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Learning to care for suede

Suede never went out of fashion. Every year the production technology of products from it is improved, the material becomes more elastic, it is painted in different colors. Shoes made of this material are very popular, they are worn in all seasons.

But many people refuse to buy the pair they like just because the material is considered impractical. However, if you know how to care for suede shoes, you will not have to refuse the model you like.

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To determine how to care for shoes, you need to know the exact origin of the material. Care products made of artificial suede and natural.

Learning to care for suede

– нужно капнуть на поверхность изделия обыкновенную воду. Make it simple – you need to drop on the surface of the product ordinary water. Natural material will immediately get wet – the moisture will be absorbed, it will be drained from the artificial.

– искусственная замша не гигроскопична. When buying products, it should be borne in mind that suede shoes for the summer season should be made of natural material, otherwise the foot will not “breathe” – artificial suede is not hygroscopic. The manufacturing techniques of winter and interseason shoes are such that the origin of the material affects only the cost – there are too many lining and interlayers in it.

Learning to care for suede

First, things should be dried – in no case putting on the battery. Only room temperature and special tabs in socks, or crumpled paper.

Dried product is cleaned with a special brush. There is a special suede brush: on the one hand, there are often wire spirals on it, and on the other, smooth rubber pins. собирают пыль, не повреждая нежной поверхности, но и помогают восстановить залоснившееся участки. These spirals not only “gently” collect dust without damaging the delicate surface, but also help to restore the salted areas.

The rubber side copes with street dust and smoothes the villi. You can clean the products made of artificial suede with a brush on which dry turpentine is poured.

If the dry cleaning of suede shoes at home did not help get rid of dirt, you will have to wash things.

Regardless of the origin of the material, it is erased in a normal soap solution. Only natural, it is desirable to first check for durability of paint.

Pile stack only after the product dries.

A solution of liquid ammonia will help to deal with pronounced pollution on natural suede:

Learning to care for suede
  • Alcohol is diluted with water in a ratio of 1/5. Then the surface is cleaned in all directions with the hard side of a special brush, wetting it in a solution;
  • Ammonia and soda diluted in milk. 120 ml – a teaspoon of baking soda and 2-3 drops of ammonia. This tool is applied to contaminated areas carefully, it is best to use a sponge.

When the stains are clean, wipe the chamois with vinegar – 1/6 dilution – polish with a soft side of the brush or a rag.

Soap solution for washing artificial material, if ordinary soap to cope with stains did not help:

  • 120 ml of water is about half a glass;
  • methyl alcohol – 20 ml.

Contamination from fruit, wine, juice removes the soap solution, in which vinegar is added instead of methyl alcohol.

артиллерию. If the soap to get rid of the stains did not help, you can connect the “heavy” artillery.

For natural suede:

Learning to care for suede
  • gasoline – the stain is wiped with a cloth moistened with fuels and lubricants, and then a soap solution is used to get rid of gasoline;
  • a cool solution of ammonia – proportions with water 2/1;
  • paint or other chemical agents are removed with solvents of these agents;
  • the stain is moistened and sprinkled with talcum powder, after drying the product, it is peeled off.

For faux suede apply:

  • coffee stains – soap solution with liquid ammonia, 2/1;
  • oil paint, ink, pollution from a ballpoint pen – turpentine;
  • nail polish – the solvent from it;
  • Spots of unknown origin – alcohol solution 9/1, where 9 is methyl alcohol, 1 is ammonia.

Very dirty things are cleaned with a mixture of glycerin and ammonia – 1/1, with the addition of borax and water. To 500 ml of water, 20 g each of the main cleaning components and a teaspoon of borax.

мыльный раствор или нашатырный спирт. The footwear, before it has dried, will be rescued from saline stains by a soap solution or liquid ammonia. You can try to remove these contaminants by holding the item over boiling water.

It is advisable to clean the suede with a special tool, but first you also need to make sure how it acts on the surface. The color of natural material after washing and processing becomes uneven, and after dry cleaning at home, sometimes you have to think about how to restore the color of suede.

Learning to care for suede

Paint for suede shoes packed in spray cans. But you can try to apply and any cream paint with the effect of recovery – this method is especially suitable for artificial materials.

Before painting things must be cleaned and dried.

After applying the dye suede dried again and put the pile: for this thing hold over the steam, and comb the surface with a special brush.

Suede products have a quality that favorably distinguishes them from leather ones – they quickly take the form of legs. When you wear them you experience maximum comfort.

. But this quality – “adapting” to the circumstances – can also be harmful. Improper storage, wet shoes do not dry out – and she starts to rub.

How to stretch the suede shoes or return the convenience of the old pair?

Learning to care for suede
  1. Shoes should be worn on wet socks and walked for several hours.
  2. The process will be accelerated if the socks are moistened not with water, but with alcohol.
  3. Feel sorry for the legs? Sock tight stuffed with wet newsprint and left overnight. But there is a chance that the shoes will sit uncomfortable – crumpled paper will not repeat the perfect shape of the foot.
  4. You can wrap the product with a wet cotton cloth so that the fabric on it dries at room temperature.
  5. The store sells a special spray for stretching shoes – instead of water and alcohol, it is applied to the inner surface.

To suede does not lose shape and color, not warped, it should be looked after regularly. Clean as dirty and dry when wet.

When home remedies to restore suede are ineffective, you need to seek help from professionals. еще долгое время. In a shoe shop, suede will be cleaned, painted, stretched – they will give your favorite shoes a chance to please their “ master” for a long time.

Beautiful and comfortable shoes for you!

Learning to care for suede

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