasted cocoon that does not include a belt. Or he may be present, but in the hips. These recommendations relate to the clothes of the girl, but what can be said about accessories: they must pursue the goal of lengthening the upper part of the body.

Wear the appropriate jewelry, for example, beads on a long thread, tie a scarf around your neck. Bracelets and rings can be any, but remember that the sets are not in fashion now. Guided by these tips, you can look stylish, fashionable and elegant in any place and in any circumstances.

Type of figure "inverted triangle": what and what to wear?

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