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Street style and current trends

The concept of ” street style ” is still relatively young. The main trends of street fashion originate, as a rule, in Tokyo, as well as in such world fashion capitals as Paris, Milan, New York and Tel Aviv. Here you can also meet young people who radically stand out from the crowd with their appearance. Dressed tasteless at first glance, they make an indelible impression and make you equal yourself.

Street style and current trends

It cannot be said that street style clothing provides for certain rules for creating your wardrobe. The whole point is that there are no these rules and it is possible to combine the incompatible. Many celebrities and stars of show business prefer to dress like this, because it is convenient and comfortable.

The selection of things takes a minimum of time, and makeup and hairstyle – the most natural. ,  Street fashionistasstreet style fashionistas , and both women and men, can appeal with almost identical items of clothing.

Much more opportunities to experiment with your clothes open, of course, in front of the female half of humanity, who loves to dilute your wardrobe with boyfriend clothes.

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In order to become a street mod, it is not at all necessary to wear clothes only from the latest fashion shows. You can buy a stylish jacket from Balmain, a skirt on sale, and a bag in second-hand and become the benchmark of this style. Do not be afraid to try something new and combine glam-rock, casual and boho-chic in one image.

The main thing is to draw attention to one bright detail of the wardrobe – for example, free-cut trousers, made of floral-colored fabric. Complement them with a classic white shirt, a couple of accessories, neutral shoes with a flat sole, and a simple sporty bag to complete the look.

If the accent in clothes is sequins, for example, on trousers or a t-shirt, you should not wear anything more brilliant and bright for the day’s outing, it is better to add a set of things in a neutral uniform color.

In street style, celebrities can often find kits in which feminine skirts and dresses with all kinds of frills and ruffles side by side with aggressive leather jackets, jackets with epaulets and heavy metal accessories.

Such a contrast will always work on the image, the main thing is to choose the fabric according to the texture and really ensure that things “shout” about their incompatibility.

You do not know how to add a coat in country style? Put on a large number of glamorous rings and make a bright red manicure. Do you think that a double-breasted jacket with someone else’s shoulder can be worn only with jeans, sneakers and a gym bag in your hand? As if not so.

Street style and current trends

For girls, street style clothing suggests complementing this element of the men’s wardrobe with a classic skirt, knitted t-shirt and high-heeled shoes. Again, in a trend coat with animal colors, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, as this bright detail is difficult to beat anything.

Well, the most important thing worth mentioning is about layering. In the street style of the winter of 2016, there are coats and fur coats of various colors, worn over several things – for example, shirts and vests.

If boots or ankle boots are on their feet, then they often coexist with leggings. The highlight of the image can be mittens or a large knitted hat. And do not forget to wind a volume scarf around your neck, this constant attribute of winter street style.

If you follow the street style of the stars, you will surely notice one detail, and it touches the shoe. Even if the girl is dressed in her usual everyday outfit – jeans, a shirt and a jacket, her shoes will stand out from the ensemble, or, as they say, declare themselves.

». In English, there is such a thing as Statement shoes, which translates as ” shoes as a challenge .” Shoe red ballet flats or stilettos to familiar jeans of a free cut, you can claim to be a street fashionista.

For a look’a in a similar style, beige shoes or sandals are the best fit. The color of the bag, like its style, can be any, the main thing is the wearing comfort and the effect it produces.

Street style and current trends

If the trendsetters of street fashion do not spend a lot of time on the selection of things, then why should they spend it on hair and makeup? Here too, carelessness must be present and the whole point is that no one should guess that you have spent more than one hour of time on this carelessness.

You have to make an impression of a hastily gathered girl somewhere, but at the same time look amazing.

Forgot to tint your eyes? Wear stylish glasses. And if from the evening we went to bed with wet hair and now convulsively decide what to do with it, disheveled braids will help out, which, by the way, will be shown at model shows. It will be street style. Without a doubt.

Those who are just starting to master this new direction for themselves should be advised not to be afraid to make a mistake. In the end, this style involves experiments, and so you can develop your own personal style, which, who knows, can be for someone to follow.

Street style and current trends

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