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Red shoes: how to choose an outfit for such shoes?

Any woman who is not indifferent to questions of fashion and style has at least one thing or an accessory in red in her arsenal. After all, this shade is associated with passion and sexuality and, even if you use only lipstick of this color to create your image, you will pass for an adventurer, a lady who is actively searching.

As for shoes, red shoes are quite capricious and ignorance of the intricacies of creating your own image with their help can lead to disastrous results – you can be accused of lack of taste, and even worse, of vulgarity.

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Red shoes: how to choose an outfit for such shoes?

Red shoes are like chili peppers. By adding a small amount of it to a fresh dish, you can transform its taste and make it more savory. Pereperchiv already spicy food, it is easy to make food completely inedible, so here it is very important to know the measure.

Extremely variegated, bright and sexy outfit shoes can throw in the abyss of vulgarity and outright vulgarity. But if you are used to dressing in classics, but want to attract attention to yourself, then scarlet shoes can help you with this.

If you evaluate the red stiletto heels on a 100-point scale of sexuality, they will receive the highest possible rating. Therefore, save such shoes for leisure and going to a restaurant, and to work or business meeting, choose a model on an average or low heel.

It is ideal for a sleek black dress, gray business suit or a set consisting of a dark pencil skirt and a white shirt. » и не оставит незамеченной не только начальством, но и кое-кем из работников мужского пола. This outfit will immediately distinguish you from the gray and dull mass of office “ plankton ” and will not leave unnoticed not only by the authorities, but also by some of the male employees.

What can you wear with red shoes? It is no secret that red fits perfectly with black and white colors.. Therefore, if in your wardrobe there is a dress in black and white stripes or a business suit with a goose foot coloring, you can complete the look with spectacular red pumps. A discreet and classic ensemble of beige or brown color will also easily coexist with similar shoes.

Listen to the advice of stylists, who highlighted several basic rules that allow you to create an elegant image, here they are:

Red shoes: how to choose an outfit for such shoes?
  • great importance to the shoe model. Its very shade performs its task at 100%, so you should not overload it with a lot of details – straps, buttons, metal jewelry, etc. Do you doubt? Stop at the extremely concise style with a minimum of details. Today, shoes with red soles, especially beige, are very popular. You will not lose if you get for yourself just such a model;
  • red dress and shoes of the appropriate color – not the best solution. You should not look for a handbag of the same shade for a couple that has just been bought – today it is not relevant. Maximum – you can buy an accessory interspersed with red, and only;
  • under such shoes you can choose thin stockings or flesh-colored stockings. Black is allowed to wear in rare cases when the clothes are dark and the shoes are red and black. Leotard tights or with fancy patterns, leave for representatives of the oldest profession;
  • As for the red accessories, they can be present in your image, but only “sing” with shoes as a duet. One thin red strap, brooch, neck scarf with a print of a suitable color will suffice.

Leather shoes with a slightly pointed nose are the best fit for an office attire. Red suede shoes look more impressive and bright, so they should be left to meet with friends and go to the club. If you are the queen of the evening and celebrate your birthday in a restaurant, you can safely choose a pair of red satin.

Wide red trousers or dark blue skinny jeans, shorts, sundresses or dresses will suit the red shoes with heels. In creating a romantic image, use clothes with a floral pattern – for example, an open dress with a full skirt. The combination of animal prints with scarlet shoes is the place to be, but here it is easy to slip into vulgarity, so it’s best not to risk it.

Red shoes: how to choose an outfit for such shoes?

In general, with shoes of blue or blue such shoes can be combined and even necessary. This combination is elegant and moderately bright. Even to pink such shoes are perfect, especially if red will be perceived as a rich continuation of pink.

A scarlet shoe can be added to an outfit, one of the components of which has a matching color. For example, jeans are blue, the jacket is beige, and the top and shoes are red. This rule applies to red wedding shoes.

If the bride has a scarlet decoration on the dress, she can safely pick up such shoes for her, and by ordering a bouquet with the inclusion of scarlet roses will make the image complete. This is a great solution for those who want to look at their wedding more whimsical, playful and sexy.

Now you know all about the rules of wearing red shoes, which means your sexuality will not scream, but whisper languidly, and who knows, maybe this couple will attract the attention of the man of your dreams? Good luck!

Red shoes: how to choose an outfit for such shoes?

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