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Stylish and elegant – fur vest

2008 was the starting point in the popularity of a fur vest. It was this year that all the most fashionable houses dressed their models in exquisite products of arctic fox, silver fox, foxes and unnatural vests, exposing feminine and very rich images. As a result, not a single girl who, in the slightest degree, follows fashion trends, indulges in the pleasure of buying a full women’s fur vest or its simplified knitted interpretation with inserts of valuable material.

Despite the fierce protests of animal advocates and even vegetarians, such a wardrobe item is more often flashed on Instagram pages by famous bloggers, actors, stylists and ordinary people copying their elegant images. Want to join them or create a personalized bow?

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Stylish and elegant - fur vest

If it were not for the hippies, women’s fur vest would never have received their well-deserved recognition. It was these lovers of freedom and peace who opposed war and standards of behavior for the first time began to combine similar clothing with chiffon blouses, floor skirts, T-shirts, jeans worn to holes and flowing light dresses. A hat with a wide brim served as a mandatory addition to the image.

Today it is customary to wear a women’s fur vest in deep autumn or winter, thereby demonstrating to others one’s awareness of fashion trends, practicality, elegance and romance. But to make you not only warm and comfortable, but also get a full-fledged stylish look, you need to know what to wear with a fox, raccoon, silver fox or mink thing. As you understand, the final decision will not depend on the available items of clothing, but on what material the subject of this article is made of.

Modern women of fashion are incredibly lucky, because women’s vest with fur trim are sewn not only in classical, but also in sports interpretation, not to mention business and evening models. In the manufacturing process can be used as synthetic materials and their combinations, and skins of fox, mink, silver fox and fox.

The most interesting thing is that anyone can wear such things, because a women’s vest that is properly cut, fits both plump and slim. The last squeak is an oversized product, that is, a couple of sizes more than necessary.

Women’s vest with fur trim can have a lot of styles, up to individual tailoring, but the most popular are the following options:

Stylish and elegant - fur vest
  • Very short models, not even covering the waistline;
  • Classic sleeveless with a belt, zipper, buttons or buttons;
  • Products with sleeves that do not descend to the shoulders;
  • Versions with detachable sleeves, which can be leather or knitted. As a rule, the zipper is placed along the shoulder line, although there are versions that allow you to make a 3/4 sleeve;
  • Solemn sleeveless to mid-thigh and even to the knees;
  • Wide women’s kimono vests, which are customary to wear, wringing the floor on the side or on the stomach, girdled with a leather or suede strap;
  • Sleeveless tops. These are trendy wardrobe items that can be worn exclusively at bohemian or private parties;
  • Women’s jackets with detachable leather, knitted, woven or leather sleeves;
  • Sheepskin coats. These are very stylish gizmos that completely imitate the sheepskin cut, but are made from mink, fox or arctic fox. Such models are very fond of avtoledi, avoiding driving in long fur coats and bulky down jackets;
  • Women’s fur vests-dresses. Despite the obvious bulkiness and length, they also received their share of popularity. Fashionistas prefigured to combine them with narrow jeans and pants, dresses and ankle boots.
Stylish and elegant - fur vest

Wearing a women’s vest with fur trim is an art that is not as difficult to master as it may seem. The main thing is to correctly use the aesthetic and practical qualities of each type of fur.

So, if you liked the product of fox, take into account the peculiarities of his body. As a rule, cut the sleeveless jackets of fox skins visually fills the figure. You can combine them with skinny leather or knit leggings, skinny jeans, but not with skirts or dresses. Under the bottom, a white, milky or burgundy jumper is being hooked.

» присутствие ботильонов на танкетке или громоздкой платформе, ботинок на низком ходу и даже кроссовок. As for shoes, the fox ware “ prefers ” the presence of ankle boots on a wedge or a bulky platform, low-speed boots and even sneakers. Depending on the figure, the combination of a fox tank top with dressing dresses, classic trousers and business skirts can be extremely interesting and elegant.

Female item of clothing with fur trim from silver fox will be required for lovers of knitted dresses of any color, preferably bright red, green and blue. If you want to create a gentle and light image, it is enough to add clothes from the silver fox with a dress of pastel colors. As for shoes, outerwear from the skins of silver fox endures both studs and half-sport.

As for the mink, then it has more than universal application. The most stylish solution will be a duet of a bright leather jacket and a sleeveless jacket made of mink, a thin summer coat of an elongated and fitting cut, a long warm sweater on the figure and a cardigan in soft, neutral colors. The romantic image is created through the use of skirts and dresses to the floor, the impudent implies the presence of leather pants and long gloves, and business needs the presence of classic skirts and trousers.

For every day, a bow of a sleeveless jacket made of mink, high boots and skinny jeans is useful. Wanting to demonstrate all the charms of a figure, without a shadow of a doubt, wear a pencil skirt, and trying to hide any – a flared tartan skirt.

And yet: never combine sleeveless jackets made of mink with a furry handbag, shoes with fur inserts and other wardrobe elements suggesting a similar finish. It overloads the image and makes it tasteless.

Arctic fox waistcoat – must have this and several subsequent seasons for sure. This is an incredibly feminine and romantic thing that can be combined every day with various wardrobe items:

Stylish and elegant - fur vest
  • knitwear;
  • knitted dresses;
  • sweater dresses;
  • different models of jeans;
  • leather and other skirts.

If you want to create an obvious glamor, wear a fox sleeveless jacket with a bandage dress, skinny jeans and a metallic blouse, a short straight skirt and a shiny top. High-heeled shoes and high-quality jewelery are a must!

Romantic bow involves a combination of fox sleeveless with chiffon and silk blouses, bell skirts and puffy skirts of various lengths (except mini). Shoes – everything your heart desires, but only on the heel.

An elegant image is a tandem of arctic fox, trousers with carefully ironed arrows, year skirts, “ tulips ” and “ pencils ”, semi-fitted and fitted dresses with a minimal neckline or golf type. As elsewhere, the heel should be uniquely, whereas the shoe itself should choose only leather.

The color of the fox, chosen for tailoring, also has its meaning. . At the peak of popularity is a white women’s vest, which instantly enlivens any bow, making it elegant and festive, even if the lady is total black . Positions are not dealt with graphite material, chocolate or brown-red, chocolate and chestnut.

Adherents of all the extravagant will fall Italian products from arctic fox, painted in intense red or blue color, canary yellow or bottle-green shade. Well, and if total romance is characteristic of you, choose clothes from arctic fox powder, pastel blue or biscuit color.

The described female version of outerwear suits everyone, despite the property of fur to visually fill. Pick up the best style, you can stay in trend without prejudice to your appearance.


Stylish and elegant - fur vest
  •  Ladies with an “ apple ” figure will be suitable for products with leather inserts on the sides, without smell, with a leather belt and sewn using “ sparse ” technology, when individual pieces of leather are sewn at a certain distance from each other;
  • The extended models with a hood or with short sleeves are focused on owners of wide hips;
  • Trapezoidal products expanding downwards – the choice of girls with a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders.

Going to purchase a rather expensive version of the top of women’s clothing made of arctic fox, bring knitted dresses and cardigans, a turtleneck, a leather jacket and your favorite jeans to the fitting room. After all, it may be that the desired thing can not get along with the existing wardrobe, and you have to completely change it, or hang up a new thing in the closet until better times.

And yet: do not forget about the possibility to sew an ideal model of a sleeveless shirt with your own hands, as an experienced master of sewing women’s outerwear will undertake.


Stylish and elegant - fur vest

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