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Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

This item of women’s wardrobe is a constant component of almost any set of clothes that opens the legs. The variety of today’s models is simply shocking: you can find tights, compression, modeling, warming in cold, etc. How to understand all this magnificence and choose for yourself exactly the product that you need?

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Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

On any box with this product, you can find the inscription DEN and a pair of numbers next to it, which indicate the thickness of the thread used. The thicker mating, the denser the product. Which is better to buy tights for the hot season? Transparent and thin, labeled 15 or 20 DEN.

The classic version is the model in 40 DEN, which is practical, durable and ideal for the spring and autumn period. For the cold season it is worth choosing models from 80 DEN and higher. Acryl is often added to their composition.

This artificial wool provides comfort and warmth, but has only one drawback, which consists in the formation of ugly pellets on the product during the process of wearing.

Even those models that are not designed to model a figure have different densities at different sites. The panty or shorts area, as well as the heels and toe, have a more impenetrable texture. All modern tights in the old manner are called kapron, although there is no kapron in them anymore.

The main material of manufacture is polyamide with various additives. In addition, lycra is added to all products. What nylon pantyhose is better? Which contain the maximum amount of lycra – 30%. Such a product will fit the leg well, will not form wrinkles, impede the descent of the loops and ensure freedom of movement.

Recently, microfiber tights have become widespread and popular. The latter gives the product silkiness, strength, softness and elasticity. The more thin filaments of microfiber in the yarn, the softer and more silky it will feel. Such tights will last much longer than usual, but the price is higher.

Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

This type of underwear is recommended for socks for women who have any problems with their legs. Compression tights exert constant pressure on the surface of the leg, protect the veins from expanding, normalize blood flow in the lower limbs and prevent the formation of thrombosis.

The composition of such clothes include cotton, nylon, microfiber and lycra. It has no seams and has a healing effect for 6 months.

What compression tights are better? Those that are matched to fit tightly fit the legs and end strictly at the waist. Such underwear is classified according to the degree of compression created.

If you buy it for the prevention of varicose veins or at the initial stage of the appearance of spider veins on your legs, you can purchase it yourself at a pharmacy. In other cases, you must first consult a phlebologist. The price of the product depends on the promotion of the brand, the design, the length of the socks and the material of manufacture, then for all tights of this type the compression effect is the same.

When choosing tights of this type, it is necessary to know the amount of girth of your lower leg in the lower part above the ankle, the same indicator, only in the upper part and the length from the foot to the knee joint.

In addition, we need indicators of waist circumference and hips, as well as the length of the legs from foot to groin. Always pay attention to the class of compression created in mm. Hg st. or Pa, indicated on the package with the goods. If there is no such marking, then this underwear can not be considered compression.

It so happens that even properly selected tights cause discomfort when worn. In order not to feel sorry for the money spent on expensive underwear, experts advise that you first buy a cheap one, get used to the sensations and, if you plan to wear it further, purchase an expensive high-quality model.

Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

Slimming corrective tights are designed to simulate the figure, make it slimmer and more attractive. Without such underwear can not do in cases where the planned appearance. After all, evening dresses made of thin material are not able to hide all the flaws in the figure.

Corrective underwear can be just a salvation for those who are unhappy with a bulging tummy, cellulite on the buttocks, etc. In the process of producing such underwear, special very tight shorts are knitted.

Moreover, these shorts are equipped with curly inserts, allowing additional correction. For example, reduce waist size by 2–3 cm, lift the buttocks and make their relief more expressive, hide the appearance of cellulite, etc.

What tights are better? Tights are the best ones that have a lycra percentage exceeded and reach 38%. The density of corrective shorts and inserts should reach 140–150 DEN. Carefully consider the packaging: it should be indicated on the place of attachment arrows. It is here that creates additional pressure, significantly adjusting the figure.

I must say that such underwear can not be worn constantly, and wear only in special cases. The fact is that it is able to slow down the blood flow in the supported places and squeeze the abdominal organs. It is strictly forbidden to wear such tights to pregnant women.

Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

Which tights are better for you? Those that are matched in size. You should not try to pull on a smaller product: even if you succeed, it will not deliver comfort to you, and the service life will be shorter. And if you buy a product of a larger size, the tights will not completely fit the legs, they will slide and form ugly folds.

Always choose a product with a cotton gusset – it is more hygienic, especially if you do not like to wear panties. Do not allow peeking out from under the hem of a skirt or dress shorts from tights – it looks vulgar. And if you prefer to wear models with a pattern or an ornament, pick up plain clothes of a suitable color for them.

Models of bright colors are focused on young customers. Mature women better to opt for the classic – tights black, beige or gray. Models with comfortable flat seams are welcomed, one at a front and one at a time.

The presence of a compacted toe, a dedicated foot and calf is very important: it simplifies donning, prevents twisting and allows the product to better fit the leg.

For some, odor matters. After all, it is always pleasant when underwear produces a persistent, pleasant aroma. When buying, always carefully inspect the box: take the trouble to get acquainted with the information about the product and manufacturer.

Remember that the product should be straightened, wrapped around a rectangle of cardboard and neatly enclosed in a plastic envelope.

Which tights are better to buy and how do they differ?

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