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Triangle shape type: wardrobe selection features

If a woman’s shoulders are wider than the pelvis and the entire upper body looks more massive than the lower, then this type of figure is called a triangle, or rather, an inverted triangle. Such a figure has, as a rule, athletes. In particular, swimmers: they have broad shoulders, wide chest and arms with pronounced muscles, but the bottom is small, often flat and slender legs.

What clothes and fabrics should the owners of such a build prefer?

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Triangle shape type: wardrobe selection features

Women triangles should choose a style of clothing that would allow to repeat the outline of the figure. In all items of her wardrobe should be viewed angle as the main geometric element and then she will look stylish and elegant under any circumstances.

It is necessary to try to divert attention from the ponderous upper part of the figure and move it to narrow hips.

What to , if the type of her figure is a triangle? It is necessary to try to hide the broad shoulders, which means that there should be no shoulder pads on the jackets. Try to get outerwear that has an overestimated shoulder line, and also pay attention to the shape of the sleeve: a small raglan sleeve or a sleeve that is sewn deeply will do for you. Give up the jacket with a boat neckline: you can only wear deep V-shaped necklines.

If you like a strip, you should know that from above it can only be vertical, and from below – horizontal. Since you want to concentrate on the lower part of the silhouette, you can choose pants and skirts with decorative elements.

Wardrobe for the upper part should be concise and devoid of any details. Colors are preferred dark and inconspicuous. Generally, when buying clothes, always pay attention to the fabric.

It cannot be said that the owners of such a figure have a small choice – this is not so. But the fabric must necessarily be dense, rigid, well-kept form. This applies to cotton, silk and wool. And if it is preferable to choose dark colors for blouses or blouses, trousers and skirts can and should be made in bright colors.

When choosing jewelry and accessories, make sure that they have an angular shape. Blazers and jackets should not be worn, in which the cuffs and edges have a smooth shape. Even the buckle of the strap should not have smooth bends.

Choosing a dress, pay attention to models with high waist, flared to the bottom. The owners of such figures dress in the wardrobe may be more than one, although it is believed that they are more sportswear. Not at all. The main thing – to avoid all kinds of frills and ruff, which, with such a physique look inappropriate.

Triangle shape type: wardrobe selection features

An ideal neckline for the top of the dress is an American armhole. You can open the neck and bead it. A great option – a dress for the type of figure a triangle, in which a strip of fabric goes to the neck and clasps it.

Sheath dress is not the best solution for such a figure, although it is believed that it fits all without exception. It is better if it will flare to the bottom. The perfect solution is a skirt, trapeze or pleated skirt. A short sleeve is not your option, as it focuses attention on wide shoulders.

On the female figure in the form of a triangle tunic and tops strapless look good. Dresses with low waist can also be present in the wardrobe, especially those that have relief seams on the bodice.

Why is the triangle a rigid figure? Because it is not subject to deformation and it is not possible to change its angles. Therefore, the stylistic decision for a figure of this type remains unambiguous and little affected by any variations.

Triangle shape type: wardrobe selection features

If you like tops, choose those whose sleeve is made in the form of a butterfly. Well, if your blouse will have a length to mid-thigh – this will express the waist more brightly. Oblique lines and light shades at the bottom are able to balance a three-dimensional figure from triangles. The ideal length for a skirt is the one that reaches the knee.

As for the pants, they can be of any style, but most of all you will fit flared pants. When choosing a swimsuit should be guided by the recommendations given above. As such clothes for the type of figure a triangle fit a one-piece bathing suit with a square neckline and wide straps.

The separate set should have a bright color of swimming trunks and a muffled bodice. Avoid clothes of soft, thin fabrics and then you will look feminine and elegant in any situation!


Triangle shape type: wardrobe selection features

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