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Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?

In our age of excessive frankness and minimalism in the choice of clothes, closed attire will help make the image more elegant and aristocratic. Wedding dresses with closed shoulders in this regard will be just a godsend for those ladies who follow the fashion and want to conform to world trends. Today, many designers, when creating their collections of wedding and evening dresses, tend to the times when women drove men crazy with one ankle or shoulder that looks out from under a layer of lace.

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Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?

Women are already tired of the vulgarity and vulgarity of modern images and want to excite their men with a hint of sexuality, hidden under a thin soft cloth.

In addition, low-cut apparel and models without straps are not suitable for everyone: due to the physical characteristics of the body, some of the fair sex have to divert attention from overly wide shoulders, draping them with soft fabric, satin, lace, etc.

When else should I turn my attention to dresses with closed shoulders?

When the wedding is scheduled for the cold season. After all, a bride in a dress that rests solely on her chest will look at least inappropriate in the cold.

Well, if you plan to get married in the church, then there is no other option, as the church rules regarding the bridal outfit are very strict.

Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?
  • An outfit with a bolero. If it is required to observe the rules of decency for a while, the bride can stop at any style she likes, and cover the shoulders of a bolero made of the same fabric as the dress and decorated with colored ribbons, inserts and any other decorative elements. After the ceremony, you can take it off and have fun with guests with bare shoulders;
  • Outfit with a cape. It is usually made of fur and performs its main function – it warms in the cold. Upon entering the room can be removed;
  • The dress, one of the main elements of the decor which are lace shoulders. Most often, the fabric of the top is a continuation of the decoration of the dress and gives the image of femininity and romance. If it is made of lace – translucent material, then this gives the image a special magnetism, because the skin is still visible through the openwork fabric and excites even more than it would be completely open. In combination with a long lace veil, the outfit looks simply stunning !;
  • A very interesting and original variant is when only one shoulder is draped, while the second remains open. Such asymmetry invariably draws attention to the beautiful line of the shoulders and the neckline;
  • An outfit with wide straps, falling from the shoulders, will balance the whole figure and allow you to visually make the waist. Such a style was incredibly popular in the 19th century, and today designers remembered it again, creating a playful and piquant image.
Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?

This model of dress can be chosen for publication.

If you want the whole evening to be mysteriously seductive and elegantly sexy, pick up a model with long sleeves.

Fully closed top is ideal for a mermaid- style dress, and it does not have to be on the floor: a lace-draped top and knee-length will attract the attention of others. This style is ideal for young ladies with magnificent forms.

A prom dress with closed shoulders can highlight your natural beauty by focusing on makeup and hairstyle. For the image to be harmonious, it is necessary that the hairstyle be consistent alongside.

Romantic style requires coiled curls, natural negligence when creating an image.

Hairstyles suitable for a dress with closed shoulders will be those that will give the opportunity to admire the line of the neck and shoulders, to appreciate the graduate’s outfit. So it is better to raise the hair up and make a high hair – horse tail, for example, a bump, babette, etc.

Ladies with narrow shoulders can choose models with sleeves-lanterns and it is beneficial to emphasize the neckline. In addition, this style is ideal for women with a boyish type of figure. Long sleeves in combination with small elegant gloves perfectly complement the evening dress with closed lace shoulders.

And if the lady focuses not on long sleeves, but on long gloves, she will be able to realize the aristocratic image. Without a doubt, the effect of a bombshell will produce a dress with closed shoulders, neckline and neck, but with an open back.

Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?

But even if such a dress with laced shoulders on the floor with a cut-out back is decorated with a light transparent mesh, such a lady will not look less seductive. It will attract the attention of all the surrounding men and will be the central figure of the evening. Femininity and charm such outfit will emphasize like no other.

A model with a closed neckline should be chosen for women with a magnificent bust.

And if you want to focus on beautiful, tanned hands, it is worth draping your neck. This combination with a lace transparent back makes the image most attractive and attractive.

In any case, decide how you will look at your own wedding or prom, only you. The main thing – do not overdo it with accessories. . Thin lace itself is an ornament, so focus on the interesting texture of the fabric, flared sleeve or the model itself, for example, “fish” .

And then you will definitely be the queen at your wedding or graduation party. Good luck!

Wedding dress with closed shoulders: when to choose?

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