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Outerwear cleaning

Light industry experts estimate that the average life of a coat is about 5 years. Throughout this time, clothing needs care. Many consider: “ It does not matter. ». Laundry . But the same experts argue that each wash coats life is shortened by 1 year. Therefore, it is important to understand how to clean the coat at home.

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Outerwear cleaning

The manufacturer supplies its products with labels that contain recommendations for the care of outerwear. Before cleaning, you should carefully read this information. In most cases, there is no need to wash or clean clothes completely.

It is enough to remove individual stains to restore its original appearance. Special attention should be paid to quickly contaminated places: collar, sleeves, pockets.

Modern coats are diverse in style, color, and most importantly, the material from which they are made.

Despite this, there are general instructions for care, cleaning and washing:

  • Things need daily care. A regular clothes brush can help clean off dust and dirt before they become a problem;
  • You can wash a coat if its fabric is less than 70% wool. Manual or machine washable in delicate mode;
  • Decorative fur elements will not be damaged during washing, but they must dry out themselves. Direct sunlight and heating devices are contraindicated;
  • Any new cleaner should be tested on a small area of clothing. At the same time the fabric should not lose its color and texture;
  • Stains should be brought to the middle of the edges, so that the dirt does not spread further;
  • Before cleaning, place a moisture wicking fabric under the dirty area;
  • Iron the product through gauze or a thin cloth starting from the sleeves. Then the shoulders, back, front; Collar and lapels – at the end.

It will help to iron the shoulders with a special pad. The fleecy fabric is ironed in the direction of the nap.

For the removal of stains of different origin, there are numerous recipes.

For example, the following products will help remove fat:

  • Talc. Baby powder or talc is applied to the stain. Fat is allowed to absorb and brush off after 11-12 hours;
  • Petrol. ». But not the car – it can leave divorces, and aviation or cleared, the so-called ” Kalosha “. A cotton cloth is covered with a stain and wiped around with a swab dipped in gasoline;
  • Iron. A fresh spot is smoothed through paper napkins, which change as it gets dirty.

With stains from coffee and tea, you can fight such mixtures:

  • compound of ammonia and glycerin. 1 tablespoon alcohol 2 tablespoons glycerin;
  • a mixture of vinegar and alcohol in equal shares.

Stains of wine “do not like” salt. The contaminated place is sprinkled with plenty of salt and rinsed with cold water. This recipe is not applicable to bright and woolen fabrics.

You can get rid of a beer stain by mixing alcohol and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio.

One of the most frequently contaminated areas of the coat is the collar. Filled places will help eliminate:

Outerwear cleaning
  • A solution of salt and ammonia (1: 4). Cotton swab dipped in it, wipe the stains;
  • Salt and gasoline. Moisten the stain, sprinkle with salt, rub with a sponge and brush off;
  • Iron. On the soiled collar impose cotton cloth soaked in soapy water and ironed. Dirt adheres to the fabric;
  • A tampon dipped in soapy water is used to remove stains from sweat. Continue the procedure with a tampon moistened with ammonia, and finish with a damp cloth.

Fur collar can be cleaned with an adsorbent, which is probably in the kitchen. This potato starch, talc, semolina – substances that have a porous structure. They effectively remove dirt and dust. The product must be decomposed and sprinkled with an adsorbent. Then gently rub with your hands and shake off with a clothes brush or vacuum.

The value of woolen products is their naturalness. A feature affecting the choice of methods of cleaning – the possible loss of color. It is necessary in an inconspicuous place, preferably from the inside, to test the cleaning agent.

It is recommended to follow simple rules when caring for a woolen coat:

  • To remove attached villi, hairs, and hairs, it is advisable to use a roller supplied with adhesive tape;
  • For cleaning, suitable for washing wool products, mixed with 2 teaspoons of ammonia and a small amount of water;
  • The solution is applied with a cotton swab on the stain, then the residue is removed with a clean, damp cloth. Refresh the product in dark color will help swab dipped in tea brew;
  • Dry the coat by hanging it on a hanger and wrapping it in a cotton cloth.

Drapom is a dense, consisting of 2 layers, wool fabric. Clothing made from this material is consistently popular with customers because it is warm in it:

Outerwear cleaning

Before cleaning a drape coat, you need to carefully study the manufacturer’s recommendations, placed on the product label.

It says:

  • can it be washed;
  • method and temperature;
  • is chemical cleaning acceptable?
  • ironing is possible or not.

If there are no special restrictions, you should use standard tips for cleaning your coat:

  • Cleaning is carried out 2 times a year – at the end of the season and in front of it. If possible, do without washing. If there are no stains, it is enough to hang the product on the hanger and walk with a dry brush in the direction of the villi. Then repeat this procedure with a wet brush. The cleaned coat is aerated and dried;
  • Dust can be removed with black bread. Lay out the thing on the floor and crumble the bread crumb. Then roll the crumbs over the surface until the appearance of bread balls. The latter is removed with a brush. Dust is gone;
  • Stains appearing on the surface are washed with soap and water using liquid detergents recommended for wool fabrics. Moisten with this liquid contaminated places, leave for a short time, then wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry;
  • Washing is allowed by hand or delicate machine in warm water – not exceeding 35-40 degrees – water, in order to avoid shrinkage of the product;
  • Drying in a vertical position on the hangers with good air circulation.

It is possible to use an iron not higher than 200 degrees with an otparivil.

How to clean and wash a cashmere coat at home

Cashmere is a warm and pleasant to the touch material, originally produced from down mountain goats. Today so called thin and soft woolen fabrics of special weaving.

The clothes made of them are beautiful and well protected from frost, but it requires careful handling and the ability to clean a cashmere coat:

Outerwear cleaning
  • It is possible to erase in the delicate mode at a temperature up to 30 degrees, previously having removed spots;
  • For washing, use only liquid products specifically designed for this type of fabric;
  • Pressing manually without twisting. Dry, spreading a terry towel under the bottom to absorb moisture. Vertical drying is not recommended. Coat can stretch.

But it is still better to resort to the help of dry cleaning. Coat is a seasonal thing. It must be put in order before storage. If you know how to clean your coat without dry cleaning, then you can take a chance.

With proper storage, clothing will not lose its shape. For the summer season is to pack a coat in special fabric bags that allow air and protect from dust. If skillfully care, clean, wash and store outerwear, it will last for many years.

Outerwear cleaning

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