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Patent Leather: Care Tips

To make the image complete and harmonious, it must be supplemented with the correct footwear, handbag or belt. What material will be made wardrobe items – the personal choice of each. However, it should be borne in mind that fashion is cyclical and periodically to the forefront things and matters that were in demand several years ago. These “undying” options include lacquered leather.

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Smooth skin, covered with a mirror film on top, is called lacquer. For its manufacture used various types of leather.

Patent Leather: Care Tips

сперва на заготовку наносится подготовительный слой, он предназначен для сохранения кожи мягкости. The manufacturing process is as follows: first, a preparatory layer is applied to the blank, it is designed to keep the skin soft. Further, there is a color coating treatment, shades can be a great many.

Lacquering should be done very carefully, the layers should be thin and uniform, otherwise the quality of the skin will be low, which will certainly have a negative impact on the appearance and durability of the product.

It doesn’t matter what will be made of a varnish blank: shoes, belts, bags or something else, the main thing is that the coating can withstand a changeable climate, be resistant to weather conditions, as well as bending and stretching. It should be said that the more complex the shape that is attached to the skin, the more difficult it is to avoid its damage and imperfections.

But in any case, the ideal option would be a uniform glossy layer without scuffs and irregularities.

Unfortunately, artificial and natural patent leather are not much different. Manufacturing techniques are almost identical. The only difference is that artificial patent leather will not have a carefully treated natural layer. Therefore, pay attention to the finish, it will help determine the authenticity of the material.

For products made from this material to serve you for a long time, it is very important to properly care for them. Here are some tips on how to organize proper care:

Patent Leather: Care Tips
  • Do not use hard brushes for the care of patent leather, it will spoil the product. You can wipe things only with a soft cloth;
  • Use special creams for patent leather that will match the color of the product. First apply the product to your item, then polish it with a napkin. It is important to use caring cosmetics, created specifically for this type of skin, since such products are water based and feed the lacquer film, preventing it from drying out and cracking. Buying sprays for the care of shiny products, pay attention to the composition, it is good if it contains castor oil, petroleum jelly or glycerin. This will add shine to your things;
  • If you do not have a special home care cream, then suitable tools will do. For example, to return the shine to the bag with a shiny surface will help the egg white, just lubricate the product and that’s it. A similar effect can be obtained if the item is wiped with a cotton pad, pre-moistened with milk, and when it dries, treat the product with a half onion and a napkin. Castor oil will also help bring back shine. To do this, apply it on the product for a quarter of an hour, and then rub a smooth surface.
Patent Leather: Care Tips

If you bought a new lacquer product that has an unpleasant smell, then ground coffee will help get rid of it.

Just pour it on your purchase and leave it for one day. True, this method is not suitable if the thing is a light shade.

To get rid of the unpleasant aroma of a bag of patent leather, and in other, and any other thing, in another way.

Rinse the product in the water in which the rice was rinsed, and then treat with vinegar. And so that the bag with a glossy finish retains its attractive appearance as long as possible, operate it at a temperature of minus 15 and no higher than 25 degrees.

Not observing these rules, you will soon notice that the cover on the bag has stretched, cracks and irregularities have appeared.

The rules written above are also suitable for lacquer clothing.

But here you need to say a few words about what. Store lacquer clothing should be carefully, using covers made of flax or cotton. Polyethylene bags are completely unsuitable for such purposes. If you have a shiny coated belts, remember that you cannot fold them

The optimal storage option: hanging by the buckle, in the extreme case – folding the ball, without effort.

If you have purchased shoes made of patent leather, then you should not wear them in the hot season. , да и щеголять в такой обуви при температуре выше 25 градусов не рекомендуется. She absolutely does not allow her legs to “breathe” , and it is not recommended to flaunt such shoes at temperatures above 25 degrees. This is due to the fact that extreme heat adversely affects the shiny coating. Frost, for example, can also affect the strength of the skin, so varnish is not intended for strong cold. When storing shoes, tamp down with paper and insert spacers.

As you already understood, lacquerware looks very beautiful and relevant for several seasons.

But only with proper care such things will last you a long time, so watch your clothes!

Patent Leather: Care Tips

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