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Choosing jeans wisely: basic rules

Currently, in the closet of every fashionable woman who respects herself there will definitely be a couple of stylish and beautiful denim trousers. Over the past century, jeans have evolved from simple work clothes to fashionable, beloved wardrobe items.

Choosing jeans wisely: basic rules

Jeans have long become an integral part of modern life, they can be found, as in the wardrobe of very young children, and in the wardrobe of retirees.

Over the years, quality, unsurpassed style and high comfort make this piece of clothing popular and relevant.

We can safely say that the fashion for this part of the wardrobe will never pass. However, not any pants will sit well and look spectacular. How to choose the right jeans so that it is comfortable and beautiful?

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There are a number of rules that should guide the purchase of pants, namely:

  • Going for new jeans, think about which particular model you want to buy, because for each figure a certain style is suitable. In addition, decide on what exactly you will wear them (jacket, top or blouse);
  • It is extremely important to choose exactly your jeans size, and this applies not only to how they sat on the hips, length also matters. Of course, the length can be shortened, however, this manipulation can not be done without all the models;
  • Look at the fabric, because jeans can be different (stretch, denim, corduroy, lightweight, etc.). Stretch the fabric before buying and see how it behaves. If the stretching occurred without much effort, most likely the jeans will stretch in the area of the buttocks and knees within a few days after the start of operation;
  • How to choose high-quality jeans? Check the quality of the seams, they should be smooth and neat, as well as labels and inside pockets can tell a lot about the quality of jeans. For example, no self-respecting manufacturer will make pockets of synthetic fabric, so if you see such a product, you should refuse to buy it;
  • It will not be superfluous to check the symmetry of the product, the absence of twisted legs and pulling seams.

The purchase of jeans is a matter of responsibility, because they will have to be worn for at least several months. How to choose a good jeans? It is extremely important to know which style best fits your body shape.

». Very often, having seen nice jeans on our friend, girlfriend or just a passer-by, we firmly decide to purchase exactly the same ones, but when the purchase has already been made, there comes the frustration, because they look “ somehow wrong ”.

The fact is that the same model of trousers sits and looks differently on different types of figure. Well-chosen pants can mask some of the flaws of the figure, and even emphasize the merits.

How to choose jeans exactly on the figure?You can choose the ideal model with the help of an experienced stylist, or you can simply study the main recommendations of specialists and use the “ trial and error ” method to choose your jeans yourself.

So, it is better for the owners of rounded hips to choose “ bananas ”, this model with a free top part and a tight bottom can visually balance the figure. Also for the lush buttocks fit models with low waist.

Choosing jeans wisely: basic rules

Women of high stature rarely have problems with the choice of jeans. ». They are equally well fit elongated jeans, loose-fitting pants and ” bananas “. With very careful fitting it is necessary to acquire narrow and short models.

» девушки невысокого роста, т.к. Most concerned about the question ” how to choose jeans, ” a girl of short stature, because unsuccessful trousers can make them visually even lower and generally harm the figure. These girls need to choose models that visually lengthen their legs, for example, high-waisted straight trousers.

» не подойдут. Baggy models, as well as too narrow pants options, ” inch ” will not work. Navy blue jeans and high heels are the best choice.

Those with a flat butt and narrow hips are suitable for models with low waist, with draperies on the back pockets and embroideries. Most of all, lucky owners of slim figure and long legs, they are suitable for almost all jeans.

In addition to choosing models for a certain type of figure, you need to know how to choose a jacket under jeans, as well as other items of clothing, so that the image is harmonious.

Do you know your jeans size? How to choose a product in size? When picking up pants, you should always remember that products from real denim may increase slightly in size after a while. Therefore, you need to buy good jeans so that they sit on you ” butt “, but did not cause much discomfort.

Choosing jeans wisely: basic rules

Fitting is an obligatory part of the correct purchase of jeans, even if you know exactly the model, style and purchase products from the same manufacturer. Trying on the product on yourself, be sure to bend, crouch, lift your leg forward and to the side. At the same time, the seams and buttons should not crush.

How to choose the size of jeans correctly? In order to accurately determine your jeans size, you need to take the number 16 from the size of the clothes you wear. For example, if you wear size 46, then you need pants in size 30.

The length of the products is usually indicated in inches, so the product with a mark of 28 inches is suitable for short people from 155 to 160 cm tall, and pants 36 inches long are about 190 cm tall.

In addition to independent calculations and rebounds, you can contact the seller for help and ask him for a table of matching size and length, which is in every self-respecting store.

Choosing jeans wisely: basic rules

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