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Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques

Below are tips from the series “on taste and color, no friends.”

Kapsikam, it turns out, is used for a very long time, plus vitamins and oils. But with him you need to be very careful not to overdo it with the dose. Urea is especially recommended for exhausted facial skin. But I think that it is not necessary to apply for sensitive skin of the face or if there are vascular nets on the face.

Panthenol is desirable to apply after scrub (recommended coffee).

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques

If you look at the composition of the cream, even if it belongs to the series – green – ultra-ecological, without chemistry, then carefully consider the packaging. What we will see is the main thing that the manufacturer wants to point out – liposomes with amino acids and vitamins A and E, almond oil, creatine and vitamin E, hydrovanse, and in Latin such small print that a magnifying glass does not help to consider. And then this cream can cost $ 60.

So applying these recipes or not is everyone’s business.

1. Moisturizing the skin is important for the skin of the entire face, but special attention should be paid to the skin under the eyes.

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques
– To preserve your own moisture, you can use castor oil. It creates a thin film on the skin, the moisture ceases to evaporate. Glitters At night, castor oil can not be left, can cause swelling.

– Urea (urea, urea fertilizer) will help increase moisture absorption from the environment. Application: 1-4 pea (can be a little more) to rub on the face. The effect of this procedure is quick.
Good use of urea for hands.
If there is a microtrauma, it can pinch the skin.

2. Skin nutrition

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques
– Vitamin A – in addition to nutrition and improving the regeneration of the epithelium causes a slight swelling of the dermis, due to this, wrinkles are smoothed almost immediately. Do not leave overnight, may cause swelling.

– Vitamin E – nutrition + antioxidant protection.

– Panthenol (ointment) – 1-2 times a week to use as a mask or instead of night cream. You can use a spray – light texture.

3. Improving oxygen absorption by the skin

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques
Solcoseryl (ointment) – can be added to face creams, can be used as a mask.
Apply overnight on the whole face 2-3 times a week. Ointment is better not to apply during the day, because it is very oily.

Solcoseryl increases reparative and regenerative processes, promotes activation of aerobic metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation, increases oxygen consumption and stimulates glucose transport to cells under hypoxia and metabolically depleted cells, increases collagen synthesis.

4. Improving the blood supply to the skin

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques
– Kapsikam or Finalgon is a very, very small amount of one or another to add to the face cream. Use 2-3 hours before leaving the house. You can add to the body cream – cellulite is noticeably smoothed.

– Lioton gel 1000, troksevazin, creams with leeches (preferably those used for legs with varicose veins) under the day (night) cream, or mask.
Lioton perfectly removes puffiness. Apply it gently on the whole face or on the bags under the eyes in the morning, as a means of SOS while going to work, then rinse, and apply a normal day cream – the swelling will go away.
Lioton is advised by many cosmetologists, even after plastic surgery of the eyelids, advised the woman at the Institute of Beauty, “secretly” admitting that they use it for masks to their patients.

Colorless, comfortable, odorless gel. Can be applied several times a week. In the morning or evening. You can then wash off, you can not rinse, you can apply day cream to it.

5. Smoothing wrinkles, increasing collagen synthesis

Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques
– Curiozin-gel – replaces injections of hyaluronic acid (for the first time use every evening under the eyes and nasolabial folds, the course – until the end of the tube).
For smoothing wrinkles in the cream you need to add sweet orange oil – increases skin relaxation acts, approximately, like Botox, but without turning off facial expressions.

Of course, all these recipes are very specific. To try them or not – everyone decides for himself.


Top 5 Unusual Facial Care Techniques

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