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Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times

Black pants – this universal thing for all times – surely there is in the wardrobe of every woman. They are suitable for almost any set of clothes, from classic to modern. The winning color works on any body size, making the figure more slender, moreover, it is non-marking, which means that even under force majeure circumstances, trousers can look stylish and neat.

Trouser styles

Today, when creating a certain image, designers use the following models of trousers:

Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times
  • flared from the knee down;
  • classic with arrows;
  • narrowed to the bottom or trousers-tube;
  • hip free;
  • trousers;
  • breeches;
  • jeans.

Black pants will look equally good in any of these styles!

The content of the article

Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times

What can I wear with black pants with arrows?

A plain light blouse or shirt would be the perfect complement to such a bottom. A trench coat, a coat, a turtleneck, a fitted blouse with a short sleeve, a cardigan, a top with various trimmings and fittings can also be a part of the classic look. Wearing a black jacket on top and shoes with black or beige boat shoes, you can get the perfect classic suit.

What can I wear with black dress pants? In the cold season, these pants can be combined with warm sweaters and vests, but it must be remembered that this style does not tolerate long and wide outerwear. Therefore, the waist line should be clearly drawn: to move it down to the knees is simply unacceptable.

Hip-free trousers are also considered classics of the genre and are incredible for ladies with narrow hips but full legs.

What can you wear wide black pants?

Under them you can pick up a beautiful chiffon blouse of soft shade, sandals with heels and a handbag to match. And complete the image of stylish sunglasses and a wide bracelet. Pants flared from the knee, while undergoing a decline in popularity, but many illuminators of fashionable design shows predict their imminent access to the world’s catwalks.

Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times

To create an image of a modern woman, keeping up with the times, trousers-tubes will help.

They fit the legs tightly over the entire length, so they place special demands on the figure of their owner: she must be perfect. Such pants from denim are so versatile that they can easily become the basis of any style, both street and business.

What can I wear tight black pants? Under them you can choose a fitted jacket, gray coat or men’s shirt, long shirt, or a free sweater, a narrow blazer and even a tunic. Accessories are selected according to the image. Lightness and romance will add a delicate necklace, brooch or beads.

Office dress should not lose consistency, which means it is permissible to use only a neckerchief, or jewelry made of precious metals or pearls. The color of the bag today is not selected in the color of the shoe, then it can be in harmony with one of the details of the top.

Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times

Increasingly popular are harem pants – pants, gathered at the bottom of the cuff.

Their type is afghanis, combining the best eastern and European features. What can I wear black cropped trousers with?

This model works to create a feminine and creative image, for example, a democratic casual. In this case, it is necessary to pick up a T-shirt with a bright lettering, a scarf, a stylish jacket, a hat, an aggressive shoe design and a laconic bag. Long earrings and a large bracelet will complete the picture.

Beggy – wide baggy pants with a slightly lower groin level will bring to life a military style with heavy army boots, a leather short jacket, a hat or a cap and a bag with a long strap. The breeches, borrowed from military uniforms, will look great on a slim girl, like narrow female black pants.

All that is needed is to pick up a beautiful lilac-colored shirt, ankle boots and a free cardigan for them.

The bag will complement the bag with a rich purple hue and become a bright color accent.

As you can see, there are a great many varieties of black trousers from which you can choose something to your liking and a suitable type of figure. And all the other elements of the kit can be varied and combined in a variety of interpretations, creating each time a new unique image.


Black trousers of various cut: clothes for all and for all times

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