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Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

Using anti-wrinkle creams and sunscreens can help keep your skin smooth even after 40 years. But there are other simple habits that protect against premature aging.

Smooth skin after 40 years is an important desire of many women. Although sooner or later age signs appear at all, some tips allow you to postpone this moment. And, as a result, it is longer to have young skin.

It is worth noting that nowadays there is a huge amount of products and means on the market, the purpose of which is to reduce wrinkles. However, the price of most of them is too high. In addition, some creams are not enough, more important and other habits of a person, his lifestyle.

Fortunately, smooth skin after 40 is not something of a fantasy. So, there are general tips that every woman can use. Thanks to them, it becomes possible to preserve beauty at any age. Today we will introduce you to 8 such recommendations. The most important thing is never to forget about them. So what exactly are we talking about?

Smooth skin after 40: top tips

After 40 years, the female body begins to reduce the production of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. This sudden change causes a number of changes in a woman’s body. One of them is the development of degenerative processes in the skin.

  • Although we often forget about it, the normal production of these hormones is necessary to maintain muscle tone and skin health. That is why such changes in hormonal background lead to the first signs of age. In other words, with the onset of this age, it becomes more difficult for a woman to maintain a smooth skin.
  • It should be noted that at this moment collagen production begins to decrease. As a result, skin tissue becomes more vulnerable to the effects of sunlight and toxins. How to avoid it?

1. Increase the amount of vitamins C and E

Smooth skin after 40 years requires us to increase the amount of food containing vitamins C and E. Although these vitamins are necessary for a person at any age, starting from childhood, after 40 it depends on how fast our skin will age.

Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that minimizes the negative effects of free radicals on skin tissue . In addition, this vitamin promotes collagen synthesis. Thanks to him, the skin of the face becomes smoother and more elastic.

On the other hand, vitamin E is a natural protector against ultraviolet rays and toxins. Its proper absorption stimulates blood circulation and facilitates tissue regeneration.

2. Take supplements with isoflavones

Supplements with isoflavones, especially soy isoflavones, reduce the negative effects of changes in hormonal levels.

These plant hormones protect our skin, moisturize and revitalize the epidermis. It can be argued that they are even more effective than vitamin E.

3. Drink more water

Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

To protect the skin at any age should drink enough water. However, after 40 years the amount of water is recommended to increase. This is especially true of those of us who drink water not too regularly.

This fluid, necessary for life, protects the skin from dehydration and helps to maintain its tone.

4. Use anti wrinkle cream

Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

There is a wide range of various creams and anti-wrinkle products on the market. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive of them. However, some of them must be purchased.

Such funds will serve as an additional source of nutrition for your skin , including for its most delicate areas.

5. Apply face tonic

For many years, the use of tonics for the face underestimated. Despite this, today they are considered a must-have product for those of us who want to keep our skin smooth and toned.

The components of the tonic increase the tone of the skin tissues and protect them from weakening.

6. Use sunscreen daily

As we have said, after 40 years, our skin is undergoing a series of changes. This leads to the fact that the sun begins to harm her even more. Therefore, if you want to preserve youth, it is very important to always use sunscreen. Choose those that have an index of 50 or higher.

  • Try to cover the skin exposed to sunlight. Do not forget that sunscreen should be used not only in summer but also in winter.

7. Regularly peeling

Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

Peeling is a deep skin cleansing procedure. Thanks to peels and exfoliants it is possible to restore the skin after exposure to aggressive factors. The acidic and astringent components of such agents cleanse the skin tissues of toxins and open the pores.

Regular use of peeling cleanses the skin of the face from fat and eliminates various defects. You can buy ready-made peeling in the store or cook it at home. Quite often it is recommended to use exfoliants for those of us who have small spots and fine wrinkles on the skin.

8. Practice facial gymnastics

Speak loud vowels, blow your cheeks and blink quickly. All these simple exercises also help to have a toned and smooth skin.

  • Thanks to such exercises, blood circulation is improved and it is possible to avoid early wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Are you worried about whether your skin will remain smooth after 40 years? Then do not forget to practice these recommendations. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to introduce them into your life at a young age.


Smooth skin after 40: 8 basic tips

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