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Fashion for holey jeans: buy or make yourself?

The idea of ​​how to surprise the world and make holes in jeans in the middle of the twentieth century simultaneously came up with several designers of fashionable houses – models walked proudly on the catwalk. This casual hippie style was supposed to challenge snobbery and emphasize the spirit of rebelliousness. As planned, these models were intended for young informals.

Fashion for holey jeans: buy or make yourself?

But by 2010 jeans with holes turned into casual clothes of people of different social strata, ages and looks.

There is a difference between the fashionable thing of 2005 and 2013-2015 – at the beginning of the century they tried to buy torn products from ” fashion houses “, now they save money – they make holes on their own, extending the period of wearing their own favorite jeans.

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To cut holes in jeans with your own hands, you need to know the following:

  • Determine the place of rupture. Holes on the legs – stylish, and if you make them on the pelvic area, you will look untidy, and also the pants will quickly tear. Unsuccessfully crouched, and the rip will disperse to the waist;
  • It is undesirable to experiment with the knee joints – the slots on the projection to them quickly diverge;
  • On standard branded jeans, all threads run parallel to the horizon! », или это грубая подделка; By correcting the products, it will be possible to find out whether the “ firm ” was really engaged in the manufacture of the thing, or whether it is a rough fake;
  • Place the slits measure out 2 times. On a hanger and on yourself. You need to be clear about where to put the cuts – there will be no way back.

Ideal for modeling – a classic denim denim style with narrow trouser legs. Stretch is not good categorically – the holes will turn skewed; thin models will crawl away. On wide jeans, the holes will be hardly noticeable, on those that are “in the shape” – however, about the stretch has already been mentioned.

How to make holes on jeans with your own hands? First you need to prepare the following materials for “creativity”:

  • pants themselves;
  • a sharp knife is better than clerical;
  • thick needle;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • sandpaper – sandpaper or pumice.

Initially, mark the places of the holes, laying the product on a horizontal surface, and then trying on for yourself. Future holes are marked with chalk. In the place of the future hole with a knife make several – two or three – horizontal incisions.

Fashion for holey jeans: buy or make yourself?

Carefully, picking up a needle, remove the dark threads, leaving white. To pick up the dark threads, you first need to pull out one or two white.

If you plan to make holes with the substrate, not through, then the substrate is sewn first, and only then make cuts. The substrate is the same patch, only sewn from the inside of the product.

It remains to trim the edges of the resulting holes – to rub them with sandpaper or pumice stone, and trendy jeans are ready.

The described method is for the simplest holes. But you can age or improve your favorite jeans using other methods.

Jeans will look more stylish if in the places of holes the cuts are not cut and wiped. Yes, it’s a long time, but the view is worth it. Thinned yarns are selected as described above.

It is not necessary to wipe the jeans on the foot – it is better to wear them on something rounded, for example, on a piece of pipe. Otherwise, you can damage the skin.

Light threads around the cuts can be left long, then patted and thoroughly combed. The kind of thing will be very interesting.

Want a hole of a special shape, a heart or a face of a kitten? Gently mark the hole with a sharp knife, choose the thread, cut with scissors, and glue the edges of interlining, to keep the shape. Such artistic holes should preferably be made on the substrate.

Fashion 2014–2015 – holes with guipure. Guipure stitched under the edge of the resulting holes with a secret seam – you should get the effect of two-layer. The holes, carefully trimmed with guipure, will give the jeans a look of underwear.

The most fashionable holes this season – imitation of threads torn claws. Make such holes is quite simple. To rub, to pull out some blue threads, having picked up with a needle, to foul. The holes should turn out to be narrow, from 1 to 3 cm long. To make it easier to work, the cloth is usually rubbed with an apple grater.

Fashion for holey jeans: buy or make yourself?

What are ripped jeans? The more avant-garde bottom – the more simple top. Plain T-shirts with inconspicuous prints, shirts or blouses – plain or in a small cell, short leather jackets.

On the feet: moccasins, sneakers, shoes with thick heels with coarse toes, cowboy boots, wedge sandals or sandals. “Women” blouses with ruffles and patent leather shoes do not look right with torn jeans. By the way, if you want to stand out, a sense of style will help to create an original image with the help of these accessories.

It is not necessary to ” mock ” over jeans forever. Otherwise, from the masterpiece of avant-garde art, they will turn into an ordinary rag. In all the measure is required. An extra hole, and fashionable thing will be transformed into a vulgar outfit.

Fashion for holey jeans: buy or make yourself?

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