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Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

What heel is considered safe, why every woman should have slippers at work and can the orthopedic insole reduce the damage from wearing studs?

The studs have long been synonymous with transverse flatfoot, edema, overstrained calves, endless corns and other health problems. However, few women can be frightened by such a “bouquet”. For the sake of graceful legs, ladies are ready to endure any hardships.

Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

How to reduce the damage from high heels, get rid of swelling and relax the feet, says osteopath Vladimir Zhivotov .

Step number 1. Change the heel

Step # 2. We buy really useful things.

Very often, orthopedic doctors recommend purchasing special insoles, which should properly distribute the load on the foot. Perhaps, at the same time the legs really will be easier, but then the whole load will go higher and fall on the lumbar region. Therefore, I advise you to abandon orthopedic products, if there are no serious indications for them.

The thing you really should pay attention to is an orthopedic mat that imitates various natural landscapes. This is an excellent option for relieving fatigue, preventing flat-footedness and deformity of the feet, so lovers of heels should take note of it.

Step number 3. Add salt

Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

Well relieves leg fatigue douche and cool foot bath. You can add in them sea or salt, as well as an infusion of pine needles. So you will quickly remove fatigue and puffiness.

Step # 4. Legs up

After a working day, lie down in such a way that the feet are higher than the hips.

Step number 5. Recall physical education

Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

At home, go on socks, heels, outer and inner side of the foot. This is a base known from school physical education lessons. To achieve the maximum effect, the exercise must be performed every day, preferably in the morning and evening.

Step number 6. Rolling pin in the legs

Put an ordinary rolling pin or glass bottle under your feet (a plastic one will not work, since it does not hold the form). Then start rolling this item under the foot for 2-3 minutes. Move the “projectile” under the other foot and repeat the exercise. It can also be done right behind the desk using an orthopedic or tennis ball.

Step number 7. Cold shower

When your feet are tired, immediately after coming home you can pour them with cold water (the colder the better). It will instantly relieve fatigue and swelling.

Step number 8. Massage with love

Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

Mash and warm the feet with your hands. For self-massage, you can use creams with menthol, they help the ligaments recover faster.

Step # 9. Fingers apart

“Fingers like a fan”: spread your toes, as if they were fingers, as wide as possible. Do this exercise several times. Then try moving each toe separately.

Step number 10. Grab everything that will have

Try to learn to grasp a piece of paper with your toes. Then you can complicate the exercise and grab more uncomfortable items, for example, keys, pen, felt-tip pen, toy car.

Step number 11. The correct morning

Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

In the morning, lying in bed, lift your leg and write individual fingers with its fingers. At an advanced level, you can write the entire alphabet with the fingers of one foot, and then repeat the same with the other foot.

Step number 12. Some fitness

10-20 times (depending on the level of training) bend and unbend the toes. When bending, strain your fingers with force, when unbending – relax.

Step number 13. Spelling feet

Learn to write with your feet. Take a pencil from the floor as if you are going to write with your hand. First you can help yourself with your hands to set the pencil in the correct position. And now start writing in the air, while maintaining balance.

Step # 14. Office slippers

Soft slippers for lovers of heels should be not only at home but also in the office, change your shoes every time you sit at the desk.

Step number 15. Limit the passion for heels

If you are still not ready to remove high heels in the nightstand (or a working dress code does not allow you to do this), then try to walk in such shoes for no longer than 2 hours in a row, and then change shoes into comfortable shoes, moccasins or sneakers. Be sure to use every spare minute to rest your legs.


Rolling pin in the legs. 15 ways to reduce the damage from heels

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