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What determines the shelf life of spirits?

When buying products or cosmetics, we are already accustomed to pay attention to the shelf life of the product, but for some reason, many people still buy perfumes, without even thinking that it also has storage restrictions. Many do not even know if spirits have an expiration date?

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What determines the shelf life of spirits?

And yet it is not uncommon for such painful consequences, such as irritation, dermatitis, and even allergy, up to Quincke’s edema, after repeated use of toilet water with expired storage

Therefore, so that this does not happen to you, please do not forget to check the date of manufacture when purchasing perfumes.

We will tell you how much and how you can store perfumes, toilet water and colognes in sealed and open form, and what is the actual shelf life of spirits. It is written by the manufacturer in the original packaging. It will be enough to check the date of manufacture and add to it the known expiration date of the perfume.

True, some brand manufacturers, such as Dior or Chanel, propose to determine the date of manufacture according to the code printed on the bottom of the perfume box. This code will say little to the buyer, rather, it is sent to inform retailers and retailers who sell products.

It is difficult to determine the expiration date of the perfume by code, as manufacturers put the code in a different place. It usually contains information about the month and year of issue, which is placed at the beginning or at the end of the digital series.

One important nuance – buy perfumed products only in branded points of sale. Then you not only will not get a cheap fake, but also not buy perfumes with expired shelf life.

And now in more detail about how long the shelf life of different types of perfume is – perfume, eau de toilette and cologne:

  • Perfume can be stored in a sealed form for two years, and the printed bottle is not more than 10 months. Shelf life for oil spirits is the same;
  • Eau de parfum is not as resistant as perfume, due to the fact that the proportion of perfume oils is lower. But then it can be stored longer. In closed form – 3 years, and in printed form – one and a half;
  • Toilet water is stored even longer. You can use it for about two years, and closed it is stored for four years;
  • And the absolute record among all – this is cologne. It can be used for two years, but you can keep it sealed for at least five years.

This is what concerns the official storage periods. But, it turns out, tricky manufacturers know that in fact their means can be used even longer if they are properly stored. By specifying the date of issue, the manufacturer is reinsured from claims that they may be exposed for defective goods, if not properly stored (in the light, in the cold or in a drawer in the dresser).

After all, perfumed products due to the large proportion of alcohol in their composition, which is an excellent preservative, unlike creams or cosmetics, can be stored longer than the aforementioned terms.

What determines the shelf life of spirits?

Here you can even compare perfumes with wine, on which they also write the date of the spill, but with somewhat different purpose. After all, the older the wine, the more it is valued.

But the wine can turn into vinegar, if it is stored at the wrong temperature or humidity, this statement applies to perfumes.

It’s known that vintage perfumes that have already turned 15-25 years old are valued and cost more. ». This applies to such perfumed products as the well-known Chanel No. 5 . » изначально выше, чем у духов других брендов? So what is the shelf life of ” Chanel ” is initially higher than that of other brands of perfumes? Of course not.

Simply, they were kept at the right temperature, and were able to preserve their unique aroma over the years, which, by the way, has already changed its formula. Therefore, you should not only find out the expiration date of the spirits, but also learn how to distinguish the spoiled from the unspoiled and how to properly store them?

In fact, you can easily distinguish good perfumes from spoiled ones. For example, due to the appearance of a brown or yellow precipitate at the bottom of the vial.

Although sediment is not always a sign of corruption, sometimes this is evidence that natural oils were used in the production.

Therefore, if you are sure that the perfumed products are fresh, and a precipitate has appeared in it – this is not a reason to throw it away, of course, if not, other signs. Such as color change, for example. Perfume has changed its color, definitely spoiled. Also, if he has changed the smell.

And now you can learn about the storage conditions of the perfume, so that its aroma pleased you not for some 10 months, but for many years.

The first rule – storage should be carried out in a dark place. Light, either solar or electric, is the enemy of perfumed means. Light and warm. Try, for example, to leave sunflower oil in the window so that the sun falls on it.

In a few days, it will become rancid, since the light will start the process of adolic confusion in it. Exactly the same thing happens with perfumes.

Many additionally store perfumed products in boxes from the manufacturer, well, manufacturers themselves insure against the mountain – the buyers, making bottles of dark glass.

About heat, which adversely affects the perfumed products is written above. Also, due to intense evaporation under the influence of heat, we lose not only the amount of perfumed water, but also its aroma, as the top notes evaporate. But it turns out that cold is also counted in enemies.

Therefore, do not store your favorite perfumes in the refrigerator – it will not save them, but ruin them. » может кое-что перенять из ароматов, хранящейся рядом селедки или чеснока. Not to mention the fact that the beloved ” Chanel ” can learn something from the aromas stored by the herring or garlic. Harmful to flavored products and temperature drops. Therefore, it is best to store them in the depth of the cabinet, for example, in the bedroom, in the range from 15 to 25 degrees.

Damage to perfume and air. Therefore, the bottle should always be tightly closed. Although this is not a problem for modern perfumed products. Manufacturers have deprived this factor of force by supplying the bottles with soldered atomizers.

Why can not store perfume in drawers and carry in handbags? Because the movement is also his enemy. And if you want to keep some toilet water with you, then buy a probe or a mini version. Many manufacturers make such pocket formats, again trying to protect us with you, unreasonable consumers.

And the last enemy is moisture. That is why you should not keep perfumed products in the bathroom.

What determines the shelf life of spirits?
  • Store them in a tightly closed vial, and every time after use, hide in their own packaging;
  • The smallest evaporation of perfume occurs in models with a spray, it also protects against the entry of foreign particles into the bottle;
  • The most important advice is to use your perfume more often, let them give joy not only to you, but also to those around you;
  • Well, if the perfume still deteriorated, do not rush to throw it away, because they can still be used as an aromatic fragrance in a body cream or shower gel. Or you can roll balls of cotton, soak in perfumes and place in a closet with clothes and bedding.

And if you summarize everything, then the good, favorite aromas are unlikely to be stored in your printout for more than a year. After all, they, on the contrary, have the property of how to end quickly.

What determines the shelf life of spirits?

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