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Comfortable and stylish women’s brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing

Women’s shoes brogue is one of the most practical and stylish to date. It represents shoes (high and low) on thin or thick soles, which are suitable for different occasions. Jeans, pants, shorts and even dresses will perfectly complement these shoes. You can wear boots at different times of the year. Women’s brogues are distinguished by simplicity, elegance and practicality.

Shoes of various materials (suede, leather) can be purchased both for men and women, but every fashionist needs to know with what you can wear such shoes with heels and what types of shoes exist.

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Comfortable and stylish women's brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing

Women’s brogue boots – a practical option for any season. A distinctive feature of this shoe is the perforation on the outside, the heel (high or low) or the sole.

Boots of white and black are classic brogues, which are in many well-known designer collections. Shoes can be made with lacing both closed and open type.

The distinctive features of winter or demi-season suede and leather shoes include the following:

  • Different heights wide heel (but not very high), which provides comfort when worn boots;
  • Considered women’s shoes are always with lacing;
  • On the toe of suede and leather shoes or side seams there is a perforation, made in the form of an original ornament;
  • Varied configuration of the cut-off toe shoes.

Women’s Brogue shoes have Scottish and Irish roots. For the first time, these shoes were worn by farmers, as these boots are very comfortable and practical. At that time, the perforation served not for beauty, but for quick drying of boots. After some time, the need to wear these shoes disappeared, but shoes began to appear in the cities: suede and leather options attracted fashionistas.

Today, famous designers offer a lot of varieties of boots in question. All of them are distinguished by the height of the heel and sole or their complete absence, the material (suede, leatherette or genuine leather), color (not only white, brown and black, but pink, light yellow, blue, etc.).

Women’s brogue shoes-colored, white or black can be divided into the following types according to the form:

Comfortable and stylish women's brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing
  1. Four shoes, perforation on which is located along the line of shoes. ». These shoes do not have the characteristic ornament ” medallion “.
  2. . Winter and summer demigod models, characterized by the presence of a “ medallion ” pattern, with a straight seam separating the small openings on the toe. Around the perimeter of women’s shoes are perforated seams.
  3. Full boots, covered with a perforated pattern across the surface. The shape of the toe shoes in high or low heels resembles the letter W.

Most often considered shoes are worn in warm seasons, but there are also women’s winter brogues: suede, made of genuine or artificial leather. They can also be brown, white, pale purple or dairy. There are options for high or low soles, the second type is more practical for the urban weekday. It is convenient to wear these shoes due to the fact that the legs in them breathe well and do not sweat.

Women’s brogues suede or leather of different colors (white, light and dark brown, black, etc.) should be selected based on the recommendations of experts:

  • »; Boots are great if you prefer clothing in a casual style;
  • Due to the unofficial appearance of the shoes, these shoes should not be combined with a business suit (the only exception is quarter boots, suitable for style);
  • If you plan to wear white, brown or colored shoes in the summer, you do not need to wear socks;
  • Winter and summer options are great shoes for going to the cinema, night club, indispensable for shopping and tourism.

High and low, made of artificial material or natural, white and black – all this makes the shoes in question diverse and makes it possible to combine boots with various wardrobe elements.

Comfortable and stylish women's brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing

In the matter of what women wear brogues with, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the compatibility of colors, but also to the style of clothing. Originally considered shoes were designed for men, now there are many feminine shoes options: elegant white high-quality suede, milk made of genuine leather, black patent leather boots, and more. others

Shades are limited not only to the classics: white, warm brown, but also other more summer versions. Boots can be cherry, lemon, purple, green. White female brogues or black perfectly fit with tight-fitting trousers (short models), which only emphasize the elegance of shoes. Interestingly with white boots and short capri looks a light T-shirt or a wide blouse.

It is interesting and original look women’s brogues on a heel, colored or white, with daily dresses without patterns and ornaments, as well as skirts not lower than the knees. Shoes and skirts can be accentuated if you wear a sleeveless blouse, tucked into it.

In addition, you can wear with other winter or summer boots and other things:

  • Skinny, sweatshirts, T-shirts.
  • Boyfriends are jeans that have tucked in the bottom or have neat cuts for decor. Shoes and jeans are complemented by a white blouse and jacket to match the shoes.
  • For winter – a coat or a warmed jacket.
  • Shirts or shirt dresses, complemented by a belt or belt at the waist. The recommended material for the belt is brown leather that looks great with blue denim shoes.
  • Fitted trousers straight cut, chiffon blouse, vest.
  • The shoes in question are ideally combined with any shorts that do not hide the main feature of the shoes – elegant punching. A white or milk weightless scarf and a blouse similar in texture look beautiful with shorts.
  • An interesting image is a white blouse from any airy material, a cardigan of large knitting of dark tones, a black mini-skirt. Such a created image will be perfectly complemented by white brogues or gray or black.

Considered shoes fit perfectly into the wardrobe of any girl. The main thing is to try to skillfully combine outfits and not hide the original and elegant shoes with clothes.

The considered type of women’s shoes with high soles is not as practical as its counterpart on a low one, but no less impressive and original.

Female brogues black, purple, red, blue, pink, sand, white can be worn with the following:

Comfortable and stylish women's brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing
  • Loose jeans;
  • Classic cotton trousers;
  • Sports Jackets;
  • Modern bright sweatshirts;
  • Sheepskin aviator jacket;
  • Jackets from bright high-quality suede.

Shoes should be selected in color based on where to go most often. If the goal is office work, then bright shades will be irrelevant – only white, dark and light brown, gray, black. Brighter options should be purchased if shoes are needed for walking, dating, etc.

And there is no limit – these shoes can be unusually bright and saturated color – it only adds zest to the image. You can choose a model with a print or original inscriptions.

Experts recommend “to feel ” the brogues on yourself at first with the classic version, and only then move on to species with a high heel or platform.

Comfortable and stylish women's brogues: types, features, compatibility with clothing

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