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Lemon gold jewelry alloy and product overview

The vagaries of fashion affect the popularity of a particular shade of jewelry. Among the products of European jewelers can be found rings, earrings, pendants of lemon gold.

This type of precious metal is recognized as close to natural, it personifies luck, purity, wealth. The delicate shade of yellow goes well with transparent diamonds. This classic combination will decorate any woman.

How to get colored gold

Lemon gold jewelry alloy and product overview

The natural color of gold is yellow; the first jewelry was of this color. With all the attractiveness of the noble metal has a significant drawback – it is too soft, easily deformed and loses its shape.

To preserve jewelry for a long time, jewelers picked up various additives, creating alloys of red, pink, white and lemon hue. Modern industry went further in the development of new colors – purple, blue, black.

In the Soviet past, women were decorated with earrings and rings with a red tint. This color is due to the high content of copper. Gold was strong and durable, it did not tarnish when worn. Glitter of noble metal was complemented with diamonds and rubies.

Pure precious metal can be found only in Japanese jewelry. Owners of luxurious compositions wear them for special occasions, and such items are not suitable for frequent wear.

How to get colored alloys? Their basis is pure gold, a ligature allows to change its color and characteristics (addition of impurities):

  • silver;
  • palladium;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • nickel.

The composition determines the appearance of the jewelry – copper gives a reddish tint, nickel and palladium – white.

Lemon gold got its name due to a special color – a pale shade of yellow. Its appearance is due to the metal adding a significant proportion of silver and a small percentage of copper. In some countries, the ligature of lemon alloys is characterized by the occurrence of cadmium. This metal gives jewelers a yellow-green color. Before buying an original ring or earrings with cadmium, it is worth knowing that its use is prohibited in Russia and Europe due to its toxic properties.

Some manufacturers use platinum, nickel and zinc to achieve a citrus shade. Jewelry with this composition is particularly durable and wear-resistant, but they are rarely seen on the shelves of jewelry stores. The use of platinum as a ligature improves the quality of products, but it also increases their cost.

What samples of lemon gold

The composition of jewelry depends on the sample, which determines the amount of ligature in the metal. The highest test that gold has is 999. This means that the proportion of the alloy is 1 kg:

  • 999 g – gold;
  • 1 g – impurities.

Precious metal 999 samples are not used in jewelry, ingots are made from it.

In the US and Canada, a carat sample system is used, for which the highest rate is 24 carats. Samples are also stamped on jewelry, indicating the amount of gold in the product.

Lemon gold, whose sample is 585, has 415 g of related metals and 585 g of pure gold. To obtain different shades of jewelry products allows the combination of the percentage of ligatures. Lemon-colored gold of 585 is distinguished by the following composition:

  • silver – 30.2%;
  • copper – 12.3%.

The noble alloy is worthy of a combination with diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones. When buying a ring or earrings abroad, focus on the samples in 9, 12, 14 carats.

It is worth noting that lemon gold does not have 750 samples, only 375 and 585. The absence of high sample jewelry is due to too small a fraction of impurities, which does not allow to achieve the desired color.

What is the difference between lemon gold and ordinary gold?

Lemon gold and the usual noble metal have a lot in common, from yellow to cost. It can be considered the younger brother of the popular aurum, because the alloy does not have a costly 750 sample, which has only 25% of impurities.

At a cost of 1 g of lemon gold does not differ from the price of regular gold or alloy with a red tinge.

Prices for precious metals do not depend on their color, but on the sample. The price per gram of 585 sample is 2500-3000 rubles (there are small fluctuations in cost depending on the manufacturer). Jewelry products from foreign countries cost the same. If the products of Turkish or Chinese manufacturers offer at a lower price, this is a weighty reason to doubt their quality.

One of the common properties of jewelry 585 samples – they will not fade with time, like cheap pendants, chains, bracelets or rings with a small content of precious metal. Jewelry made of yellow and lemon gold can be worn daily.

и другие драгоценные камни в лимонном сплаве Diamonds and other lemon-colored gems

Original jewelry is a way to show your own individuality. Bracelet, earrings or pendants made of lemon gold will certainly attract attention to their owner.

This alloy does not like competitors, next to it should not be jewelry from other metals – silver, platinum. To emphasize the elegance of a bracelet or ring will allow a combination with precious and semiprecious stones.

Fascinating brilliance of diamonds should cut a decent metal. One of the winning design decisions is a combination of noble lemon gold and royal stones.

Rings made of lemon gold with diamonds have a bright and expressive color. The noble color made them popular as an option of engagement rings. They attract attention with an unusual design, emphasize the solemnity of the event, which will be worn.

In Europe, a lemon engagement ring is considered a symbol of sincere love to a friend. Yellow shade is a reference to the sun as a source of heat and life.

Classic diamond pendants are used to decorate not only evening, but business wardrobe. Light elegant earrings made of lemon gold are a universal adornment, they look romantic on young girls, but adult women should not avoid them.

A ring, earrings and a diamond bracelet are a classic set that will make its owner the queen of the evening. Products look great together, but individually capable of creating a sensation. Current trends in the world of jewelry do not focus on the value of things, but on the individuality of their design. Lemon gold – advantageously set aside the lightness of models designed for young girls. Earrings and bracelets with floral motifs, chains and pendants in the form of insects will emphasize the style of young fashionistas.

Massive diamond or ruby rings surrounded by glittering placers are the perfect choice for women with status in society. No less relevant are bracelets, necklaces, long earrings. The main thing is not to wear everything at once, gold should emphasize the taste of its owner.

Lemon gold is one of the quality alloys of the precious metal with ligatures. Its worthy 585 standard made lemon-lemon jewelery popular among all age categories. The combination of light yellow gold with diamonds is an excellent choice for a wedding gift.


Lemon gold jewelry alloy and product overview

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