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Business and style – women’s leather jacket

Exclusively male element of the wardrobe – a jacket, in the last century attracted the attention of the weaker sex. Not surprisingly, the ladies have always been actively interested in men’s tricks, “cunningly stealing” the ideas of designers and adapting them to their needs.

Business and style - women's leather jacket

A strict jacket with leather sleeves is able to give the lady a special efficiency and harmonious elegance.

Do you want others to turn their attention on you, but dressing like a parrot is not in your style? Then exquisite models of leather jackets and jackets – the most optimal solution.

Perhaps friends far from fashion and trends will be twisted at the temple, arguing that clothes made of such material are ideal only for representatives of culture and rock stars for stars.

Believe me, this is far from true! Leading artists and designers do not just advise, but insist on the inclusion of such a product in the everyday life of Madame.

The content of the article

What is good jacket made of genuine leather (or stylized as a natural material)? This thing fits almost all outfits. That is, it is a kind of universal.

For example:

  • Dress a pale pink blouse with shuttlecocks, ruches – more than romantic;
  • Add to it a jacket with leather inserts – and here we have the image of an insidious seductress!

Such a female component of the wardrobe will muffle the naivety of a bright pink color. . On the basis of contrast will create a modern look of “fashionable coquette .

Such a thing can look at the same time, and strictly, and extravagant. Sweet girl plus a fatal lady in one image – isn’t that the dream of any goddess of seduction ?!

Business and style - women's leather jacket

Yes, with anything! And this is another of his dignity. Get out of the wardrobe pants or skirt that are loved by you and are worn almost every day. That is, are everyday. Let’s supplement them with our new clothes and – voila, we have an updated version that demonstrates the main characteristics of business images.

Perfectly combines such a product with outfits in the floor, mini-shorts. Of course, in mini-shorts you will not go to a symposium or a press conference – this is extremely challenging. But on a date or a walk – the most it! The most successful is the combination of a jacket and a skirt of the same texture. This combination will turn an ordinary woman into a business woman.

Arrange an experiment: remove all things from the closet, then try them on in combination with a leather jacket. Agree, most of the resulting options look otpadadno!

For ladies of any age female leather jacket, has a classic style, can be indispensable boon!

Business and style - women's leather jacket

The most popular models are shortened shapes with all kinds of rivets and latches. Putting on a jacket, you do not need to wrestle with accessories. Here you can do without them! Why overload the overall picture with unnecessary stains, if the main desire is to focus on the new thing.

Models of leather apparel long to the knee will easily replace the outerwear at the appropriate time of year. If you compare such a jacket with a quilted windbreaker, it becomes obvious where the style is, and where the ordinary dullness is.

Artificially worn scuffs on the material became a win-win solution. A couple of years ago, a vintage image was inherent in the world famous top models. Today, worn skin is an absolute hit. Considering that such a fashionable solution is gaining momentum among average women and girls, the jacket with scuffs and the worn jacket is even combined with jeans. And because for a long time will not go out of fashion.

Of course, natural fabric of excellent quality is expensive. And not every woman can afford this luxury. Do not despair ahead of time! After all, no one asks to spread a large sum for a small female whim.

An excellent substitute is a jacket made from an artificial counterpart. Polyester material is as soft and smooth as natural, therefore, it doesn’t look much different from natural material.

Leather jacket or jacket can be a real highlight of the female image. When choosing such a wardrobe item, look into neutral, dark colors. Dream up, with what you will combine this new product? Black, cream, brown and red are perfectly combined both among themselves and with other shades.

A good choice of color is not a guarantee of harmony in the whole image of a lady. Think over its design execution. Every second lady suffers, even completes due to the errors of her figure.

The product should hide them, and in any case not to emphasize women’s shortcomings:

Business and style - women's leather jacket
  • For example, wide hips will perfectly hide under loose fit. Externally slim build in such a dress you provided. If you aim to emphasize, for example, upper body, to reduce the emphasis on the hips, just prefer a short, bright leather jacket or a women’s jacket with a lacquer effect. фигурой. But the model of the jacket to the thigh is very dangerous for a lady with a “pear” figure. This cut finally distract the attention of others from the existing waist;
  • Are you the owner of lush dimensions in your upper body? Then pick up a leather jacket to the knee, decorated with some nice trim along the hem;
  • Another problem with girls with a rectangular physique. Council of fashion designers – focus on the accessories of our new clothes – buttons, zippers, plaques, straps, lacing;
  • . Unprecedentedly fortunate ladies with the so-called complex “hourglass” .

These feminine forms are favored by a variety of leather jackets. It is these lucky people who can be given the absolute will of choosing a color palette and tailoring a leather jacket. The only thing to clarify, emphasize the perfect harmony will help the classic cut with additional vertical decorations. Alternatively, a strap on the waist.

Business and style - women's leather jacket

Despite the many varieties in cut and color shades, leather products dictate their requirements in the selection of shoes. High-heeled shoes with closed toes – a classic solution for spring – autumn season. For the summer, it is worthwhile to buy braids of similar leather material. Although modern trends dictate extremely non-classical options, combining this thing with sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes.

In any case, listen to the opinion of leading designers – get a jacket or jacket made of material similar to leather fabric.

. Such things are often rescued in the most critical situations with the remark “I have nothing to wear!” .

Stylish and bright images to you!

Business and style - women's leather jacket

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