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Women’s shirts in a cage: a fashion trend with a man’s shoulder

Women’s shirts in a cage came to us from the men’s wardrobe, and so they remained, and fell in love just like pants. And this is not surprising. This versatile thing, depending on the pair being made up for it, can add to the girl both rigor and solidity, as well as flighty and playfulness. But her main horse is sexual magnetism, which she exerts on the opposite sex.

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Women's shirts in a cage: a fashion trend with a man's shoulder

Considering and trying on a thing in the store, pay attention to its composition: it is better if it is made of natural material. Synthetics cheapens the presentation of the product, in addition, reduces its . And yet: it is unacceptable to combine in one attire two or more things in a cage. All other elements of the set, except for the shirt, should be plain, without any patterns and prints. By following this rule, you can create a solid and balanced image.

Women's shirts in a cage: a fashion trend with a man's shoulder

With the simplest and simplest option – like a classic blouse. You can go to work in the office, wearing a dark pencil skirt or straight black trousers. If to fill this element of clothes in jeans, it will turn out a daily dress.

For teenage girls it is recommended to combine checked shirts with T-shirts and long sleeves. To create a casual casual-style kit can be supplemented with jeans or shorts, mini-skirt. At the same time, such a light jacket, the role of which the shirt plays, is not customary to button up.

A long shirt in a cage will easily cope with the function of the dress: it can become an independent element in the wardrobe, and it can take a knitted or light flowing sundress in a couple. It will only be necessary to gird such a shirt shirt in a cage with a leather belt, not buttoning or buttoning up with a pair of middle buttons, shod sandals on a wedge and pick up a large bag to match the color of the belt.

Such an eclectic set will look stylish and interesting, and is suitable for both walking and dating.

If you are a fan of casual style, suggesting comfort and lack of restraint of movement, then you will like the combination of a long shirt-tunic or shirt-hoodie and narrow leggings. Only in this case, the upper part of the kit must cover the buttocks. Feminine appearance will add a few undone upper buttons, a pendant on a long rope or an elegant neck scarf.

You can put on sneakers or moccasins on your feet. Self-confident women can go even further and allow themselves to take the shirt off the boyfriend’s shoulder and wear it as casually as possible. A roll-up sleeves of different lengths, one side of the hem tucked into the belt, incorrectly buttoned buttons, etc. are welcome. An image of ripped jeans and an abundance of metal bracelets will complement the look.

Women's shirts in a cage: a fashion trend with a man's shoulder

Neutral checkered shirts for girls, that is, black and white, gray and white and the like, can be combined with bright items of clothing and complemented with accented accessories. But the main thing here is not to overdo it.

If you have flashy-colored pants, then the jacket, if there is one, should be dark. The color of the bag is also concise. A red plaid shirt is good paired with black things, like leather pants or a skirt. A bright red clutch will perfectly harmonize with this piece of clothing.

Women’s shirts in a cage – undoubtedly must have fashion 2015

If you want to stand out from the crowd without sacrificing your comfort and convenience, be sure to complement your wardrobe with this element and start experimenting with combinations.

Women's shirts in a cage: a fashion trend with a man's shoulder

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