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Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic

Dresses with open shoulders invariably appear in the spring-summer collections of all world designers. They are loved for the brevity of style and the image of femininity that they create. Today, such clothes are worn by both celebrities and ordinary citizens, embodying various stylistic trends, skillfully varying additional elements in clothes, accessories, etc.

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Today, this design reception can be found not only in the evening wardrobe, but also informal. But most of all, a dress with slightly shouldered shoulders is suitable for everyday wear. Simple women choose them when they want to demonstrate to others the beautiful line of the neckline, shoulders and neck.

All existing models can be divided into three types:

Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic
  • with deflated shoulder straps;
  • strapless;
  • with shoulder straps that are attached to the neck.

At the same time, the cutout of various styles of dresses with a lowered shoulders can be oval, deep and V-shaped.

This allows women to choose for themselves the model that will emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. For example, ladies with wide massive shoulders can not open this part of the body.

It is recommended to pull the silhouette to the bottom, which means that they can get a model with shoulder straps attached to the neck and a V-neck. The oval neckline is able to visually increase the width of the shoulders, and this should be taken into account by women with such features of the figure.

Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic

The most common and popular model. Ideal for a hot summer day, made of light flowing material. But also models and cotton fabric are also widespread. They are very often sewn with sleeves-lanterns and decorated with embroidery.

Such clothes are the best fit for a beach holiday. Any dress with a slightly deflated shoulders on an elastic band can be transformed into a normal one, if you raise the assembly on the shoulders. Throwing a jacket, you can go in such a dress for an evening film show or to meet with friends.

Models with an emphasized waist and a fluffy skirt, which the legendary Brigitte Bordeaux liked to wear – the fashion trend of the season, which celebrities like Coco Roche, Miroslava Duma, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, etc., have adopted.

White maxi-dress with a lowered shoulders brings a special romance to the image, as, indeed, models with floral prints.

To make it more complete and to introduce a touch of grace will allow a thin streaming scarf or belt at the waist.

In creating a feminine image, you can use knitted dresses with slightly deflated shoulders.  This can be just a godsend for those who are on with knitting and crocheting. It is possible to associate a model with oneself strictly according to the figure and exactly the style that you want. Handmade today is more popular than ever, and you can be sure that such an outfit will not leave anyone indifferent.

Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic

No matter what wedding salon you come to, at least one model with bare shoulders will be found in it.

Women love them incredibly and this is understandable, because such an outfit always looks delicate and at the same time luxurious, allowing the public to admire an open, beautiful face, haircut and necklace around their neck.

A wedding dress with a lowered shoulders mass of virtues and the very first concerns the sensuality, which it adds along with. Such an image of the bride is modest and provocative at the same time.

– новоявленный муж будет без ума от своей любимой и не сможет оторвать от нее взгляда весь праздничный вечер. One thing is clear – the newly appeared husband will be crazy about his beloved and will not be able to tear her eyes off her the whole festive evening.

Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic

As already mentioned, with the help of a dress with a lowered shoulders, any style can be realized. Generously complementing a bright outfit with prints with ornaments, a fringed bag with a long strap and flat sandals, boho style can be realized.

A summer hat that lets in air will not be superfluous.

To create a beach image, a thin headscarf, black glasses and a matching bag will be enough. In the cold season, a pullover can be put on such an outfit from a drape, but it needs to be pulled down below the generally accepted level so that the clavicles are visible.

The main thing – do not overdo it with accessories, because the open neck is asking to decorate it with something. It is better not to succumb to this impulse and make a bet on long earrings or a bright large bracelet. Coupled with an unusual form of clutch, this will be quite enough.

If you want to give the public the opportunity to fully enjoy the chosen image, stand before her with the collected hair. If you are too lazy to do some kind of hairstyle, the horse’s tail will help out, which you can simply throw over your shoulder. The image in the style of a romantic will require several casually straightened shoulders.

Play with the images, try something new, and your dress will be of help to you, because this style is unlikely to ever go out of style: it is too loved by women around the world.

Off-Shoulder Dress: Delicate and Romantic Chic

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