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How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

There is a stereotype that a down jacket is a budget version of winter outerwear for those who cannot afford an expensive fur coat or sheepskin coat. In fact, this type of clothing has long ceased to be third-rate, and today almost every woman of fashion has this stylish item in her wardrobe.

To have a decent look, you need to know how to choose a warm, high-quality down jacket. For this you need to take into account a number of criteria, which are discussed below.

This thing is not so cheap to get the first one. What you need to know first of all, going shopping?

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How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

She will tell not only about the manufacturer, but also about the composition of the product. Remember that the down jacket is only outerwear, filled with down and nothing more. This category does not include items on the re, cotton, silicone, etc.  If you are interested in how to choose a quality down jacket, look for the word “ down ” on the label – it is a sign that you are not fake.

, « wool»Cotton” ,wool” – and ” polyester”designations that indicate that the filler is made of cotton wool, padding polyester and other materials not related to down. Find information about the percentage of down in the product – it must be at least 75%.

This experiment will also help you choose the right thing. The more malleable it is twisted into a tube, and the thinner the latter turns out, the higher its quality. At the same time letting her go, you should see that she quickly takes on her former form. The indicator that you check in this way is called elasticity.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

It must be present in the product. The size of each section should be about 20×20 cm.

If you didn’t see the firmware right away, feel the clothes – perhaps the manufacturers hid it under an extra layer of fabric to make it look more original.

By the way, such a thing is warmer, which means that it may be quite suitable for you if you are looking for a jacket for the winter. It is necessary so that the fluff does not roll, does not shrink into one lump with time.

Feel the good you are going to buy. Down jacket should be soft to the touch. When you see a feather that has come out of the fabric, immediately refuse to buy – dishonest manufacturers or sellers want to sell you a poor-quality product that will be crawling in a short time. Specify that the raw material used for filling – down should be swan, goose or duck. The life of the jacket depends on it.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

Its quality speaks about the quality of the product itself. First, it must be made of good materials. Secondly, its convenience and functionality is important. The company logo on the internal elements of a thing is a sign of its good quality. The aesthetics of the seams, fasteners – another indicator that could not be better evidence that the product quality.

If you want to choose a very warm down jacket, but do not know how to do it, pay attention to the products with a double layer.

This is not all that you need to consider when choosing a jacket.

Pay attention to what material it is made of. If it is made from natural fabrics, it will be more pleasant for your body to wear such a product, but it is less wear-resistant than synthetics. A significant drawback of synthetic fabric is that it has a high capacity for electrification.

Natural material passes air, allowing your body to “breathe”, which is not true of synthetics. But your down jacket will be warm as a stove, if the lining is made of the latter. The material from which the lining is made, does not indicate the level of quality.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

Expensive – not necessarily high quality, and cheap – does not mean consumer goods, but remember that a good thing requires the use of good raw materials, but it costs money. So which is better to choose a down jacket – cheaper or more expensive? It is worth thinking about the purposes for which you purchase it.

Often, girls do not have enough outerwear for a particular item of wardrobe. They get a stylish thing to wear it only a few times a season. Such a purchase should not be very expensive, as long as it meets your preferences in appearance and does not look like a low-quality Chinese fake.

But if you are interested in how to choose a down jacket for the winter, which will serve in good faith for more than one season, it is better not to spare money and buy a good brand item.

In this question again it is necessary to consider for what purpose the product is purchased – for universal wearing or under one of the many jeans from the wardrobe. If the second option, focus on the harmonious combination of colors of this thing and the jacket.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

But if you need to choose a down jacket for all occasions and you find it difficult to answer what color it should be, you can choose it to match your appearance. For example, dark-haired girls are outerwear dark tones. It is not necessary that it be black – you can pick up a thing of chocolate, blue, rich green.

Blondes more to face bright shades – pink, beige, champagne, steel, gold. Blue-eyed girls fit down jacket turquoise or blue. Owners of red hair to face will be copper, gold, terracotta shades.

If you have black hair and dark eyes, your appearance is bright, you can afford to wear a red, burgundy down jacket.

When choosing outerwear, confusion often arises – on what size to be oriented – on your usual one, or you need to “throw in” another size in order for the thing to sit nicely if you pull a warm sweater underneath. Outerwear is usually sewn given that you need to wear other things under it.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

At the same time its size will correspond to the usual one. This means that if you buy a 42 size blouse, then you need a 42 size down-padded coat. At present, the sizes of various tables — Russian, European, etc. — are indicated on practically all clothes. These numbers do not match. Note that the difference between the Russian and European tables is 3 sizes, i.e. your 40 rr in the European table equals 34 rr.

There is also a letter designation for volumes. So, S = 40, M = 42, L = 46, XL = 48, 2XL = 50 size.

It is much easier to choose the right size of the down jacket, if you went personally for the purchase, but what if you decided to order the item via the Internet?

Carefully read the product card and other pages of the online store – perhaps somewhere there the seller has laid out a table of sizes and corresponding volumes, suitable for his products. If you did not find it, it means that the dimensions are standard, you can be guided by tables known to you.

In cold winters, when there is a desire to warm up, a down jacket will help you to do it, and look stylish at the same time.

How to choose a down jacket for price, quality, size or color?

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