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Varnish shoes: what you need to know that the shoes become exquisite detail of the toilet?

When you need to pick up shoes for an outfit, it is important to take into account the many nuances. Even more difficult when it comes to lacquer shoes – any woman of fashion will say that she is picky, and competent selection is an art. In fact, not everything is so difficult, if you know the basic principles of combination.

So what can you wear varnish shoes of different colors, styles? It depends on many factors – the presence of a heel in shoes, an event for which you are going, an outfit, etc.

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Varnish shoes: what you need to know that the shoes become exquisite detail of the toilet?

What must be considered:

  • For everyday life, it is worth picking up the shoes of calmer colors, but you can wear something brighter at the party;
  • You can complete the image and emphasize their style with the help of another element of the decoration for which the patent leather was used – for example, a belt. Just keep in mind that this detail should not be massive, large, in order not to weigh down the image. In no case should this be outerwear;
  • To make your appearance not too saturated and bright, try to wear clothes of a different color under the boat, if we are talking about bright, monophonic clothes;
  • The clothes with which you wear these shoes should not be decorated with sequins, sequins, rhinestones.

Brilliant shoes tirelessly win the hearts of women. Her models are diverse, she can be both on a high heel, and on a wide small heel or platform, and maybe even without it. The first option is, of course, stylish and beautiful, it lengthens the silhouette, makes legs slimmer.

But you can not wear it all the time, because it is harmful to the musculoskeletal system. The stiletto heels in combination with a dress in a romantic style, especially if it is in peas, look very nice. Do not wear them with clothes made of coarse, heavy fabrics – this is not harmonious, but with fine materials they look great.

To replace them can come shoes with a wide heel, which can be low, stable and comfortable. Like the first option, they can be worn under an evening dress, business clothes, and sometimes under casual wear.

Choosing shoes on the platform, be careful – if you have thick calves, it can visually enlarge them, make the silhouette as a whole more massive. But the clothes for them can pick up absolutely any. Especially beautiful they look with a strict trouser suit, but with a dress they will create an excellent duet.

The most convenient option for boats – without a heel. They are suitable for any clothing – and jeans, and for evening dress, despite the fact that many doubt it.

Perhaps with a flared dress it would still be better to look with stiletto shoes, but if you put on a free-cut outfit or a cut-off under the breast, the decoration will look very good. Wear them with jeans and a minimalist blouse if you go for a walk.

If your outfit is not solid, you can wear shoes that are in harmony with one of its colors. . Unlike its ” predecessors “, modern patent leather shoes can be not only calm tones – today this detail of the women’s toilet can be bright, decorated with sequins, rhinestones, ribbons. In addition, they do not have to be monotonous.

Make sure that the color of the boats does not spoil your appearance, having studied in more detail which of them is most appropriate for a particular clothing and event.

For many, red is associated not only with catchiness, but even with audacity. So and red patent leather shoes, not all women are at risk of wearing in everyday life. In fact, they can be worn with evening dresses, but what to do if you want to do it not only in these cases.

Varnish shoes: what you need to know that the shoes become exquisite detail of the toilet?

Surely, in your wardrobe there are clothes of gray tones, black jeans or trousers. Without the “raisins” they can look faded, but the red lacquer boats perfectly complement such outfits. In the office they can be worn with skirts, if they are laconic, of a dark tone. Well they harmonize with beige shades.

Putting on red boats, pay due attention to the decorations. When you go to the office, put on concise jewelry – small earrings with or without transparent stone, a thin chain, a thin bracelet, preferably silver. To emphasize the image can be a light scarf dim color.

Red patent leather shoes will be perfectly combined with a fitted dress, regardless of whether they are heeled or not.

Today, stylists recommend departing from the tradition to choose a bag to match the color of the shoes. But red is not always the case. If you have a formal suit or dress, the bag of the same tone will be a great addition to it. Remember that it should not be lacquered.

Print has always been in fashion, it does not lose its relevance today. Printed clothes can be put on in the office and for a walk. Red patent leather shoes, including heels, should be worn with such an outfit only if there is a similar tone in the drawing. Please note that it should not be mottled with them, otherwise the combination will be vulgar. It is better if the print has a dark background.

If you want to combine a red skirt with red boats, stop your choice on the “ pencil ” up to the knees and not a centimeter shorter. Dilute the image of a strict white blouse with a modest neckline. You can experiment with the upper part of the decoration. The same tone of a jacket goes well with red shoes.

Red shoes are a great addition to jeans. If the pants are narrowed to the bottom, you can wear ballet flats or shoes with a thick heel.

Do not think that a party is an event that you can dress up too brightly. ». Choose a monochromatic (preferably black) dress for red shoes, for example, a “ case ”. Pay attention to the accessories – they should not be catchy, otherwise the image will be too cheeky.

Of course, female legs are always beautiful, but remember that red open-toed shoes will not look good if you have not previously visited a pedicure master.

Black shoes are almost always a universal solution. But lacquering requires, so carefully approach your image.

It is believed that black patent leather shoes are not the best option for the office. Some companies even prescribe this nuance in their dress code. If the firm in which you work does not limit you in this choice, put them on to work with a strict suit. Keep in mind that their style should be classic, elegant, preferably with heels.

Black lacquered shoes on the platform – a great solution for combination with extravagant outfit.

Varnish shoes: what you need to know that the shoes become exquisite detail of the toilet?

In general, black patent leather shoes are able to emphasize a female image if she goes to a noisy party, a date, a promenade.

Despite the fact that the black color is universal, try to choose the right color of clothes for patent leather shoes. It should not be screaming, so that the image does not become vulgar. It is well combined with such boats beige, gray, blue tones, white color.

Bag can pick up a gray tone or black, and suede will be a good material for it. Do not wear shiny black shoes on a business meeting – it is a sign of poor tone. In combination with red clothes such shoes will make your look too fanciful.

If there are blue lacquer shoes in your wardrobe, they will be an excellent substitute for black – they can be put on both at a party and at work, and at important working negotiations – for all occasions. They are combined with any style of clothing.

Pick them concise jewelry with blue or light stone, set in silver. They look great with a business suit, trousers-pipes, a pencil skirt, a strict blouse.

They are harmoniously combined with clothes of dark, gray, beige tones. You can find a similar bag under the patent leather shoes – blue – colors, it can also be shiny. Put on your favorite lacquer shoes and surprise those around you.

Varnish shoes: what you need to know that the shoes become exquisite detail of the toilet?

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